Clan Llama: The Bad News Bears of Quake Clans

Clan Llama: The Bad News Bears of Quake Clans

OK this is CLAN LLAMA. We are a “leet-ass quake clan” because I said so, if you want to join a clan for the hell of it..Join US!! We are totally NON Organised and frankly I just dont give a shit. Since there are SOOOOOO Many clans out there I had to do this as a spoof/parady on all the LAME clans out there (you know who you are)..I hang out on EFnet #quake A LOT (maybe to much). And a lot of times people come in wanting to join a clan. Well heres your chance. I do plan on doing some clan matches in the near future : ) dunno how good we will do but remember i simply dont really give a fuck…so like Email me with the SUBJECT “clan llama” and your nickname + email address and shit and you can JOIN!!!

CLAN LLAMA logo Contest

I have been waiting forever to announce this. I have mentioned it a couple times before on #quake so some people know about it. As you know CLAN LLAMA is a “leet-ass quake clan” (cuzz I said so). It seems like every other page in existance has had some sort of contest (thanks sCary for startin it all) so I figure what the hell. You can check out the current logo at theclanllama homepage, You can also download the skin for some more ideas. Basically the idea is to create somethin that fits the clan llama idea. Funny. The winner will recieve a leet prize (lemme think of one). Have fun..

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