Clan Llama: Cheaters Usually Prosper

Clan Llama: Cheaters Usually Prosper

This material pertains to Quake I and II and CTF/TF/QW

Quake II
Cheats: godmode is the only mode.
Online and how to do it. Things you always wanted to know.
Files you will need to cheat at quake. Sorry no GL stuff yet.
Hacked Paks
Get more mileage out of your polygons.
AutoAim and More
More bots, pingbot, quakebot, and booger.
The Patched Bot
The mysterious patched stooge. How to operate it and make it your friend.
For CTF and other useful things-sorry nothing edible here.
Camping for fun and profit-why camping is relaxing and useful.
Security Holes
Security Hole in quake…old news but interesting.
The Glow Hacked Pak
For the vision impaired. Check out Black Ice’s The Glow for TF.
Hiding Your Ping
LlamaDeath Leads the way for info on hiding one’s ping.
Quake2: The Zbot
Fear it. The Zbot is the LPB’s bane.
Hacked TF Maps
Why use the same playing field to begin with?
  Other Games Cheating Info, Editors, etc.
Cheating Machine
Fire it up and cheat your pathetic heads off. Chocollama exclusive!
Baldur’s Gate
The LLamas get archaic…check out the latest editors, patches, and cheats.
Diablo Cheats
ChocoLLama sheds some light, and files on Diablo cheating.
Player Killing
Let’s face it there is a lot of evil out there. Pk’ing in Diablo and Ultima Online
Hex Editors
Bend games to your own evil will.
Other Cheaters
From Llamas to bastages. Other people doing the cheating thing. Trade-a-link.
  Communication, Philosophy and FAQ’s.
Esteemed Guests
Sign the llama guestbook-go ahead communicate! We like to read- but mostly trash.
The LLama FAQ
Frequently asked Questions, by all means not all inclusive.
LLama 101
Learn the LLama philosophy- see what makes us tick and what ticks us off.
Links to cool, useful, twisted and handy stuff. Learn how to buy a corpse!


Cheating at Quake- How Clan LLama does it

Cheating At Quake ONLINE


     First things first. Before we even bring to you some lovely cheats there are a couple of things that we must get out into the open. First of all why dispense this information? Simple. To many jerks out there have it allready…Quake 2 is out and we have no qualms about giving out info on an old game…even though its still popular because ID Software was too foolish to make online playability their primary thrust (They are doing it now and making a big deal of it as if they were being innovative– sooner or later game companies will learn that players want playability online, if they want a single player experience they have their hand).

     Second. Do not bother whining or complaining to us. We do not care, we will not listen. We will continue to offer cheat patches as we get them…and no we are not offering all in our arsenal, like the health patch, just some good stuff to get you started.

     Lastly…if someone punishes you for cheating or using these underhanded tactics do not blame us. Cheating and getting caught is really bad. So if you get landed or boinked out of existence thats your problem…A cheater should always make sure he/she is running the latest OS patches out there. A Nuke Nabber and an ICMP flood catcher are useful too.

     This first bit of strategy really is not a cheat, but more a way to monitor your opponents and cut off their communication during the game. Almost every clan uses a chat program to communicate during the game, and before and after the game. Most clans use ICQ (we should know we were one of the first). Now there are several files out there that will…interrupt or monitor their ICQ service. You can get the Attack Files and make sure you have the Protection Files as well. We aren’t recommending any kind of Denial of Service attack, that is illegal, just be aware that punks out there will try to do it- beware.

     Has some lamer challenged you to a deathmatch? If he/she is dumb enough to come to your game then try this little string at the command prompt:
+set cheats 1

     An interesting article: Playing With A Stacked Deck May 23, 1998 — by Twitch Client-Side Proxies, hacks and cheats in deathmatch. How big a problem are they, and what can we do about it?

Altered Pak Files

What you see is what you get.

    Imagine if weapons were large glowing bars, your enemies were lit up like neon, rockets had no smoke trails to hinder your vision. Enter the world of the hacked pak.

More Botz for the LLama in You

CTF- ChocoLLama Speaks


    CTF, or Capture the Flag, is a Quake patch that transforms the mindless mayhem of “every man for himself” deathmatch Quake, to “I’m on the (red/blue) team and I have a goal” organized mayhem. (After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little mayhem-used constructively, of course!) In effect, you cooperate( yes, I said cooperate) with your teammates in an effort to capture the opposing team’s flag to bring greater glory to the team. This may be difficult to grasp initially, if you are used to death-matches, because, generally, cooperation gets you killed. But I assure you, you will not win with an ” I, me, my” attitude-there is no I or me in team.


    The key to playing successful CTF is organization. We know that this is a foreign word to most Quake playing in general, however it is vital to CTF. This is the reason most Quake CTF Clans, and Clans in general, excel at Quake. The work as a unit, each with a clearly defined role. Now, I’m not plugging Clans, or anything, just pointing out that they are successful because they work well together. ( A low ping time doesn’t hurt either!) The moral of this story is that, unless you and your teammates work well together, failure will result, and you know the price for failure.

Learn Your Role

    Every team has positions for their players, and CTF is no different. All positions must complement one another and back each other up, to achieve optimum performance. Position designations are: Defense, Offense, and Utility.


    These are the base guards. Their role is to gib, puncture, or shaft all opposing team members that infiltrate the base, preferably prior to their obtaining your flag. Failing this, don’t let that S.O.B. leave alive with it!!!!! Your weapon of choice will probably be the rocket launcher, or grenade launcher. If the grappling hook is available, hook up to a nice vantage point and blast your opponents into steaming giblets! Be warned, however, that quality players will remember where you are hiding and likely come back to kick your ass. So, after a few kills, I recommend finding a new hiding place.


    These are your hotshot, gung-ho, run-n-gun, rocket jockeys. Their sole responsibility is to penetrate into the opposing team’s base, take their flag, and haul-ass back to your base with it. Now, invariably, several baddies along the way will try to exterminate your flag carrier. DO NOT let this happen! You cannot win without capturing the flag. If you are on offense, but do not have the flag, protect your flag carrier! Do not stand around waiting for the flag to respawn-follow your carrier back to base. If an opposing team member is about to turn your flag carrier into a fine, red mist with his trusty rocket launcher, step in and take the hit. (Cooperation, remember?) Do whatever is necessary to insure that the flag reaches your base safely.

    Your the flag carrier, you say? Well then it’s simple-run, swim, fight, and grapple your way back to your base as quickly as possible. If your flag happens to be MIA, or your base is overrun, find a nice dark hidey-hole until the smoke clears. I know this doesn’t sound too heroic, but the name of the game is Capture the Flag-not Die a Spectacular Death.(Lots of people are good at that one!)


    Utility players are your sweepers/cleaners. They have the widest latitude in aspect to their role. They can fall back and assist in base defense, if the opposing team is making an offensive push, or they can go on flag runs with offense to cover and suppress base defenders. As an alternative, they can simply roam the level, from base to base, retiring enemy units(yes, scragging opposing team-members). Another vital role of the indispensible utility player is that of supply/restock. While your out, cruising the levels, and you rack up a nice cache or rockets, take them back to your defenders. Impulse 20 generally lets you drop your current weapon, and impulse 21 lets you drop a backpack of the selected ammo.(These options may not be available on all servers.) Your defenders do not, generally, have the opportunity to replenish their rocket supply. You bring them 20 or 30 rockets and they will be eternally grateful.

LLama Tips

Bind a key to “messagemode2”. This will let you communicate with your teammates, without the other team listening in.
Offense     Don’t make a run on the enemy base if you have lots of weapons and ammo. (Especially rockets/launchers) Do not take the opposing team’s defenders any weapons they will use against you later. Instead, give them to your defenders, or utility guys. They may save your life with it!
Defenders     If you should happen to screw up and let that bastard escape with the flag, don’t chase him far-you will be leaving your base undefended. If you have backup, and you know the base will not be overrun, you may opt to pursue and punish the transgressor.
Utility     While you are out “cleaning house”, try to pay attention to on-screen messages. If you see that your flag has been taken-head towards your base. The perpetrator will most likely have to come your way and you can punish him for his trangression. If your server supports it you can pummel him with balls and watch the giblets fly. Enlightened Now?

The LLamas say: “Camping is Cool”

Camping in Quake (Or any game)

     Camping is not only recreational butit helps your kill tally. The above exhibit shows the “Power of The Tent”. When the odds are against you don’t be afraid to pitch the tent and start rocking. If the above shot isn’t enough to convince you then try these reasons. Rationalization can go a long way. 

1. No effort required, thats right you can relax and let them come to you.

2. You can eat, smoke or do other activities between shots.

3. You have a superior topographical advantage.

4. They camp in real fighting scenarios. People who stop to whine- die.

5. Camping is a good way to monitor game flow in CTF.

6. Camping allows you to tag certain players “running patterns” .

7. If your ping is above 400 its about the only chance you have to take someone out.

8. Campers make good game communication coordinators.

9. You can sometimes see scenic vistas.

10. No need to wade in gore, it stays where it belongs- on the ground.

11. It irritates people.

12. In Capture The Flag there is no camping, it is called Defending. (D-E-F-E-N-D-I-N-G)

13. There is no written law against camping, so go ahead and do it.

14. Superior players do what it takes to win.

15. Inferior players do what it takes to whine.

Hiding Your Ping

Hinding your Ping in Quake

     How to hide your ping just like the LPB’s do. Download Hardnoise’s Funky Quake Name Editor Version 2.0 and execute the program. And for the real newbies out there, yes this is one of the programs you can use to “make a name with all of those characters”.

On the right side of the screen, you will see two white dots and a gold-orange bracket. Directly to the left side of the two white dots, there is what appears to be a blank space. In actuallity, this space is an invisible left arrow. This is what hides your ping. Just choose this “blank” as the first character in your name. Finish your name as you would like. Save into your ID1 directory (unless you run CTF or other mod-hence save it in the appropriate folder).

Once in quake, execute your name.scr file and your ping is gone!

This also alters what is displayed when you kill someone. Let’s say your name is DeathMaker and you blast someone with a rocket. Instead of LLamafoe “riding DeathMaker’s rocket”, the display will be “DeathMaker’s rocket”. You can alter what is displayed by placing the invisible arrow before and after characters in your name. Just experiment with it. Good luck.

Can this be used to hide your IP? Will let you work on that one.

-LLama Death

Zappa’s Zbots and Quake II


     Client-side auto-aiming proxy bot for Quake 2 with autonomous IP spoofing. Nasty. If your caught using this you might get- well you never know.

Unzip zbot.exe into the quake2 directory.

Zbot.exe must be run from this directory Unzip Zbot.cfg into the baseq2 directory.

The files s.pcx , r.pcx and b.pcx must be installed in the baseq2/pics/zb/ directory. If it does not exist then create the directory.

Well there be another version of the ZBot? Who knows…

The Official Clan Llama FAQ

1. Just WHO is Clan LLama
Clan LLama is a group of bastages dedicatd to bringing cheating into the spotlight.
2. How do I join?
Most don’t. It’s a private house. But we do have affiliations and alliances.
3. How do I join the Inner Circle of The LLama?
The Inner Circle is just that-Inner. If the founding LLamas feel you are the material they will contact you.
4. What benefits do I get for supporting LLama?
Being in a clan that many people hate. Cool patches and the handy bot technology all readily available.
5. Does LLama cheat?
Yes at times. Only if we feel that hapless ones are being taken advantage of. We are the shield for newbies, high-ping bastards, and other various game misfits. We do not run server side cheats, but that is only because we don’t have our own server. If we did, we probably would.
6. Is Clan LLama a religion?
Perhaps. There are no known Llama Messiah’s but we are searching.
7. Can I get the patches without joining?
Yeah we don’t give a crap if you do or don’t.
8. How do I earn LLama stars?
Stars are how we honor those that have gone beyond the call of duty. Killing cheaters, defending hapless newbies, and contribing patches are a good way to get your stars.
9. Is Clan LLama fun?
No…its a pain but someone has to do it. Were hated, but we bear it with dignity.
10. Do LLamas use balls?
Yes. Always.

The LLama Philosophy

The Wise LLama

     Lets cut to the chase and get right down to the LLama Philosophy. Why would any person, or clan for that matter, want to publicly distribute cheats, bots, and bugs? It flies against reason and it “ruins” the game they say. So hear our side of the story.

Clan LLama has been around for a long time-most of its players can trace their roots to the begining of Quake 1-those were the good old days. We know our name has since connotatively morphed into a slang word meaning the
“Bottom of the Quake Community”, the absolute worst in etiquette, honor and fairness. When you see the word LLama in reference to quake you know it means a true bastard (see this article in Planet Quake). So be it. We knew the Lancelot’s of Quake would spread their filthy propaganda to thwart our cause. We also know its frequently the game purists who are playing off their job’s T1 line while they are supposed to be doing something productive.

What The LLamas Believe In:

Offering a game platform that is fair to all. Until it is fair for all it will only be truly fun for a select few, usually those with the bandwidth. (Not to say that the game is not fun in its own right, just frustrating for those lacking the needed ingredient-bandwidth).

Offering a game without cheats. This is a hard one to accomplish. Look at what cheating did to Diablo, look at what it does to Quake I and Team Fortress. But our viewpoint remains that if there are cheats circulating then all should have access to them. If everyone has access to them and uses them the incidence of cheating eventually goes down. For example the Stooge Bot, sure its nifty, but its novelty wears off soon. If only a select few have the knowledge, then the knowledge is readily abused.

Bringing flaws and cheats into the public domain. Once people know about them, once developers are aware there is a real problem, these thing can be fixed.

Being a courteous and helpful player if at all possible. We also believe in taking action when warranted. Individuals have to use their own judgment.

We also believe that mechanisms should be built into the game to provide quality, wether it be weighted frags (high ping players getting more for a frag), or dedicated servers for LPBS and HPBs.

Helping new players, so they are not taken advantage of by the bastards who have been around for awhile.

Using the mouse in game play.

Complimenting players who are exceptional and who are doing it without the aid of a bot, cheat, superior connection or patch.

Camping. Call it sniping, call it long distance attack. In blood and war topographical superiority is important.

What The LLamas Don’t Believe In:

Pinging down or disrupting a connection in the course of a game, this includes any DOS (Denial of Service) attack.

Flooding the message area with senseless garbage. The message area should be used to make true and poignant remarks about how worthless your opponent is, not wasted on repetitious foolishness.

LPBs. We hate em, we don’t like them and we don’t forsee this changing anytime soon.

The Future

The fact is the LLamas grow every day. There are more and more players out there feed up with the inequality inherit in the system (Didn’t someone in Monty Python say someting like that?). Our numbers would not be growing if there were not a large number of people out there unhappy with the way online gaming is going.

Perhaps when everyone has cable modem access, or T1s are as common as ATM machines, there will be no need for LLamas. Perhaps when the day comes that they release a game that is foolproof against cheating (I don’t think this will happen) then the LLama will be cast to the wayside. But until then, until either or both of these things occur- The LLama is here to stay baby so get used to it.

-LLama Enochian

LLamahz have arrived since 1-1-99

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