Polycount: Lord Maul by Wrath (model) and Mr. Rogers (skins)

Polycount: Lord Maul by Wrath (model) and Mr. Rogers (skins)

lordmaul-2 lordmaul-3 lordmaul-4 lordmaul-male

author name
Wrath with skins by MrRogers

Vertices 395
Mapping Vertices 275
Polygons 626
Skin size 256×256
Skin Wasted Space 21%

Vertices 363
Mapping Vertices 265
Polygons 460
Skin size 256×256
Skin Wasted Space 12%

Model Description

From the readme file:

“Wrath: Like what? What should I put here? This is a model that I’m sure everyone wants, and a character that initially I had zero interest in. I agreed to do it, partially because I KNEW that people would like him regardless of what I thought of him, and partially to get Big Poppa Pump off my back. The 2nd part of that backfired on me.

Wrath: Then I went and actually watched the film…came home after it, and put in a good 6 hours of work on him. At that point, I knew that I wouldn’t be doing the skin, and that I was going to do my best damn work for the animations I could concievably do. The character is that good. I don’t feel that this is the ultimate Maul model…far from it actually. There are things that I simply cannot do because of limitations of the Q2 animation format, and things that I COULD conceivably do, but am just too damn lazy…all of which would make the model a hundred times better.

Wrath: MrRogers and I have tried to collaborate on models before, and things have just kinda fallen through…but I’m glad he was able to find time to work on Maul, as he’s an INCREDIBLY talented artist. And he is, in my opinion…one of the best skin artists ANYWHERE.”

shine said: Finally, the Darth Maul you’ve all been waiting for. This is a great model. Download it. Read on if you want my impressions anyway . . .

Darth Maul is portrayed perfectly. The model is a bit on the high side (626 + 460) but that shouldn’t really be a problem with today’s systems. The animations are smooth, full of character, and very professionally done, but have some -very- slight deformities here and there… the arm clips with his shoulder slightly but not noticeably, and the cloth struggles here and there, but it’s nothing to prevent one from downloading it. Cloth isn’t easy to animate. Moving on. The skin is smooth. My understanding of it was that Mr Rogers and Wrath both worked on it and it looks excellent, capturing Maul’s character *perfectly*. This is a great model, definitely a classic. Download him.


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