Polycount 3D Model: Hueteotl by Brian “EvilBastard” Collins

Polycount 3D Model: Hueteotl by Brian “EvilBastard” Collins

hueteotl-ctfr1 hueteotl-ctfb2 hueteotl-male hueteotl hueteotl-ctfb hueteotl-ctfr

author name
  Brian “EvilBastard” Collins

Vertices 413
Mapping Vertices 557
Polygons 792
Skin size 256×256
Skin Wasted Space 20%

Vertices 121
Mapping Vertices 42
Polygons 104
Skin size 256×128
Skin Wasted Space 21%

Model Description

From the readme file:

“Over a Year in the making (granted it was only about 2 days of actual work) here we have ‘Hueteotl’. His name means ‘Old God’ in the language of the Aztecs, thus his ‘less-than-fresh’ apearance.”

    Here’s a model that was dangled in front of our faces like a carrot to a mule, and I am finally glad to see it come to be.  The model itself was created in Lightwave, and animated (in the usual Evil Bastard-like style) with Lightwave and Puppetmaster.  At 792 polygons this baby should move well even on the slowest of computers.  Hueteotl does NOT use standard weapons, yet instead, wields a jagged-toothed blade for his attacks. (Sort of weird watching a BFG blast shoot from a sword, but, “Oh well” it’s still a sweet model.)  Negligable clipping problems in the crouch animations, but that seems to be common on many models, and is sometimes a necessary evil to prevent severe deformation of certain meshes.

   Skins are very detailed and come with a DM skin, and the standard Red and Blue CTF variety. Evil B used NST as his choice  mapping utility (as do most authors) and the layout should be very “skinner-friendly”.  What the model need now is a very appropriate soundpack (any takers?)

   All and all a great model and the only thing that really bothers me about it, is the fact I don’t know how to pronounce the name..  :)



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