Polycount 3D Model: Krazy Mr. Karrot by Acid

Polycount 3D Model: Krazy Mr. Karrot by Acid

carrot-male carrot2 carrot3 carrot1

author name

Vertices 89
Mapping Vertices 111
Polygons 150
Skin size 256×256
Skin Wasted Space 47%


Model Description

From the readme file:

“So, I finally finished it after almost a year. Long story. Hope ya like it. There will be sounds and vwep coming soon but the actuall model here is complete, finished, that’s it!

The model was originally the weapon for the pogo rabbit. It was a teensy little thing. I never had any cash for something like 3D Studio Max and Q2Modeller can’t really do joints. So when I found the carrot I thought ‘Well now then, theres a player plug-in waiting to happen’

So, I scaled the model up to player size; scrapped the anims; gave him eyes; made new animations (I reckon they’re pretty cool :]); made some wicked ctf skins; and finally, Flatus (Who Clucked?) did some hilarious sounds. Sorted.

shine’s impressions: Can’t say much. I’m assuming it’s a joke model. It’s 150 polys, is animated simply, has 47% wasted space, etc. It’s not much, and it’s not that great. We’ve had worse, but this definitely isn’t one of the best we’ve received.

Massive Bitch’s 2 cents: Cute sounds… best part of this model pack…


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