Polycount 3D Model: Chicken Man by Frankie Hobbins

Polycount 3D Model: Chicken Man by Frankie Hobbins

ChickenMan-male ChickenMan-3 ChickenMan-2 ChickenMan-1

author name
Frankie Hobbins

Vertices 412
Mapping Vertices 533
Polygons 714
Skin size 256×256
Skin Wasted Space 11%

Vertices 28
Mapping Vertices 48
Polygons 48
Skin size 256×256
Skin Wasted Space 25%

Model Description

From the readme file:

A spaceman was captured by the stroggs and strange experiments were carried out on him. Code named ‘Chickenman’ his apperiance has made him unwelcome in all places, unable to talk to anyone he turned mad and his l33+ training from playing games like doom and listening to rock music turned him into a trained killer with experience equal to war veterans. He now walks the lonely alien cities looking for anything to kill.

Pika-shine’s impressions:

Another Frankie model with a stunningly creative moniker that makes you think, ‘Where does he come up with these things?’ The model itself is kinda weird, stubby and midget-like with a really big, ungainly head, something Frankie hasn’t seemed to be able to get rid of in his past two models. The whole idea is almost original. The animations are smooth, but unfortunately rather boring. The model doesn’t deform favorably (especially the arms) and usually has a large, ugly crease through it in most of the animations. I did like stand, crouch stand, and death3 though, despite little flaws here and there. Still, not much of an improvement over Twigletman. The skin looks nice in PSP, some genuine effort was shown here, but most of it just seems to be trying to copy off of Kenneth Scott and someone else that I’m not really sure of yet. The skin fits the model pretty well, but the cloth on the shorts wasn’t done very well, but in general, cloth IS hard to skin. All in all, it’s not *that* bad a model, certainly better than the likes of Bun-Bun, but still no real improvement over Twigletman, except for the skin.


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