Polycount 3D Model: The Hardee’s Star by The3DGuy

Polycount 3D Model: The Hardee’s Star by The3DGuy

hyping-male q2mdl-hyping-4 q2mdl-hyping-2 q2mdl-hyping-3 q2mdl-hyping-1

author name

Vertices 320
Mapping Vertices n/a
Polygons 602
Skin size  n/a 

Skin Wasted Space n/a

Vertices 20
Mapping Vertices n/a
Polygons 28
Skin size n/a
Skin Wasted Space n/a

q2mdl-hyping-6q2mdl-hyping-8 q2mdl-hyping-7 q2mdl-hyping-5

Model Description

From the readme file:

“The Hardee’s Star. He welds the sacred Symbol of Norm Mcdonald, his voice. I tried doing a vwep, but i will learn to do that later. No VWEP support because even his “weapon” has a skin that matches the stars skin, and it wouldn’t look right to have a different weapon that doesn’t match the skin.”

Well this certainly is a change from the models you normally see eh? No, not really? Aaah well. This is the first model from the author, and I guess it shows. Love the Norm McDonald face though, and the sounds from retro Super Mario Games. The Death Sequences are good, especially the one where the star shrinks and falls dead on the face. Since this model was made for a clan, we may not get why it is so funny. But if you are looking for a change in pace from the normal “killing machine” type hero models, this is the model for you.



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