A Day in the Life of a Professional Gamer

A Day in the Life of a Professional Gamer: The fame, the glory, the triumph

By Fargo

A good gamer always makes time for his fans. It means a lot to them. Both of them.

Next: The grueling day continues.

You and your manager hardly touch your Mountain Dew as you argue the correct way to run the RLs on DM4. Some harsh words are exchanged, but it’s all for love of the game.

Next: Wrapping up another productive day.

4:00 AM, Sharp:
Hit the sack.

You’ve got another hard, hard day ahead of you son. Get at least two hours of sleep in order to maintain your edge. What’s with all this twitching in your sleep?

There you have it.

The true lifestyles of the skilled and famous. Kids, show this URL to your parents and teachers and they’ll understand why you push yourself the way you do, even at the expense of homework or chores. Meanwhile, if you’re already a grown-up working stiff at a real job with stupid benefits and retirement plans and such, don’t you think that maybe, somewhere along the line, you made a mistake? Yes, yes you did. Just ask any professional gamer (there are somany!)


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