Quake II for red-blue 3D glasses by jfedor

Quake II for red-blue 3D glasses by jfedor


You’re going to need:

  • Linux (or some other OS if you know how to compile Quake II itself and the X11 software renderer) – I’d love to make a Windows version but I know nothing about programming graphics under Windows
  • Quake II source from id Software’s FTP or one of the mirrors (q2source-3.21.zip)
  • my modifications (red-blue-quake2-0.1.tar.gz)
  • red-blue “3D” glasses (like these)
  • original Quake II game content (the *.pak files) – the engine is under the GPL, the game content is not!

Then perform the following commands:

unzip q2source-3.21.zip
tar -xzf red-blue-quake2-0.1.tar.gz
cd quake2-3.21/linux/
cd debugi386-glibc/
mkdir baseq2
cd baseq2/
ln -s ../gamei386.so
ln -s /path/to/quake2/baseq2/pak*.pak ./
cd ..
echo "." > /etc/quake2.conf
./quake2 +set vid_ref softx +set vid_gamma 0.5 +set cl_stereo_separation 1.5

And that’s it! (At least in theory, drop me a line if it doesn’t work for you.) Remember to become root before writing to /etc/quake2.conf (you can play as a normal user). Experiment with the cl_stereo_separation value (you can adjust it from the console, no need to restart).


  • optimize (right now it’s pretty slow)
  • red-blue mode for the OpenGL renderer

I would like to thank John Carmack and id Software for creating Quake II and releasing it under the GPL.

If you have any comments or suggestions or maybe you’ve fixed something, please feel free to contact me at this address.


Oh, and if you like Quake II then check out aaquake2 – Quake II in text mode.

If you want to play Quake 1 in 3D try this.

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