Helloween on Polycount: “My Quake 2 Super Shotgun model”

Helloween on Polycount: “My Quake 2 Super Shotgun model”

Recently I decided to start modeling and texturing myself. I’m not a professional at least not for now. I decide to start with the Quake 2 super shotgun and here you can see the low poly model with normal maps:

In a hurry to try it in game I just give it some paint over the diffuse map to see how it looks in the Quake 2 Berserker engine. I’ve done the modeling and UV baking in 3DS max 2013, exporting the model as obj file to Blender and then converting it to MD3 file.

It would be very nice from all of you to make some commenting advice in a constructive manner so I can learn something from you and later not make the same mistakes. So feel free to post all your thoughts.

Then I have started the animation for the first person view. It was also my first animation attempt ever so I tried it just with the gun without the hands, just to see how it actually works in game.

Here starts my first problem, as I couldn’t convert the model and the animation to a MD3 file directly. I have successfully converted from 3DS max to MD2 file format but with big loss on the model quality. So if someone in here can advise me on how to convert to MD3 directly or help in anyway pleas do. Believe me that I have searched allot throw the entire web without success.


Helloween, 2013


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