Tokay’s Quake 2 Contest: Win This Jacket

Tokay’s Quake 2 Contest: Win This Jacket

A few years ago I had a leather jacket of mine made into an “id jacket”. It’s your run of the mill black leather jacket with a blue and yellow id logo made of leather sewn into the back. It turned out really cool.

I wore it for a year and then decided that it wasn’t really my style anymore. A few days ago I came across it and decided that it might make a great prize for a contest. I then spent a while trying to figure out what the best contest would be.

Thinking back to the “Bleat to Your Llama” contest I remembered how much fun it was to get all those great pictures of people with llamas and Quake boxes. I mean, to think of all those crazy Quake fans out there taking pictures with llamas made me smile. I received tons of great pictures, and quite a lot of adventure stories. I want to do something that gets people into the contest like that. This is what I came up with:

Go forth into the world and create a Quake II symbol. Make it as large as you can. Put it wherever you can. Make it out of whatever you can. Take a picture of it. Send it to me.

American McGee

1) All entries must be submitted by September 26th
2) Don’t fake it. *
3) Don’t do anything that gets you arrested. **
4) Don’t get yourself killed or injured. ***
1st Place – Tokay’s Leather id Jacket + Autographed Quake 2 CD.
2nd Place – Autographed Quake 2 CD
3rd Place – Autographed Quake 2 CD

* We will be checking these for authenticity.
** If you do, we want to hear about it.
*** Take lots of pictures if you do. We can laugh at you.

This is a great collectors item, the jacket is signed by every member of id software, and they are a very rare item. Remember, we want BIG! Make crop circles if you have to, burn down buildings, etc, just make that Q2 symbol as big as possible!

Submit all entries to Process and Tokay. If you have a story to go along with the picture, as in how you ended up in prison or juvenile hall for accomplishing the task, send it along. Warped is good.

At the end of the contest we will both judge the pictures and select 3 winners. Just a reminder, Quake 2 will not be released until November or later, do not expect to receive an early copy, beta, etc.


Complete Fakes:

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