QuakeWoman Focus: CoroNita

QuakeWoman Focus: CoroNita

For the month of November, QuakeWomen’sForum would like to introduce Coronita, clan member, Femme League Commissioner, and creater/maintainer of CoroNita’s Bayou Quake News.

CoroNita started playing Internet Quake in the Summer of 1997 although she’d always been a gamer. When she was in college she’d bring rolls of quarters with her to the bars so she could play the video games. Guys would come up to her with the line: “Hey baby, can I buy you a drink?” And Coronita’s answer would be: “No, but if you gotta quarter, I’ll play you a game of Defender”. When she got her first home PC, she started playing Wolfenstein, which gave her motion sickness, but she still loved it. She’d play until she felt like she was going to hurl, she’d go lie down on the couch for 10 minutes, then get back up and do it all over again! Her progression to Doom and then Quake was natural.

After reading an article in Wired Magazine, on clan Psycho Men Slayers, Coronita started playing Internet Quake. “I thought the name was hysterical and quite appropriate for women in a male dominated sport (in a joking way of course). I didn’t know anything about clans until then. I thought: “This is so cool – other women play these games too!” You see, I had never met another female who played the shooters.” As it turned out, she never got to play with PMS back then. Since PMS were primarily Canadians and Coronita lived in the swamps of Louisiana (very slight exaggeration), pings to the PMS server were unplayable. Instead of PMS, Coronita chose the Lady QuakeMarines. “LQMS are a great bunch of gals and excellent players. LQMS>JeZeBeL and LQMS>VasqueZ took me under their collective wing and whipped me into the road hardened warrior I am today.”

When Quake2 came out Coronita switched and hasn’t gone back. Since pings in Louisiana suck, by the time Quake2 came out, she could barely play Quakeworld on the net. She’s now found the lag much more tolerable with Quake2. Besides ping the graphics keep her in Quake2. “I enjoy looking like a female on the servers. I think the original Quake2 female model is a work of art.”

Coronita sure keeps herself busy in the Quake Community! Solarys.QGz roped her into being the “Commissioner” for the Femme League. The Femme League is currently sponsoring a DM single elimination tournament before their 2nd season starts. Any 3 girls can get together to form a team to play in the upcoming season – go check it out ladies! One of Coronita’s local LAN buddies, FalseGod[MOE] got her involved as a reporter for quake2ctf.com. The site focuses on CTF and LMCTF from the players perspective. They try out new CTF mods and give their opinion. Plus they post lots of tournament match results. And of course Coronita has her own Quake page: CoroNita’s Bayou Quake News. “I don’t know what possessed me to create my own quake page… mid-life crisis? internet addiction syndrome? incurable quake habit?… all of the above? Anyway, I use the page to let all my Quake buds know what tournaments and such are going on.” As for clan affiliation, she’s currently in 3 clans! “yeah, yeah – I’m a Clan Ho” The Lady QuakeMarines for playing DM online, Kitten’s Litter for playing CTF online and [WCS] We Come Strapped a group of local pals that she attends DM and CTF LAN events with. Coronita also “play around” with Odin’s Soldiers and QgirlZ.

Head over to CoroNita’s Bayou Quake News where you’ll find a favorite servers list, favorite skins, female quake links, favorite clan links, Louisiana Quake Links and some pages just for amusement purposes. A recent addition to the site, that has been a big hit, is the “Favorite Quotes” page. Coronita has taken some of the funniest things fellow Quakers say and posted them for others’ entertainment. Since Coronita loves a good LAN party, she recently attended Lanwar II and Stompfest ’98, she posts pics and tourney info so people have an idea of what to expect when they go to one of these things. “They see we all look pretty normal and the site where it’s being held isn’t all run down and full of crackwhores… oh wait… they’d probably like that wouldn’t they?”

What does the future hold for Coronita? Another Quake site! She and PMS-Medusa are starting a site called “Evil Twins”. While at Stompfest Medusa and Coronita discovered that they’re each other’s long lost evil twin. Consider the evidence:

1) They are the same age.
2) They both married musicians.
3) They both have a 10 year old child.
4) They both spam bullentin boards.
5) They both had grandmothers who owned pet pigs.

The evidence is overwhelming! “How many “mature”, hard rockin, bulletin board spammin, grunt fraggin, granny pig petting mommies do you know?” The site will deal with the pro’s & con’s of Quake issues. One of them will be the “good” twin (that’s Coronita, “although that evil wench Medusa thinks it’s her” “My handle (Coronita’s) is a 7 oz. Mexican beer. Her’s (Medusa) is a serpent hairdooed biatch that turns perfectly cute guys into statues. Who do YOU think is the evil one? uh huh. Case closed!”) and the other will take the con side, the “evil” twin. Maybe the first installment will be about one of the Quake changes Coronita would like to see happen: the elimination of aiming bot usage, and server side compensation for players with high pings. Stay tuned!


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