the largest gaming convention in Kentucky and probably the whole region!

Lanwar is the largest gaming convention in Kentucky and probably the whole region! In the last year we hosted over 500 players in our spacious facilities at the University of Louisville, student activity center!

We have tournaments, prizes and more tournaments! There’s plenty of food and drink (no alcohol, please!) and we play games for 30 non-stop hours!

30 Straight Hours Tournaments
Lanwar 1 April 25-26,1998 90 gamers Q2DM, Total Annihilation, Starcraft
Lanwar 2 August 8-9, 1998 116 gamers Q2DM, Q2CTF, Total Annihilation, Starcraft
Lanwar 3 Jan 16-17, 1999 187 gamers Q2DM, Q2DM Femmes, Q2CTF, TA, Starcraft,

Quake Classic DM, Half Life DM

Lanwar 4 April 24-25, 1999 123 gamers Q2DM, LMCTF, Starcraft 2v2, Half-life DM
Lanwar 4.5 July 10-11, 1999 ??? gamers We let you vote!
Lanwar 5 Sept 25-26th, 1999 ??? gamers We let you choose!

Lanwar is run by 4 real life gamers! We’re not that good, but we love to game! We always let you choose the tournaments, by voting! What’s hot? Can it be played in a tournament? You vote, we’ll have it!

Did we mention that every player gets a switched port to his PC? Did we mention the 6 game servers we have set up for tournaments and game playing? Did we tell you that beginners are welcome and  we’ll even help you get your computer set up?

What do you have to bring? Your computer with a 10/100 network card, a 10-15 foot patch cable, a power strip and all your CD’s and driver disks. Oh, I forgot, the admission fee ($20).

We’ll supply the fun, network and organize the tournaments. We’ll also bring in food that we sell dirt cheap so you don’t have to leave. You can eat and play!

Our Sponsors

Activision, Bluegrass.Net, Cavedog, Interspace Computers, Everglide, QVT, Madcatz
Nova Logic, Sierra, Winn Dixie

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