LAN WAR II, Louisville, KY, August 8 and 9, 1998


Aug. 8 & 9, 1998 – Louisville, KY.  We played so much Quake!  As we were checking out of  the  hotel someone said “Go camp in the lobby and wait for the luggage cart to respawn.”  Click on image to see full size.

Otay – here are some new pics that were recently dug up from an archelogical site of great age and scientific interest – Medusa’s closet.  These pics didn’t quite make it to her pic page.   As IncogNita, exposer of the seedy underbelly of quake lan parties everywhere, I feel it is my solemn duty to publish these “images”.    Be forewarned, these pictures contain graphic portrayals of computer geekness and untethered gaming addiction.

Team WCS (We Come Strapped). L to R. Me (CoroNita), B-Nut & Resonance

lw-flash.JPG (38494 bytes) Phatty[GOON], Muadweeb and Eviltar look on with interest as Nita unbuttons her blouse. Hehe. NO – I was writting something on a tablet – that’s what they are looking at. No, really, honest. That’s the truth. hehe.

lw-nitatag.JPG (16191 bytes) Here I am ready to play with my lightning fast reflexes, continuously aware of all that surrounds me. (Note the tag sticking up from my collar – doh doh doh).

lw-group.JPG (17733 bytes) Big group hug. L to R – Bottom row: B-nut[WCS], CoroNita[WCS], PMS-Raven, Top Row: Resonance[WCS], !TPhreakerT!, PMS-Medusa, [COD] Dokuji, !Nut-Buster!, !Katharos!

lw-apache.JPG (38152 bytes) |OS|Apache in a pensive mood.

OK – I took the rest of these pics (well almost).

room1.JPG (47552 bytes) Pre-tournament LAN party at the hotel. L to R. Rucus, PMS-Raven, Resonance[WCS] and the back of B-nut’s head. Here you see Rucus making the cables that allowed us to connect 4 hotel rooms! He came with a 1000′ box of twisted pair 10 base T cable – he must have been a boy scout cuz that’s coming PREPARED!

os&nita.JPG (10285 bytes) Me posing with the #1 CTF Team – Odin’s Soldiers. L to R, Lungbutter, Scratch, Apache and Nicodemus.

Invid-OSJPG.JPG (36456 bytes) #1 CTF Team – Odin’s Soldiers. L to R, |OS|Lungbutter, |OS|Scratch, |OS|Apache and |OS|Nicodemus. (Note: Apache doesn’t ALWAYS look like a drunken sailor, although these pictures do appear to be evidence to the contrary. ;)

WCSctfteam.JPG (20882 bytes) #3 CTF Team – We Come Pissed? No no no no no no – [WCS] We Come Strapped! L to R. Rucus, CoroNita, Resonance and B-nut. (OK so what do you expect us to look like after playing Quake practically non-stop for 48 hours on top of driving 15!)

DusaNita.JPG (95363 bytes) Thelma and Louise? No, me and PMS.Medusa.

b-nut.JPG (14491 bytes) [WCS] B-Nut and friend. B-nut made the Final Four in the Q2 Deathmatch Tournament. The other top three were Stinky, [WCS] Resonance, and GitDatSheet.

lw-nitabnut.JPG (42438 bytes) Another one of Dusa’s deja vu pictures taken 10 seconds after my pic.

Top2.JPG (9995 bytes) THE TOP TWO! L to R, [WCS] Resonance (2nd) and GitDatSheet (1st).

d!mons.JPG (17751 bytes) Raging D!mons came in 2nd in the CTF Tournament. L to R, bottom, Lord D!amnit, Phatty [GOON]. L to R, top, Toss Salad [GOON], Eviltar and Muadweeb.

quakegals.JPG (10079 bytes) Ladies of Lanwar. L to R, PMS.Medusa, QgirlZ-Solarys, PMS.Raven and me, [WCS] CoroNita (aka ]KL[ CoroNita and LQMS.CoroNita). Not pictured – [WU] SexKitten.

ApacheDusa.JPG (35711 bytes) PMS-Medusa and |OS|Apache

NicoResTphreak.JPG (33327 bytes) L to R. |OS|Nicodemus, Resonance[WCS], and !TPhreakerT!

NitaTphreakNico.JPG (29567 bytes) L to R. Me (CoroNita) with !TPhreakerT and OS|Nicodemus

d!stortion.JPG (15541 bytes) Clan D!STORTION. L to R, !Nut-Buster!, !Katharos!, and !TPhreakerT!

DusaRavDok.JPG (62819 bytes) PMS.Medusa, PMS.Raven (seated) and [COD] Dokuji.

SnatchLung.JPG (10574 bytes) |OS|Scratch and |OS| Lungbutter

pagancow.JPG (6833 bytes) [WU] PaGaNcOW (1998 official Lanwar poster boy) hehe.

ResDusaRavB.JPG (15289 bytes) [WCS] Resonance, PMS. Medusa, PMS.Raven & [WCS] B-nut.

hotelgang.JPG (13680 bytes) Hotel LAN party – woo hoo! L to R. PMS-Medusa, !Nut-Buster!, Rucus, !Katharos!, PMS-Raven, B-nut[WCS], |OS|Apache, |OS|Scratch (barely visible), !TPhreakerT! and Resonance[WCS].

August 8-9th, 1998 – Louisville, KY

*For a mega dose of Lan War 2 lovin’ – click on the thumbnails*

lansupa8.jpg (29361 bytes) Supa 8 Lan Gangsta’s – ” Got Hubs? ”

Front: B-Nut 1st Row: PMS-Medusa, Rucus, PMS-Raven, !TPhreakerT!, Resonance

2nd Row: !Nut-Buster!, !Katharos!, Apache, Scratch (behind da phreaker)

ravndiz.jpg (24731 bytes) Clan D!ZTORTION *aka “Sleeperz” : ) * and PMS-Raven

!Nut-Buster!, PMS-Raven, !TPhreakerT!, !Katharos!

mesolrav.jpg (16021 bytes) Femme Frag Force = )

Medusa, Solarys, Raven

clanos.jpg (31393 bytes) Clan Odin’s Soldiers: Q2CTF tourney 1st place team

|OS|Lungbutter, |OS|Scratch, |OS|Apache, |OS|Nicodemus *on taco defense*

Music & Mayhem rul3z the night!

PMS-Medusa grooves in mp3 nirvana and CoroNita[WCS] sports her game face

bnutkia.jpg (18594 bytes) B-Nut busts a “Karate Kid” crane move

Grense, B-Nut, CoroNita, Resonance, Stinky

Lady Lan Warriors:

PMS-Medusa, Solarys-QGz, PMS-Raven, LQMS-CoroNita[WCS] not pictured [Wu]Sexkitten

grenwcs.jpg (45847 bytes) Clan WCS & BONG-Grense openly camp the loading dock

Rucus[WCS], Resonance[WCS], BONG-Grense, CoroNita[WCS], B-Nut[WCS]

dusanico.jpg (21319 bytes) Yo quiero headphone hair? r&d@lw2.jpg (5360 bytes) Psycho Men Slayers BIATCH

|OS|Nicodemus, PMS-Medusa Raven & Medusa

Lan War 2: Cheesiest Grin Contest **okay…so it wasn’t official but it shoulda been!**

ravrdoku.jpg (13735 bytes) dusanita.jpg (12967 bytes)

[Wu]Sexkitten PMS-Raven & [CoD]Dokuji PMS-Medusa & CoroNita[WCS]

* psst..the smart money’s on DOH-kuji*

Got Cheesy Grin pics from Lan War 2?

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