Newbie Quake Netiquette

Newbie Quake Netiquette

Don’t be a weenie

    • Just like the Internet as a whole, there are a lot of really cool people playing Quake, and a few weenies. All I ask of you after reading this guide is that you go out and be one of the cool people, not another weenie!

Be polite

    • Just treat everyone there like they were sitting in the same room. Treat them how you would like to be treated.

Be a gentleman/woman

    • People generally like to be treated like everybody else, so don’t act differently towards players with names that look female. Odds are, they aren’t anyway, and after they whoop you, you will wish you had kept your mouth shut.

Don’t cheat

    • There are several


    • out there that will aim for you, shoot for you, etc. People really don’t like it when you use a bot against them, for obvious reasons.

Don’t accuse people of cheating unless you KNOW they are

    • There are many excellent players out there, and it’s unlikely that someone you are playing is cheating, even if you are getting whooped badly.

Don’t pitch a tent

    • Players can get very irate if you are “camping.” Camping means hiding in one place, usually right on top of where the good weapons or armor are located. Trust me — this gets BORING, not just for the people you keep killing, but for you, too. It’s much more fun (in a free-for-all, at least) to keep running around, and you will get more kills if you keep moving.

Don’t get too arrogant

    • Ok, after reading this guide you’ll be able to whoop your opponents, but don’t go telling everyone! It is just a matter of time before someone else joins in who can put you in your place. Also, if you go bragging to everyone, it is not unheard of for people to get their friends to come kill you.


    • So you got killed? So what? It’s easy to come back to life, so don’t worry about it. This game was not meant to be taken too seriously. It’s nothing personal.

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