Quake Newbie Terminology

Quake Newbie Terminology

Out on the net, there is a lot of jargon tossed around by Quake players. Here’s a summary of the important lingo and abbreviations you should know:


    • Short for robot. These are programs that do various things to your player, such as aiming and shooting for you. Bots, in general, are used for cheating, but some people will actually practice against them.


    • A player who stands in one area, picking off other players. Usually camps next to Red Armor, Rocket Launcher, or Quad Damage. Campers usually irritate other players and get yelled at.


    • A team. There are many clans all over the world. Some only play one type of Quake (like deathmatch,) but larger ones usually have people for both DM and CTF.


    • This term can refer to a couple of things. It was, originally, an organization that organized clan tournaments. It is also a server modification that allows for organized team or one-on-one play.


    • Capture the Flag. This is a variation on the Quake theme where there are two teams who try to steal each other’s flags. You can still just try to kill players on the other team, but flag captures are worth more points.


    • A recording, like a video tape, made in Quake. These can be paused, put in slo-mo, etc. Only versions of Quake above 1.07 (including WinQuake and QuakeWorld) support the recording of demos. To record a demo, use the commands:

    record [demo name]
    connect [server]

      • To stop recording, simply type “stop.” (Duh.) To watch the demo afterwards, type:
          • playdemo [demo name]


        • Deathmatch


        • Free-for-all. A server where anyone can join at any time, and people just kill anyone they see, as opposed to team or one-on-one matches.


        • A kill


        • One of the “elite”


        • Loser


        • Low-ping bastard, high-ping bastard. Typically HPB’s are modem players and get pings above 190 milliseconds. If your ping is below 150 or so, you are at risk of being called an LPB. It is typical for HPB’s to start complaining if they are losing to LPB’s. Some Quake servers are specifically for HPB’s or LPB’s to make things more fair.


        • Packet loss


        • When you “ping” someone, you are sending a message to that person’s IP address. The recipient then echoes the message back to you. The “ping time” is, loosely speaking, the time it takes for the message to get back to you.


        • Utility for launching Quake from a web-based server list.


        • Program for locating Quake servers and connecting to them.



        • Rocket Launcher

      Red Armor


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