Meeting Notes by docduck

Meeting Notes from [AoHx] clan meetings 

Meeting Notes from clan meeting on 12/30/01

Excuse Members wolfsting iceman shadows

Meeting headed by [AoHx]docduck at 2000hrs

1st order of business…division leaders or officers are expected to setup matches for the divisions..for themselves the clan leaders have been approached by several division leaders complaining about the leaders not setting up matches…everyone must remember the clan leader and coleaders have to handle problems and business for the entire clan not just one game or mod

also division leaders should setup meeting times and practice times for their teams…post these times on the board so we can add to the site

2nd [AoHx] won a ctf railz scrim today vs QW 10-7 xtreme,trucker and shoota played for us congrads

3rd order of business….Clan tag issue is still a small problem…Lets wear them in games please

4th order of business…Clan site updates…we update the clan site once every day or other day…so sometimes the info you submitted may take some time to make it their…if anyone sees a mistake or something missing page docduck or iceman

5th order of business…removed members fabouls….inactivity….distot,whip and zneb quit

6th order of business…new members lol too many to list Good job by all the recruiters…and welcome to those members…a new member list will go out later this week

7th order of business…new ranks shadows to dm q2 leader,flashter general cs in h-l, tz-netch to general tfc…h-l, drex to capt osp q3, darknova fka sepchulat general of insta q3 congrads


Clan Meetings every sunday 8 pm Eastern Standard Time USA notes by [AoHx]docduck

Meeting Notes from 12/23/01 at 2000hrs 

Members attending docduck iceman rasta flashter ixion trident computergneome slavezero squirt whip mishra

Excused voodoo_3 and nameless both on vacation for holidays

1st order of business….. their have been serveral new members to the clan this week and serveral lost members for this week…a list will be included in the newsletter

2nd order of business…..there has again been serveral problems with the wearing of clan tags in games this time with Q3 members, the clan leaders made up new rules for this (which they are located on the rules section of the site) Members must wear the clan tag at all times in game and gsa

3rd order of business….if someone “jokes” or “plays” with a member take it as a joke…don’t get upset and quit or things of that nature…if someone intentionaly starts a fight with another member report it to a divsion or clan leader and that person will be dealt with…this clan is for fun….we have again had a member quit this week b/c of a petty fight (foolz-bravado)…this also includes the message board.

4th order of business…promotions this week Flashter to Capt of hl (cs)..trident to general of ctf all weps and squirt to coleader of dm

5th order of business…All leaders or officers that recruit are responsible for posting messages on the board about new/lost members or promtions within their we know whats going on and new members dont roam around until I “bump” into them

final order of business…All clan alliances must be approved by the clan leader before being accepted . So, the clan leaders can see if the alliance is for the clans best interest.

Next Clan meeting 12/30/01 2000hrs on GSA

Notes By [AoHx]Docduck

Also [AoHx]Iceman has been working hard on the email list for the clan and on the site work. Thanks to him the site looks great….And the clan is being kept up-to-date on news b/c of his mailing list. If your email address isn’t on our list than we need it. These notes will also be posted on the clan site.

Notes from Clan Meeting on 12-16-01 2000 HRS 

Members In Attendance docduck heartbreak krsuty necrosis trident U_F_O widow dyce urza iceman flashter

Excused Dis

Some of the other members on UK time…maybe also excused

Meeting headed by [AoHx]docduck

1st order of business All the members involved in the “fight”, eariler this week have either quit the clan or have been disciplined. Any disorderly acts by members will not be tolerated. This clan is a family and we are here for fun.

2nd order of business Due to the inactivity of the former clan coleaders..they have been demoted. The clan leader has found two current clan members that are hard workers and up for the task of the clan coleaders position. [AoHx]iceman has worked hard and help the clan out tremedously and he is now promoted to clan coleader. He will still run the q3 division, until we find a member who will do a good job in that post. The other member is not at the meeting and will be promoted the next time the clan leader talks to him.

3rd order of business [AoHx] lost the DM clan match with AW tonight….only one dm division played came to match and he had connection problems…

[AoHx]time….I asked if all the dm players would be on and attend and they said yes only active dm player excused was [AoHx]Dis due to work. Until more dependable attendance is shown we will not have any more DM matches. It doesn’t look good for the clan, when I have to “stall” matches to get someone to play. [AoHx]docduck and [AoHx]Rasta played for the clan and Rasta is a ctf player and docs ping was in the 700 most of game.

4th order of business We are working on a WF scrim with [SiN]…we need more wf players [AoHx]U_F_O is new wf leader…he will choose a coleader for wf soon

Final order of business The clan news letters will resume this week. [AoHx]iceman will help out with that and website management. So, all members should expect weekly emails from the clan. Meeting Adjourned at 2049 hrs

Notes by docduck


Meetings Notes from meeting on 12/11/01 at 2000hrs est 

Members in attendance docduck whip iceman snow capped_leprecaun xtreme rockin widowmaker fiend time dyce (he went into game,during meeting)

Members excused squirt-had ogl match throggish-had been up 26 hours straight recruiting for clan

Others may be excused, due to the time zone they live in.

Meetings headed by [AoHx]docduck

1st order of business: The clan has been having problems, with members wearing their clan tags in games. Other than joking around this should be avoided. We wear clan tags so we know our members from other clans members, so [AoHx] gets ranked on clq as a clan and so when we play matches ther is no confusion about who are our clan members. Our rules state a member must always wear their clan tag.

2nd order of business: Ranks…a lot of members in the clans with ranks have not been doing their job. They were promoted or selected to have a rank or leadership role, because the clan needed or thought they could help improve our clan. If, a member is given a rank he/she is expected to do their job. If that member doesnt do their job the clan leader or division leaders will find someone who will. The includes the clan coleaders…serveral members have voiced concerns the clan coleaders have not been active enough to maintain that rank or help out the clan. [AoHx]docduck said that if the clan coleaders do not become more active than, regretfully they will have to be replaced.

3rd order Clan meetings: for futher notice we will have clan meetings every sunday 8 pm est on gsa. If a officer or leader misses three meetings in a row, they will be subject to demoted per our clan rules.

4th order AW DM match: We will have a Dm match with AW on Sunday 12-16-01 7 pm est..Whip has already asked the key dm players to attend and they will do so.

5th order xtreme brought up the fact that he has heard other clans saying “[AoHx] sucks”. I believe that this is somthing that every clans hears, because we turn down a lot of members who want to join and those people are somtimes not too happy about that and when we beat other clans members they can become angry. This is something that should be ignored, as it will not stop.

No further business was brought up the clan meeting was adjourned at 2109 hrs by the leader.

Notes by docduck

Minutes from the [AoHx] Meeting 7-19-01 at 2000 hrs 

Members in attendance Docduck evil_slayer Mightor Homicide Xtreme Hotty Keeper

Members Excused from meeting Steve Maddness evil_slayers’s son

Homicide announced he will be on vacation next two weeks.

The clan will now have 2 meetings a week members are only required to attend at least one. The other meeting is on Mondays at 6 PM est.

Tryouts will be reopened as we have had members removed, but only Doc, mightor and ul will be the only ones allowed for now to do tryouts.


Keeper, Juno and Homicide were promoted to Corporal. Evil_slayer promoted to Ensign.

Slaya demoted to private: being inactive. Mapex demoted to Corporal: being inactive.


Following members will be removed from clan next Thursday unless they contact Doc or mightor.

Twiztid, blaker and Nexus.

Meeting adjourned 2031 hrs

Notes by Docduck

Minutes of the [AoHx] Meeting 8-6-01 at 2000 hr. 

Leaders and division leaders meeting

Members in Attendance UL Docduck Might Dk

Members who attended Hotty Murda Flip evil Mapex

It was announced that the clan match with [FMa] all weps ctf this upcoming Sunday 8 PM est 5 on 5. Teams will be posted on message board.

All division leaders need to get their ranks straight, so everyone in their section knows what their jobs and duties are. Division leaders are to post their ranks on the board and let the clan CO-leaders know. Division leaders are to also start having division meetings to discuss promotions/demotions and other section matters.

Steve will help Docduck with the W.F. division and has his permission to recruit and handle division matters (as doc is having connection problems). The time and date for the [fa] W.F scrim will be worked out and posted on the board.

New member [AoHx]Reaper will be in dk’s railz division.

Meeting Notes 10/14/01 2000 Hours 
Members in attendance Docduck Bignick Maddog whip xtreme

Excused Distort Sall Mightor

Meeting was headed by docduck. Docduck asked all the division leaders to get their ranks straight and to make a list of all inactive members in their divisions, so we can remove them. It is also important for all the clan members to know that [AoHx] is still very much alive. We will rebuild our divisions, due to the fact we have lost over 10 members since the leadership change, before we start again with clan matches.

Docduck brought up the idea of the divisions going into ogl….(dm and railz). Whip will do strong recruiting for dm and so will all other divisions. Docduck also is looking for a strong leader for the wf divison….as docduck is still wf leader, but with his new duties does not have time for it

Once we get the clan settled we will still take the clan into q3. All the clan coleaders and division leaders and officers are to do their job or they will be replaced.

Meeting adjourned at 2100 hours

Notes by docduck.

Minutes If [AoHx] Meeting 7-23-01 1800 hr. 
Members In Attendance Docduck Chronic Flip Steve Xtreme Maddnes Might Ul Quicken Keeper Murda

Members excuse from meeting Rage-vacation Hotty-school Homicide-vacation

Ul announced that the clan will be divided into divisions railz,dm,ctf all weps,ctf railz and weapons factory.

Each section will have a leader, co-leader etc. The section leaders will be responsible for tryouts, promotions, demotions and enforcement of clan rules in only their section.

Each section is allowed 10 members. The clan leaders are over the section leaders. They will monitor all sections to make sure everyone is doing their job and people are treated fairly.

Each clan member is going to have to pick their best skill and practice mainly in that. Right now the leaders of the section are as follows:

DM Leader Farnorth Co-leader Murda

Railz Leader Dk Co-leader Chronic

Ctf Leader Rage

All Weps Ctf Leader Sallgood

Railz Ctf Leader Xtreme Co-leader Chronic

WF TBA: (I’m working on this one personally)

The clan meetings will alternate this week at Thursday the meeting is just for the section leaders and clan leaders at 8pm est. Next week the meeting will be a regular meeting on Monday at 6 PM est.

Ul also stated we will also have a Q3 section in the future.

Meeting adjourned by 1831 hr.

Notes by [AoHx]docduck

AoHx meeting: 09/02/01 08:00pm EST 

In attendance: Underlord Mightor Hottstuff Lagger Low Quicken Mr.Scary Farnorth Murda Blitz Slayer Chopsuey Darkknight

Excused: Kiluminate Railingplato Whip

Underlord started discussion about division ranks CTF all weps is pretty much done with ranks DM Ranks are set but more members needed WF Ranks are set but more members needed Railz Ranks not set….discussed with DK he was not aware that he could have colonels and LT’s, so he will work on it and let me know Railz CTF no ranks set yet, Extreme needs help organizing this division, also needs members, I will try to spend more time helping him until we can recruit more help

Underlord also brought up the importance of having the correct name in game. Also discussed CLQ rankings a bit…everyone seemed surprised that we are ranked so high and have been for a few weeks now

Someone brought up topic of 7S clan joining AoH (Lagger I think) he said that 7s Wrath was interested and possibly whole clan

Evil Slayer brought up fact that WF needs more members and that he need to know if he could do tryouts, he will discuss with Docduck

Rest of meeting was about binds for CTF statements….Lagger and Low are gonna work on some standard statements that we can post at web site in text format so they can be easily copied and pasted into cfg. File

Meeting adjourned:09:15 pm est

Next Meeting TBA…watch the message board.

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