History of Clan [AoHx] by Underlord and Docduck


Ok, a lot of people in the clan, especially the newer members are asking about how they get to be an officer or leader. Well, first let me tell u about the story about how I became leader. I joined AoHx back on mplayer in Febuarary 2001. When I joined the clan, AoHx, (as we were know back then), all we played with ctf all weps q2…nothing else.

Underlord was still the leader then and we had around 90 members….four clan coleaders. Then about 2 months, after I joined Underlord promoted me to a LT. ,(at this time the clan had just one set of ranks, nothing else), so I was like 2 officers from the bottom of the list. I never played for a clan match, because I was a low rank. Then in April the clan moved to Gamespy, due to mplayers take over.

When the clan moved over to gamespy arcade, we went from 90 members down to 20. This was because a lot of members didn’t know what was going on or they did not like the new gaming service. The clan leaders at the time redid the ranks, due to the officer loss. When this happened I was promoted to a general within our one ranking system. I think I was like fifth one in the chain of command.

I was in charge of doing tryouts for all weps ctf….I did five or six tryouts a day. When I was at this rank I still did not play in any clan matches…I was still too low of a rank. About a month later, after a few clan coleaders retired; I was then promoted to a clan coleader. At this time the clan only had 2 clan coleaders, myself and [AoHx]Mightor.

As a clan coleader I still did tons of tryouts and working on a website for the clan. Along with handling problems within the clan. We went to the division system, the clan has now . I was fourth in the chain of command. After, some time the clan leader demoted one of the clan coleaders, so I moved into the third spot. I stay there for serveral months, I never bugged anyone or complained.

Around September of 2001, after some problems with other members . My friend [AoHx]Mightor, retired as a clan coleader moving me into second in chain of command. After that, I took over the clans entire website system and the meetings. A few weeks later [AoHx]Underlord, retired, he then promoted me to the clan leaders spot. So, it took me around 9 months, before I made the leaders spot.

When I took over the clan we had around 30 members and we only supported q2 with six divisions. Now as of December 2001, the clan has over 60 members and we support q2 (6 divisions), q3 (2) divisions, half-life and starcraft/brood wars. I have seen alot of my friends leave the clan and a lot of new friends come into the clan.

We have had some problems and this being the first clan I have lead. I have made mistakes and I have done a lot of things to further the clan, with some help of serveral members. The reason for this story is so the new members or the current members, see that sometimes it takes a long time to get to where you want to be at.

Being leader I don’t play much anymore-most of my online time is spent trying out a new recruit or soloving a problem. So, I sacrfice my free time, so this clan can run smoothly and everyone can have fun. I have redone the clans ranks to insure everyone that deserves a rank or leadership gets it. Remember everyone the clan is over 17 months old, during that time i have seen many clans die and struggle. My goal is to have a clan people “grow” with, meaning that we can become more that game friends, but people who do things for one another in real life.

Underlord sent me my copy of q3 in the mail for free, now thats friendship. Other people in the clan like [AoHx]iceman have setup ftps for clan members to download games and mods. And other members like [AoHx]Xtreme and [AoHx]Hotstuff have been here from the begining. Thank You guys I couldn’t have done it without you. I may of forgotten to mention someone’s name but everyone has played a role in making this clan one of the best. Lets keep it up for another 17 months and beyond….


Monday, December 17, 2001 0219hrs

[AoHx] Clan History

By: [AoHx]UnderLORD

AoHx was Founded in July of 2000 by AoHxUnderLORD, there were NO BRACKETS at this time, only the X which was used as a separator to define the AoH clan without getting confused with other clans currently using AoH, which by the way NONE were on Mplayer which is where AoHx was Born. AoHx first consisted of members from another clan that was NEW to mplayer called xDSx, in which the leader was xDSxBlueDevil, Who is NOW [AoHx]Darknight, his CO-Leader was then xDSxBlackDiamond, who is NOW [AoHx]BlackDiamond, who for the record is the son of [AoHx]UnderLORD.

After a very short time we were informed that the xDSx tag was Owned and copyrighted by another clan and we were advised at this time to remove and stop using the tag, that resulting in the direct dissolution of the clan xDSx as it was then known. For a brief time everyone kinda got lost in the shuffle of things. Next I came up with the idea of just starting another clan and calling it (Angels of Hell) AoHx, at this time I had already formed a solid friendship with another former member of the xDSx clan and asked him to join up with me in AoHx, that member was AoHxSin. Since Sin was a GREAT CIF player and had clan experience I decided right then that it would be in the Clan’s Best interest if I stepped down and allowed SiN to be the leader of AoHx and I took the CO-Leader spot. SiN never really liked being leader so eventually he left the clan and I took over from there, he in turn went solo for a while and eventually joined NYGANG.

Some of the original members STILL belong to the existing AoHx as of this date (11/24/2001, such as Xtreme, DarkKnight, Quicken, they have proven there total loyalty to the clan over and over again. :) THANKS guys! I am Proud of you. You all may ask or question my loyalty to the clan, well it is simple…. I as leader did NOT have the time to invest in the clan due to working several jobs, so i could never be sure just when i would be on, i even miss 4-5 days at a time. so because i ALWAYS! wanted the BEST for AoHx i decided that i should step down and let someone lead the clan that had more time to invest, that’s when i choose [AoHx]Docduck to be the new leader, he has time and again proven his loyalty to the clan and was ALWAYS there to lend a helping hand to anyone needing the help.

There are MANY others that were key factors in the clans success such as [AoHx]Mightor whom I made CO-Leader, He and his wife Kim did a FANTASTIC job building and maintaining the clan website for a LONGTIME, at times Mightor was like my RIGHT arm.. Thanks Bud!… also [Docduck proved to be the same. another clan CO-Leader was [AoHx]DarkKnight, he was invaluable at many times as he GREATLY helped pull the clan through some tuff times by helping to train people and doing a lot of recruiting, another Great recruiter for the clan was [AoHx]Hotstuff and [AoHx]farNorth, we fondly refereed to them as the Far and Hottie hour as they constantly but VERY lovingly bickered at one another :) we love ya both and you have very special places in my heart both of you.

I must say that there are many others that contributed ALOT to the constant growing of AoHx and it still continues to grow more and more everyday, there are some of the very BEST skilled people in AoHx and some of my very closets friends online here in this clan. For all of you new members, remember this clan was BASED on Friendship, Loyalty, trust and above all Good sportsmanship, AoHx always prided itself as being one of the few clans that NEVER owned anyone, this was and still is considered childish and shows very bad sportsmanship. Anyone that wants to say hello you will now find me in the [FMa] clan, these have always been friends to AoHx and to me personally, and was really the only other place I would want to be if i was not in AoHx, which i am not so… lol, I wish Docduck, Sallgood, DarkKnight the VERY BEST of luck with the clan, and want to tell you all that you are doing a great job continuing where i left off… THANKS!!! guys!


Okay were still getting asked this question. And some of our new members
weren’t around when we made the change from AoHx to [AoHx]. So here is the
explanation again.

We were not being ranked by The CLQ as a clan, just as individuals, so we
needed to add the brackets to be recognized as a clan. Just using the x to
separate AoHxname wasn’t working. So we tried [AoH] but then we were listed
as a clan with all other variations of AoH. This wasn’t what we were trying
to accomplish either.

We wanted to be ranked with just our members so we put
the x inside the brackets to keep us separated from all the others. You can
see how this works by going to the CLQ link below

Try finding us by typing [AoH] or {AoH} as you can see we are mixed in with
everyone else.

And our rank would not be accurate.

So that’s the story behind the x in [AoHx]. The X just keeps us separate
from everyone else.

So members if your tag isn’t right your frags are not counting for us but
against us.



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