Angels of Hell Clan Rules

First and for most, this Clan, [AoHx] AKA Angels of Hell” is a privilege for you to be in. If you do not abide by these rules and regulations you WILL BE BANNED and stripped of all privileges to this Clan.’

All New members must be at least 16 or older to join…This does not effect current members ( if your in the clan now and under 16 your still in)….If a new member lies about their age and the truth is found out later…that member will be removed from the clan.

If a leader or officer knowingly violates the min. age rule, during tryouts. They are subject to demotion up to and including being removed and banned from the clan.

NO MEMBER IS ALLOWED TO VERBALLY ABUSE ANOTHER MEMBER. This behavior will not be tolerated from ANYONE. [Including Officers]…..IN this clan we do not use the word “Own” ie. “I Owned You”, or anything of that nature. Members who break this rule are subject to probation or removal.

Members must wear their [AoHx] tag on their names in chat and in all games (at all times). This is so when we play matches, other clans do not dispute you are a member. Also, so the clq ranks your play for our clan.

** If you have been asked 3 times to wear your tag if you hold rank it will be dropped . If your asked again you’ll be booted. The non ranked members who are ask 3 times to wear the tag and continues not to will just be booted.

***”Swing Door”*** Policy…If a member quits…the only person that may allow him/her to rejoin the clan is the clan leader. Now if after this member is reinstated..If he/she quits again..They will be banned. This is so that the clan leaders or division leaders. Do not use their time unwisely with talking with this member again about rejoining or retrying them out.

No Bots or Cheats allowed.

You may not belong to another clan of the game you play with [AoHx]. Since we have so many games supported within the clan now.

You must be a member of gamespy 3d or gamespy arcade or Q2,Q3,RTCW,HL and UT members are restricted to Gamespy. Only starcraft/bw members on

You must submit a valid email address and other info at members page before you will be considered an AoHx member. (The email addy will not be posted on site and is only used to send clan news to members).

You are only allowed one [AoHx] name and are not allowed to keep changing it.

Don’t ruin the reputation of [AoHx] with your words or actions. Remember this when your sitting in the lobby trash talking with our clan tag in front of your name. You are representing all of us.

You must be active and attend clan and division meetings. It is your responsibility to find out where and when they are.

You cannot miss 3 consecutive meetings. If you can’t attend, it is your duty to let a leader know.

Clan hoppers and/or division jumpers will not be tolerated.

If a member wishes to change divisions, it must be approved by the leader of the division they want to join.

If the division leaders need help or are not doing their job. The Clan Leaders will step in.

If you are picked to play a clan match and then dont show up for the match, without a good and valid excuse. You wont be picked for the next

The practice of leaving a game because you are losing is poor sportsmanship and is not acceptable, if you are lagging out or have to leave please let someone know, (don’t just leave the game)

It is your responsibility to check the web page for news about what is going on within the clan. [Especially the message board]

You must follow these rules or you WILL be banned from this clan.

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