Ophelia’s Female Quake Models

What Will You Wear to the Deathmatch?

As a female quake player, you may find the original character choices rather limited when trying to match up to your own style and personality. Limited to one, in fact! Although in the realm of custom player models, females are still the minority at about 20% of all the models out there, there are still a lot to choose from. I’ve taken the time to collect all I could find and list them for you HERE:

Please note all these models are the property of their respective authors! If you wish to download any of them, you may look in the LINKS section for some popular download archives. (Or, if you are really desparate, you can email me)(err… that means desparate to download a MODEL!!)


What’s the deal with this obnoxious pink color anyway? Heh heh heh, I just thought it was funny.

I should probably write something about myself here, huh? Well, I am often found playing the pureDM servers under the name Ophelia. My ‘real-life’ name is Tamara (if you don’t know where the name Ophelia comes from, go read or watch Hamlet) I am 27 years old. Ummmm I dunno. I’m short. I can’t think of anything interesting to say. You can look at some blurry pictures of me HERE if you want to.



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