Quake II (Female) Star Picked: GameSpot News

Quake II Star Picked

Paul Steed, artist for id Software on Quake II, says he will model the game’s female character on the rough and ready space marine Vasquez from the movie Aliens. In Quake II, players will be able to choose between playing a male or a female character.

Designers want to stay away from the bimbo look so prevalent in other action games, but the new female character will definitely be feminine. She’ll be “attractive, yet tough,” says Steed.

Steed says he’s prepping for the artistic challenge by watching Aliens at least a couple more times – to get more of a handle on Vasquez’s attitude. The character will be “more rounded” than Vasquez (played by Jenette Goldstein in the film), Steed says, and will probably have a ponytail for easier identification during gameplay.

The animated female character currently shown on id’s site was created purely for fun as a tribute to the Crackwhore Quake clan. Steed says id will also make a monster for Quake II based on Crackwhore, but one more like the Borg from Star Trek. “Instead of hair, she’ll have cables going into her body,” says Steed.

By Kate Hedstrom, Computer Gaming World


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