Quartography: DM Chain 5


DM Chain Quartographer: Jamin Bulyk

This is the first area of the DM5 chain. It could also have been an excellent start for a new SP chain. No problem with r_speeds, 600 was as high as I could get it. The rock walls are quite simple done but fully believable. Interesting to see what will develop inside that big door. Nice work Jamin. Hope to see your work on a chain soon again:)


Pax, the former web master of the UCM Quartography page has entered an excilent contribution to this DM map.  He has added a nice spacious room, good for a large number of people…should be a nice central location for the fragging.   He has also managed to keep the r_speeds low and stay consistent with the textures and general theme of the map, good job Pax, keep the good work up.


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