Quartography: DM Chain 4



DM Chain Quartographer: Harry Maxted

Harry started this map off with a very large lift-off area. The area may be a tad too large, however the r_speeds were still within reasonable limits. He added a top level as well which provides another dimension to his submission. Brush and texture work were superb… I only wish that he added something to the launch pad doors he designed. :(Del

 DM Chain Quartographer: Tony Brown

Tony managed to maintain the high level of mapping with his submission. Hardly any tweaks have been done on this map to date which is what I like to see! Tony developed an open area surrounded by a higher level. The r_speeds were acceptable as was the brush and texture work. He also managed to keep the “blue light” theme started by Harry which was good to see. Oh yeah, don’t miss the partially hidden area housing the rl and extra health — these items may be moved when the final tweaking is done, but it is currently a hot little alcove. The consistency in the c1m4 map is excellent to date. The only issue with Tony’s submission is that it, like Harry’s, is a rectangular room. A small section or area rather than a rectangular room would have been more welcome. Great regardless though!Del

DM Chain Quartographer: S.D. Groll

I liked this part immediately although I’m not that found of water areas (’cause that’s were most often get killed :\). There’s two ladder that will take you up to the chain gun (left pic). S.D. (wonder what that stands for?) has managed to create a very good realistic contrast in this little piece. The damp feeling of the lower part of the room and the daylight shining through the roof window.Pax

DM Chain Quartographer: Edward “KoolMidX” EhrhardtWell Edward didn’t get that much time to do something for this map as the map file I sent to him had some problems. A truck load of brushes had extra light values set to them and some brushes came out very strange in his editor. We’ve had that problem in some other chains before. Diferent editors seems to handle some stuff  in diferent ways. Thanks Edward for helping me rooting out some errors in this map.Pax

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