Quartography: DM Chain 3


DM Chain Quartographer: Alan Willard

Our main map starter again… Alan. The setting is a little bit warehouse-ish but I think this map has openings for many diversions from the theme. One area is a little bit hard to reach at the moment but some minor adjustments will solve that problem. There’s some very good looking light holders in the room on the right wish gives some quite atmospheric shadows.Pax

  DM Chain Quartographer: Jay “Renegade” Onnembo

This area is completely different from the previous. Maybe a good idea or maybe not… It depends allot what the next mappers do. They now have a choice to make this or the previous area the main theme of the map. Everything here is kept to basics. In the left pic you can see Jays little “signum” the pillar with a present on it, reachable from above or with a rocket jump from below. When the map gets finished check out the cool rotating blue roof.Pax

  DM Chain Quartographer: Matt Schelsky

Now some water start to flow in this map. Soon to turn red i guess :) Matts part of this map has a cool two level area, three if you include the water. Lots of ducts, pipes and stuff. r_speeds are OK. Nice sparse use of textures. The water areas are a little dark at the moments. I know some of you out there like it dark but it’s a little bit hard to find yourself out of it here. The two large water container (not seen in the screen shots) might look a little out of the place right now but if anyone connects to them they probably fit in better. Good work though I have these minor complaints.Pax

DM Chain Quartographer: Jamin Bulyk

Very nice addition by Jamin.  He told me that it was difficult to add to the map because of the vast differences in architecture between rooms…which I can see, but I feel that he did a great job adding to this map none the less.  It is evident the amount of effort and detail he put into that base wall…and I think it will make for an interesting open killing field.


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