Quartography: DM Chain 2


DM Chain Quartographer: Jon Bishop

Ok. Big deal; so the first room in this DM Chain Map has perfect texture use and alignment. So it’s made by Jon Bishop of ACD Systems (WorldCraft Support guy). So the architecture is beautiful, albiet not wholly original (warehouse theme). Bah. Great lighting; so what! WHERE ARE THE DANCING CHICKS AND POOL TABLES? Huh, Mr. “I Know More About WorldCraft Than About My Own Body”?! Seriously, what a start. I envy the person next in the chain to receive this. When you start off with a sketch of the Mona Lisa, it’s hard to finish up with “Stick-Figures in Charcoal Angst”. It really is all of the above, with some wacky vertical louvre doors (top left) and a great elevator (top right)! Run with it boys/girls. And don’t screw it up! It’s an un-finished masterpiece!

 DM Chain Quartographers: Owen Marlowe, Alan Willard, Matthew Dwen, Reid “BrushBoy”, David Orozco, Brian Allen Cranford

Pretty lost here, don’t know who’s done what. Any one that feel responsible for any part of this chain mail me so i can put up proper credits. The problem right now on this one is that we’re suffering from some high r_speeds. I’m going to try to fix that a.s.a.p.

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