Quartography: DM Chain 1


DM Chain Quartographer: Jamis Eichenauer

I chose Jamis’ submission to start off the DM Chain Map c1m1 primarily because it serves as a decent backbone because it allows for a lot of expansion with two different texture sets from the same room. He has developed a warehouse style environment which has been built from a rocky cavern. Hence players are able to branch off using either environments. One problem with his submission was that it wasn’t as polished as it could have been. The r_speeds were acceptable however there was a lot of brushwork that could have been improved upon. Additionally, his submission was a standard rectangular room — a shape that many feel their submission should look like. If this were the case then the chain maps would have the boring appeal since they would be a bunch of cubic rooms strung together by a series of hallways — not my idea environment for fragging! However, after some reworking on his room things managed to turn out for the better.

DM Chain Quartographer: P. Miles

When I first walked into Miles’ room I recall running across the room towards the lava tube. The brush work for this tube is splendid. This room should prove to be one of the rooms with heavy traffic since there will, no doubt, be a few “popular” items in this area. There were two things that I thought needed some work on this submission. Though his brushwork was great around the lava tube, the opposite corner of the map needed some work — it seemed a bit excessive in nature for the poly count. Also, Miles contributed another cubic room! Gib all that submit cubic rooms from this point onward!

DM Chain Quartographer: Jamin Bulyk

Jamin as sent us a great looking pump room with a sparse but effective use of textures. I did’nt take any underwater screen shoots because they would come out all grey. But for me the stuff Jamin’s done with everything under the waterline was the real highlight in his submission. Have a look as soon as the maps get finished!

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