Quartography: CTF Map Chain 1


CTF Chain Quartographer: Jamis Eichenauer

Alan Willard has now made himself available to contribute to all four Chain Maps. His talent is most welcome and well received by the UCM Staff. Here he begins the Blue Base for the CTF Chain Map. This beginning clearly spells out that the great gameplay seen in CTF will continue in our map as well as having some new tricks. He has also thrown in an area under the flag  which can be accessed by either team and allows for the flag to be dropped down a level to be snatched by the enemy if they are unable to penetrate the base defenses. Structurally, Alan managed to keep the rooms small so don’t expect those firefights to lock up your machine. Interesting beginning…it should provide for some pretty great ctf play!Del

 CTF Chain Quartographer: Johan “Pax” Steinholtz

Johan has put a lot of work ion his submission. I have to say that this the open area he designed will house many exciting firefights on this level — and the r_speeds never go over 700! Johan has also managed to add another element of strategy with his submission. The large lava cylinder allows players to rejuvenate, however it can only be used when the base is secure since any player caught in it during an attack will be entering GibbsVille.Del

CTF Chain Quartographer: Brian ThyerMore big areas. Looks like the main battle fields will be in the midle areas of this map. This space look rather empty at the moment but some stuff thrown in here ant there might bring it more to life. A nice detail is that Brian has kept the small green lights used by the quartographer before him (hey, that was me). Those small details helps to keep the map feeling more homogen.Pax

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