A few fast answers about CTF for Quake2

A few fast answers about CTF for Quake2

Last update: 06 Mar 98 Merzak

If you’ve played CTF with Quake and Quake2 you may notice that there are a lot of the same questions that pop up on the screen. This page attempts to answer some of the most common.

This FAQ deals mostly with the ThreeWave CTF and also has some notes on the LMCTF for Quake2. The following places are excellent sources for more detailed information, maps, downloads and news… PlanetQuake and Captured.Com.

Question: How do I talk?

Answer: By default in Quake2 you can press the [T] key and you will see a prompt, say:, in the upper left corner of your screen. Simply type your message and press [Enter].

Your message will be sent to everyone playing. Note that [T] is ‘bound’ to a command called messagemode via the bind command.

Question: What is the bind command ?

Answer: This command is very important in multiplayer Quake2 since many of the different CTF modifications allow different commands. Basically you can bind any key, mouse button or other controller button to commands in Quake2 at the console. For example the [T] key as described above is bound to the messagemode command.

] BIND T messagemode

In addition you can see what a key is bound to by simply typing the word bind followed by the key. For example

] BIND mouse1

Generates the response

“mouse1” = “+attack”

In this case mouse1 (usually the left mouse button) will cause your current weapon to fire.

Question: What is the console ?

The console is where you enter commands in Quake2. You can bring it up by pressing the [~] (tilde) key. Press the [~] (tilde) key again to make it go away.

Your Quake2 documentation has more details on using the console and many sources such as PlanetQuake and Captured.Com. can give you guidance on many of the Quake2 commands.

Question: How do I talk to just the people on my team?

Answer: Bind a key to the command messagemode2. I use the letter Y for this.

] BIND Y messagemode2

Press [Y] and you are then given the prompt say_team:. Enter your message and press [Enter]. Only your team members will receive your message.

Question: How do I tell the difference between team messages and messages that can be read by everyone?

Answer: When you get a team message the players name is surrounded by parentheses (sp?). For instance if you see the message

Merzak: Our team rules!!!

Then everyone playing received the message. If you see

(Merzak): Base is secure.

Then Merzak is on your team and only you and your team members have received this message.

Question: How do I change teams ?

Answer: In ThreeWave CTF bring up the console and type


To change to the red team or


To change to the blue team.

Question: How do I use the grapple ?

Answer: For ThreeWave CTF bind a key to the command “use grapple” for LMCTF bind a key to “use grappling hook” or “use hook”. For example

] BIND Q “use grapple”

When you press the [Q] key then your weapon will switch to the grapping hook. You then press your fire key ([Ctrl] or [Mouse1]) and hold it. This will send out the grappling hook and when it makes contact with a wall, you will be pulled towards it.

Question: Why do some people seem to never die ? Are they cheating ?

The short answer is that they are not cheating they just have a lot armor, power armor (if you hit someone and they glow green) and/or some powerful Tech items. Your Quake2 manual describes power armor and how to use it. A person with full up power armor can take several direct rocket or grenade hits with no problem at all. In addition ThreeWave CTF has two Tech items, the AutoDoc and Disrupter Shield that also allow a player to survive some pretty wicked hits. For more details on the Tech items see http://www.captured.com

Question: Someone just flipped me off, what should I do?

Answer: Give ’em the business by pressing the [k] key. Actually, the following keys are bound for different moves…

[h] bound to command “wave 0” which makes your character appear to show the bird.

[j] bound to command “wave 1” which makes your character appear to salute.

[k] bound to command “wave 2” which makes your character appear to do a taunting move.

[l] bound to command “wave 3” which makes your character appear to wave.

[u] bound to command “wave 4” which makes your character appear to point.

Question: Can I bind a specific message to a key ?

Answer: YES! This can be very useful to talk quickly, especially in Threewave CTF where you can tell others where you are. Captured.Com has Xenocide Academy that is a great tutorial for CTF and has some useful suggestions for messages to team members.

One of the most useful is to tell team members defending your base that the enemy is on the way. I define the letter [G] for this by…

] BIND G “Say_Team Incoming!!!”

When I press [G] My team members get the message

(Merzak): Incoming!!!

Another useful trick is to tell my team members where to find a Tech item.

] BIND N “Say_Team Tech item [%L]”

It turns out that %L in a command in ThreeWave CTF will automatically be substituted with your current location. So everytime I press then [N] key, my team members may see something like

(Merzak): Tech item [near the red railgun]


(Merazk): Tech available [near the blue flag]

Then if they know the map, they can come grab the tech before someone on the other side gets it. By the way you don’t need the square brackets in the message. I just do it so that my team members can distinguish the location easier from the message ‘Tech available’.

CTF is a TEAM game and here is how to get your team to win.

Defend your base!!! The other team cannot capture your flag if they cannot get to it. In addition if one of your team brings back the enemy flag, you all can get capture points immediately.

Escorting your flag carrier home can earn you extra individual points for protecting him not to mention the points everyone on your team will get for the capture.

Attack in groups. Running by yourself into a well defended enemy position is just asking to die and accomplishes nothing but giving the other side an easy point and extra ammo.


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