EX CTF pak contains 4 new CTF2-levels and some new textures.  That’s it, now download it and play it.  I am also looking for some  people who want to run this pakfile on a server, if you want to do that, contact me: Steven.Delrue@rug.ac.be


*** EX CTF pack ***

4 New CTF2-levels with some new textures

Place the PAK6.PAK-file in your c:\quake2\ctf directory and start up CTF-Quake2.
You should have the latest version of Quake2 and the CTF2-mod, of course, but i assume
you have this. You can find CTF2 somewhere at ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/quake2/official/

To play the maps, type map bsp-file in the console where bsp-file is one of these maps:

bsp-file : Level
exctf1.bsp : Insomnia 2
exctf2.bsp : The Underground
exctf3.bsp : Deep Base 9
exctf4.bsp : Highly Flamable

These levels are made for 8-16 players

If there is somebody willing to host this pak-file on a server, please let me know

Insomnia 2 is a rebuild of Insomnia, a level i released some time ago. I got some feedback
and used it to build this level, it’s much better now :)

idsoftware for a great game, Quake2
Zoid for a great mod, CTF
Paul and Matt for a great leveleditor, glideqoole
Ty Matthews and Neal White III for a great texture-editor, Wally
Microsoft for a great texteditor, Notepad
everybody else who helped me with this level-pak


Authors MAY NOT use these levels as a base to build additional levels. You are NOT authorized
to put this PAKfile (and/or it’s contents) on any CD or distribute it in any way without
my permission.





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