How to change CTF skins Tutorial for TestDummy

TestDummy you are going to want to be ONLY changing the files in the folder corresponding roughly to whatever you would call your c:/quake2/ctf/ folder. Please do not do this to your baseq2 or other mod folders by accident because then it will change more than just the CTF RailwarZ skins.

The basic idea is that you download the entire folder for whatever PPM (plug-in and play model). First you will delete the contents of c:/quake2/ctf/players/male, c:/quake2/ctf/players/female, and c:/quake2/ctf/players/cyborg. And then you will copy the entire contents of the PPM and paste into those folders.

Here is the links to the PPMs you were talking about. I recommend making a folder called for example, “rei” on your desktop, and then downloading all the files from this link. And then pasting them into the “rei” folder, from which you can copy into “male”, “female” and “cyborg” and then also retain the “rei” folder in your players folder, in case you would like to return to this PPM and skins in the future.



That’s the first half of changing: getting those folders to where they have only the files for the PPM you’re using. The next half is to do the same thing INSIDE the pak0.pak file in your c:/quake2/ctf/ folder. To do this you will need the .pak file editing software of your choice, I recommend Wally.  Here is a link to Wally:

Wally pak editor:

Once you have opened the pak0.pak file inside the folder c:/quake2/ctf/ navigate inside the folder tree to players, and then you will see “male”, “female” and “cyborg” subfolders. You will need to select all the files in each folder, and delete them. And then click inside the empty space where they were, and go to Edit, and Paste, Paste Into Folder.  And that way copy all the files of the PPM into those 3 folders.

So the bottom line is much more simple than all I have written. You are just going to download your PPM and save in its own folder. Then delete the “male” “female” and “cyborg” folder contents in c:/quake2/ctf/players/ and paste in ONLY the contents of your PPM.  And then repeat that with the 3 same subfolders INSIDE the pak0.pak file in c:/quake2/ctf/ and save!

Email me if you have any questions / run into any snags!  Here are 3 screenshots from your 10-9 glory in Beav’s Rail Room at the end of tonight:

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