Panther XL: The First 3D Combat Controller

The Panther XL allows the player to "Free-Look" totally independent of the direction of travel. With this independent control you can run one direction and fire in another without breaking stride. You can also "slide" around corners with your gun always aimed in front of you, ready for anything. John Romero, Co-creator of Quake, famously said, "If you wanna crack skulls with the big boys, get a Panther XL."

Roger Ebert’s Critical Eye on Machinima: Will the use of video game technology to make movies result in art or kitsch?

Somewhere right now, in a basement or bedroom, a kid is making an animated movie that will play in a theater near you. It's been possible for years to create animation on home computers, but a new movement named Machinima plans to make those movies more sophisticated -- of commercial quality. Machinimists don't use high-priced software programs but the "rendering engines" used by games like Quake and Unreal.

PC POWERPLAY 27, August 1998, Australia: Do-It-Yourself LAN Parties by Munley Leong

LAN (Local Area Network) parties can be fantastic experiences, but they can also be difficult to set up and run. Fear not though, Munly Leong will walk you through it. What is a LAN Party? A LAN (Local Area Network) party is basically a local network get together. A bunch of people bring over their computer somewhere, hook them all up, play network games and engage in other network-ish activities. Why a LAN party? No matter how much fun playing against the computer A I is, nothing beats the adrenaline rush from playing a live, thinking (usually) human being.

Quake II Generations, Quake AirFist and Jai Alai, by FluSyndrome.KRT and HiFever

HIFEVER'S  QUAKE2 GENERATIONS  PAGE MAN is this COOL or what? I always loved DOOM the best. No matter how many quakes, dukes, bloods or halflifes they come up with, DOOM was my all time favorite, totally immersed by it. Too bad the guy could'nt jump or look up and down, too bad the deathmatch play …

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