GoldenEye 007 Mod Trailer

It's 007 meets Quake 2! 007Q2 is the perfect mod to bone up on your skills at the weapons spies use. Weapons like the PP7, AK-47, and ZMG 9mm are what get the killing done, and a plethora of other guns and explosive toys to eliminate the threat were thrown in for good measure. Need to lay a trap for that enemy you just can't seem to kill? Try some proximity mines or maybe a remote controlled one, just to be extra sure. Gotta go somewhere high real quick? The handy dandy grappling hook will get you there on time!

Drachs Australia Quake 2 Maps / Backshooters Forum on Hacking Maps

Backshooters Forum: Hacking Maps, November 2003 In 2003, Jester called out drachs for modding his map jlib "Lessons in Brutality" without permission: "This message is for Drachs. Do not decompile my maps and then change something to suit you. If you ask for permission that is something else, but do not do it without asking …

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Marics100 – Meretricious Denouement In March 2009, my friend (Q2 hero) Jehar of interviewed famed Quake 2 mapper Maric. They discussed what was to be Maric's final map, marics100.bsp, "Meretricious Denouement." Thankfully for the Quake 2 community, the well hadn't run dry. Thank you to Jehar, Maric and Quadz for making this video possible.  Here is a …

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Backshooters LAN Party

_JcheatingonMaricsPaper AOE_corner BlueScreens2 Bob_and_OMG_a_MAC Brian2fish Bsod DonKnotts2 ElmerfragMaricNasa everybody gang HorizontalJ2 lcd maric_ownage MaricBotinAction Maricinactioncreatingmapin10minutes Maricinsallingsuperbot... MaricMox MaricMox1 MaricNasa MaricUsingPaintshop...Huh martag2 MoH nasa_strategizin nasa pick Rayder_BG_Joker Rayderinatrans...Iwillbemaric... room1 Sat_11pm server_console shonfish stage_left stage_right switches tag1 WaitingonMaricforBreakfast yep YesMaricplaysothergames