The Evolution of a Quake Map, by Caitiri — featuring Samurai Castles / Japanese Castles, by Mike g1zm0 Burbidge

"Samurai Castles by g1zm0 was part of the original Q2CTF L-Fire Map Pak beta release, but was removed from the final release after g1zm0 decided it needed a lot more work before he would be satisfied with it as a map. It ended up taking another 8 months before making its final entrance in the Q2 world, just before Q3 appeared on shelves. Out of all the L-Fire maps, it is the only one that has been ported to Q3, and by the original author. It is also the #1 played custom CTF map, and has just been voted into OGL's map pak (only one of three to make the cut). You can download the final Q2 version and the Q3 verions at Team 3's website (and be sure to go vote for the Q3 incarnation over at Lvl)."

Savage Masters: Fastest Cap Times

Savage Masters: Fastest Cap Times Ever Wondered Who's The Best? Who's The Fastest? Who Can Do It In The Quickest Time? Q2CTF Cap Times Of Course!   Welcome to 28 April 2002 Finally, I've got my site online. Unfortunately with no PHP or ASP though :(, something I might learn one day... but until then …

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