Savage Masters: Fastest Cap Times

Savage Masters: Fastest Cap Times

Ever Wondered Who’s The Best? Who’s The Fastest? Who Can Do It In The Quickest Time? Q2CTF Cap Times Of Course!


Welcome to

28 April 2002

Finally, I’ve got my site online. Unfortunately with no PHP or ASP though :(, something I might learn one day… but until then you’ll just have to live with HTML :D

Anyway on with the capping, everything on the left-hand side is up to date, as all the pages are as well. I have some other little odds and ends to do they will come in due course.

Please keep submitting times, there is plenty of maps where anyone can get their names on the score boards and it would be nice to see someone else about from HC_Bad & Killemall :)

Anyway thanks to all that have helped me and also Savage for giving me the URL & hosting :) SBD

15 July 2002

Everything is now up to date, both columns are all “sexual” as they say :/ – I am looking into other games but I am still awaiting a coder who will be able to help me. I have some graphics for anyone whow ould like to just have a play and see if they can come up with anything that they feal is worthy of using.

If anyone would like to help please email me

Thanks :) SBD

01 January 2003 

Happy New Year etc

Just thought i better post some news of some kind, site is still being updated, haven’t had many cap times recently so this more of an archive than anything else. Which I must admit.. is fine by me :)

Like to wish everyone a happy new year, and hope they all had a good christmas…

keep the caps coming



15 March 2003

Missing demos

I’ve noticed that demos for LFCTF7, seem to have been currupted/dissapeared off my site/hdd, if anyone has a copy of HC_Bad’s attempt & Az-Hip’s attempt can they email me them to SBD @

Also, updates still going on, had a few for Q2CTF4WB which were brilliant etc.

Keep em coming


28 August 2003

Still Demo’s coming in!

Considering its a 5 year old game, I cant believe the amount of demo’s that have been submitted over the last month, I think i’ve had roughly about 25 demo’s submitted.. which.. is excellent!

Keep up the good work ladies, sorry about the slight delay in updating recently, i cant keep up!! :)



06 January 2006


and.. its still bloody going, thanks to 67 & Savage Q2CTF lives.. check out #oldskool on or I am still taking demos just lost control of the domain a while back plus due to my ubber lazyiness.. anyhow.. email masters@ d b 666 dot co .uk and i’ll get the site updated.

Please note that none of the “map links” work so only links on this page will WORK.




The Rules..

  • Latest version of Lfire, currently this is Lfire 2 this can be got from our downloads page.


  • No Techs Allowed (time excel increases speed of grapple etc)

  • No Quad damage (So you cant do this…)


  • Grapple Only No Weapons Allowed (See Above) 
  • No Other Players Playing (spectators allowed)


  • All times must be submitted by e-mail to

savagemasters1savagemasters2 Using the grapple

One of the exciting features of the Q2CTF is a new weapon/tool called the Grapple. The grapple lets you get to parts of the level that were previously inaccessible and can be used as a great tool to increase your mobility. It can also be used as a weapon, but it only does the same damage as the blaster, so it’s not very effective.

grappleThe grapple is a fun addition to Q2CTF and learning how to use is required for effective CTF play.

To use the grapple, you must bind a key or mouse action to it. For example, to bind it to you right mouse button, you would use:

bind MOUSE2 "use grapple"

This would cause the grapple to be selected whenever the right mouse button was hit.

You can use the grapple in a few ways:

  • Select the grapple, point it where you want to go and press and HOLD the fire button down. The grapple will launch and connect to the spot you fired and once contact is made, you will be pulled to the spot the grapple connected. Once at your destination, let go of the fire button to release the grapple.

  • You can also hang from the ceiling or wall with the grapple. You would go there by performing a normal grapple maneuver, but once you get to your destination, do not release the fire button. Instead, while holding down the fire button, change to a different weapon in midair. Once the change is completed, let go of the fire button and you’ll be left hanging from the ceiling. When you want to drop off the ceiling, switch back to the grapple and make sure your fire button is not held down. You’ll be released and will fall from your position.

Quake 2 CTF Painting by Kristin J. Weeks July 1998

So what’s it all about?

Basically… the player who can get between the red or blue flags the fastest…

ID software
‘s Quake II was released over four years ago now, Threewave release a modification of Quake IIcalled Capture the Flag, L-Fire then released a modification of CTF which amongst other things enable servers to time the speed of captures which in turn gives you this web site :D

Why Savage?.. the longest running Q2CTF league ever… kind of tips the balance a bit… plus they are a nice bunch of guys :)

So now you know what its all about, go start submitting times!  


Q2CTF1 McKinley Revival
gPc.ExHiBiT 9.9
Nesekme 10.2
Shudai 10.5
Q2CTF2 Stronghold Opposition
gPc.ExHiBiT 14.1
[BBC]Killemall 14.2
Grunt 14.4
Q2CTF3 R The Smelter Red
gPc.ExHiBiT 11.1
Grunt 11.3
Axl 11.4
Q2CTF3 B The Smelter Blue
gPc.ExHiBiT 10.6
RoCHes][4iJa 10.7
HC_Bad 10.7
Q2CTF4 R Outlands Red
gPc.ExHiBiT 21.2
[BBC]Killemall 21.7
[cVn]DarCore 22.6
Q2CTF4 B Outlands Blue
HC_Bad 20.7
[BBC]Killemall 22.4
[cVn]DarCore 24.0
Q2CTF4a Outlands II
No Record 0.0
No Record 0.0
No Record 0.0
Q2CTF5 Capture Showdown
gPc.ExHiBiT 13.3
eDs^floud{ 13.3
dKb.crash 13.6
Q2CTF6 Borders Canyon
Tykel 11.8
[BBC]Killemall 11.9
No Record 0.0
Q2CTF7 Boxed In
HC_Bad 14.4
[BBC]Killemall 15.3
[cVn]DarCore 15.9
Q2CTF8 The Hangar Scenario
dKb.Crash 19.7
[cVn]DarCore 20.3
[BBC]Killemall 20.7
Q2CTF05B Final Frontier 2
dKb.crash 11.8
Grunt 11.8
HC_Bad 11.9
Q2CTF2K1 Darclomon’s Altar
<THC> SBD 17.8
[BBC]Killemall 17.9
No Record 0.0
Q2CTFW4B McKinley Stronghold 2
dkb.SwifT^ 11.7
<THC> SBD 12.2
rm! 13.0

LFCTF1 Neurotica
gPc.ExHiBiT 11.2
Hc_Bad 11.3
[BBC]Killemall 11.8
LFCTF2 A Farewell to Kings
grunt 17.3
[BBC]Killemall 20.0
rm! 20.7
LFCTF3 Counterparts
gPc.ExHiBiT 10.7
grunt 11.0
Gx.djpoppz 11.2
LFCTF4 Send in the Clones
gPc.ExHiBiT 10.4
[0]NBS 10.4
Grunt 11.0
LFCTF5 Samurai Castles
gPc.ExHiBiT 13.6
Grunt 13.9
Gozza 14.2
LFCTF6 Mines of Hell
grunt 13.4
rm! 14.1
{AFC}Zenith 14.2
LFCTF7 Mcshminley Base
grunt 9.1
HC_Bad 9.8
{AFC}Zenith 10.5
LFCTF8 Dakyne4ctf
grunt 11.2
HC_Bad 11.7
[FRE]Gozza 12.1
LFCTF9 Slippery When Wet
grunt 11.6
HC_Bad 11.7
[BBC]Killemall 11.8
LFCTF10 Twin Temples Lush
gPc.ExHiBiT 7.2
Grunt 7.5
Sherly 7.9
JUDCTF1 Return Fire
[BBC]Killemall 16.4
No Record 0.0
No Record 0.0
Grunt 12.7
HC_Bad 13.0
[BBC]Killemall 13.1
SpogCTF1 Spogs First CTF Map
HC_Bad 17.8
[BBC]Killemall 18.0
No Record 0.0
SUMACTF6 The Flag Conspiracy
dKb.Crash 15.4
eDs^floud{ 16.2
Pha 16.5

The Downloads.. The Full server download of L-Fire2, you must have this installed in order to submit times. Extract to CTF dir. (447 Kb)
. .
Q2CTF150.exe The full client download as a self-extracting installer. Maps Q2CTF1-8 are in this exe  (12.0 Mb)
. . The full client download in ZIP format. Maps Q2CTF1-8 are in this zip(9.4 Mb)
. .
Q2CTF150upgrade.exe Upgrade to Q2CTF v1.50.  You MUST have Q2CTF v1.01 or v1.00 already installed to use this self-extracting installer.  (5.5 Mb)
. . Manual upgrade to Q2CTF v1.50.  You MUST have Q2CTF v1.01 or v1.00 already installed to use this upgrade.  (4.2 Mb)

The Maps..

Q2CTF1 McKinley Revival
Q2CTF2 Stronghold Opposition
Q2CTF3 The Smelter
Q2CTF4 Outlands
Q2CTF4a Outlands II
Q2CTF5 Capture Showdown
Q2CTF6 Borders Canyon
Q2CTF7 Boxed In
Q2CTF8 The Hangar Scenario
Q2CTF05B Final Frontier 2
Q2CTF2K1 Darclomon’s Altar
SPOGCTF1 Spogs First CTF Map
Q2CTFW4B McKinley Stronghold 2
LFCTF1 Neurotica
LFCTF2 A Farewell to Kings,
LFCTF3 Counterparts
LFCTF4 Send In The Clones
LFCTF5 Samurai Castles
LFCTF6 Mines of Hell
LFCTF7 McShminley Base
LFCTF8 Dakyne4ctf
LFCTF9 Slippery When Wet
LFCTF10 Twin Temples Lush
JUDCTF1 Return Fire
SUMACTF6 The Flag Conspiracy

Make sure you have L-fire 2 installed on your computer, or the server which you are doing your cap run on. If this is not installed and you do not get the above message (with the time) your cap will not be accepted.

Please fill in the form below, alternatively you can e-mail me direct at with your Alias, Map, time & attached demo.


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