Danish National Quake Team and more Danish Quake Clans

May 14, 1997 - Welcome to the Danish National Team's new home and thanx for Doomguard for making it possible :) As you may know we have played our first fight against Sweden 11. may which was the main reason for this team was made and we are now ready to face new challenges to defend our nation's pride :)

EarthBreaker’s Quake Italia, The Original ‘Spaghetti’ Quake Site: Quit’97

EarthBreaker's Quake Italia, The Original 'Spaghetti' Quake Site: Quit'97 Benvenuti nel sito ufficiale di Quake Italia '97, prima manifestazione nazionale di multiplaying Quake. La manifestazione si e' svolta il 6-7 Settembre (non stop, 33 ore continuate dalle 15:00 di Sabato a mezzanotte ed oltre di Domenica) nei locali del Virtual Pub, in La Spezia. Nelle interminabili ore …

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Australian Quake 2 Clan Oxygen: What is the Online Quake Scene? (for the Absolute Newbie)

The online quake scene, in its simplest form, is a bunch of people who all like playing the same game against each other (or with each other) over the internet. Clans are really just a group of people who get along well together, frag well together, share a common interest, organise wars, have fun and muck around. The last thing you need to know, is how to express your emotions - be it in the game, on message boards, in email or sms - from now on, smilies will be the tool you use to show your heartfelt pleasure, absolute disgust, indifference or sheer joy about the goings on in your world.