Computer Generated Forces CGF for Action Quake 2: Bots, Mission, Tactics and Scripting in Action!

This combination of bots, fire teams, tactics and scripting (dubbed "Computer Generated Forces" or CGF) aims to combine the best of single player missions and thrilling Action Quake2 (AQ2) team play.

Darren Pattenden: Traditional Illustration, 3D Modeling / Animation, Quake Stuff

16th September ‘98. Minor Threat, the Quake 2 clan I was in finally disbanded last week. A relief really. Im a bit old for that shit. It was getting kinda embarrasing. I can still hold my own in a gibbing session tho’ for an old timer! Look for ‘HitmanDaz’ on the CIX Q2 server: Friday nights after the pubs shut or sometimes mid-week. If your across the Atlantic and struggling with nasty ping’s, never fear, I often play at lunchtimes at work on the US Diamond multimedia server (‘cos our web connection goes via California) : or the PCGamer US server (I forget the no.) I’ll take you all on! (you’re probably tucked up in bed at that time anyways).

Teamwork ————- by Crodge (from AQ2

Teamwork ------------- by Crodge After playing teamplay I wondered why no one on public servers ever play as a team. I thought that maybe they don't understand how to play as a team, or don't understand how valuable it really is. I'm here to tell all you guys why and how we use this word …

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Assassin – the making of an Action Quake 2 map, by WizardExt

Assassin - the making of an Action Quake 2 map, by WizardExt This is an article about the making of Assassin. It isn’t only aimed at the building part and it isn’t 100% accurate. Much of it is from my memory and some of the images are reconstruction. I can’t remember the whole process, but …

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Telefragged: Navy Fortress Mod for Quake 2 — Sea, Air, and Land Forces

With Navy Fortress we tried to capture as much of the original "Team Fortress" spirt as possible, while still being innovative, realistic and "Navy Style". To put it simple, this means you can play all the cool classes you know from TF with some brand new specials and ideas and blast your enemys head away with your original Mossberg M500 Shotgun! Just as you would in real life ;)