Quakefest ’97 and ’98 — West Lafayette, Indiana

"ALl the players listen to Kam. Fans watch their favorite player. John eyes the Grape Crush... A local player grabs the railgun. Frag's eye view of the BFG. Johnny doesn't play Quake anymore. =("

PC Mania — Quake II: Creación de las Mapas con Radiant

"Ahora que el panorama de los editores para Quake II se ha aclarado un poco, es el momento de la comenzar a estudiar la construccion de mapas para este juego. Asi, comenzaremos a estudiar los principios basicos en los que se basa la creacion de mapas para Quake II y el sistema de trabajo del editor Radiant, creado por Robert A. Duffy."

PC Zone Feature — Gaming at Work: A Frag Too Far? Adam Phillips investigates

"As long as Bill Gates continues to churn out bloatware requiring increasingly obscene amounts of processor power to run it, corporations are going to need the latest high-spec machines — offering office employees an enviable opportunity to multiplay with the latest games in company time. In other words, why use that kick-ass P400 Super-Mega PC for spreadsheeting and word processing, when you can use it to beat seven shades of productivity out of your workmates across the company network with a game of Quake II?"

Quakeweek: the Original Fake News Site for the Quake Community

"Pauly Shore joins id. John Carmack announced yesterday its decision to hire the talentless actor to serve as comic relief during the hectic development process of Quake 2. 'So far,' said Carmack, 'Pauly has contributed some pretty good ideas. For instance, since Quake 2 will have absolutely nothing to do with Quake, he suggested changing the name to Pauly: The Game... He even gave us a new idea for a weapon, the weasel gun.' 'Check it, bro!' remarked Shore. 'In Quake, there's, like, Pauly-gons!'"