NetzFest: German LAN Parties, 1999 – 2001

"Now we hear more and more: 'When is there another Netzfest?' We are having a hard time with the answer. It is not that easy to answer. We have been organizing net parties for 4 years now and it's always a lot of fun. But a lot has changed in the meantime. There are huge commercial LAN parties (e.g. Inzzide, e-lan) in Berlin, the real gamers are getting younger (or are we getting older?) And somehow play different games, and the appeal of the games is just not that great anymore. Well and finally: our old location is no longer available. A lot of money for a new room makes it difficult to do without sponsors again and then we're back to the commercial aspect… We sat down again and cut a little video with a few scenes from various NetzFestions."

Quake II Magazine Archive: Off-Topic — Heat.NET

"What you are about to read is the most important piece of information you will ever read! HEAT may appear to be an internet gaming network, but THIS IS NOT ABOUT COMPUTER GAMES, THIS IS ABOUT THE SURVIVAL OF THE HUMAN SPECIES! Dr. D. G. Bartha's CYBERDIVERSION THEORY says if we divert humankind's innate violent urges away from reality and into cyberspace NOW, we can stop senseless murder and end war forever! HEAT is the first practical application of this theory! Don't you see?! CyberDiversion is the road to WORLD PEACE, and HEAT is the bus!!"

Fotos do Bojão 3 Quake LAN Party: Aracaju, Brazil — July 23 – 25, 1999

"Será um campeonato multiplayer de Quake. Na verdade serão dois campeonatos oficiais: um da modalidade Mano a Mano (1x1) e outro Teamplay (4x4). Um campeonato como este é disputado numa rede local de computadores (LAN), que possibilita resposta imediata no jogo, prevalecendo a habilidade do jogador, sem o lag presente em jogos pela Internet. Mas se tudo isso é novo pra você, então é melhor treinar muito antes de vir enfrentar os melhores jogadores de Quake do Brasil."

Photos of Quakenet 3: LAN Party in São Paulo, Brazil, by Mavica and redNuht — July 9 – 11, 1999

"A rede ocorreu dos dias 9 a 11 de julho (sexta a domingo), e foi realizada num galpão situado em Pinheiros, bairro de São Paulo. Esse era um galpão que estávamos também testando pois pretendíamos realizar a QuakeNet 3 lá mas queríamos saber como o local se "comportaria" - no que diz respeito a vizinhança, localização, espaço, etc."