Battle of the Sexes Mod, by Spinoza — Q2CTF Maps Screenshots

Capturing the Flag

The object of any game is to win. In this mod the objective is no different. To win your team has to score points. To score points you have to meet certain objectives… number one is capturing the flag. To capture the flag there are certain conditions that have to exist: If you are on the female team then your flag is blue. If you are on the male team your flag is red. So if you are on the blue team (female) then you want to go get the red flag. To capture the flag, you must bring the enemy flag to your team’s capture pad. The capture pad is a hexagonal shaped pad that will glow in your team’s color. In some maps there is a special capture pad that both teams can use. This pad changes it’s color every 10 seconds, and must be glowing your team’s color in order for you to capture. Bring the enemy flag back to the goal and your team will get two points and a promotion point. If your flag is at base when you capture, your team will get three points and two promotion points.

On some older maps and CTF maps capturing the flag is not as easy as just getting it and bringing it back to your base (pad). Your flag also must be there. To capture the flag simply touch the flag you are holding to your flag when it is at base. If your flag is not on the pad then someone from the opposite team has it. To get your flag back you must kill the person who is running around with it. Type “flagstatus” (identifies who has your flag) or “locateflag” (identifies who has your flag and how far away it is) in the console for important flag information. When your team’s flag is out in the open return it to base simply by touching it. If it’s the other team’s flag then grab it up and take it back to your base… hopefully your flag will be there also.

When all has gone well and you have done everything right then special music will play (its the music from the final level when you go into the secret area with the programmers pics). Also your team will get either two or three points for capturing the flag. The team, not the individual, with the most points at the end of the game wins.*/

Maps Screenshots

Aberation #2 by Kevorkian

A bit like the first aberation… adding in class spawns and multiple goals… 3 per team.. although the center pads will require some teamwork but they’re worth 6 points/promos the goal outside your base is worth 2 and the one inside 3… Just like the original don’t stand under the gates… it’ll probably sting…






Low G Bots




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