Chaos Quake 2 Mod — Dragon Slayers Clan: Quake 2 Skins*/*

Atticus {DRGN}

Frag_Daddy {DRGN}

Halcyon 569 {DRGN}

Lennerd {DRGN}

Maximus {DRGN}


Rainbow {DRGN}

Rimshot {DRGN}

Solosmots {DRGN}

G_6 {DRGN}

“Born in the year of the LORD 1466 AD, before the ARENA wars before the DM wars, and before the CHAOS wars. He was gifted in the art of killing, killing not only for survival, but for the sheer pleasure of it. He exploited his skill for the rich and powerfull, a hired gun if you will, not caring who his target was, doing it for free just to have the pleasure of giving pain and death to his victim. Years had past, killing more people than he could count..he built a small furtune, stockpiled massive Weapons , waiting for and planning a war, a war that would let him unleash total devastation on anything , anyone.. who ever was the enemy, it did not matter if was women, children, the old ,the young. Then came the day when he travelled to the country of ID, and then on to the capital city of Q2.. there he knew he belonged, killing was a free, free for the taking and he took his fair share.

As the centuries past , he became a master of ‘CAMPING’, he would hide anywhere his form would allow him to go nailing and tearing apart his prey with one shot from the crossbow or railgun, laughing with joy at site of a enemies body in pieces, knowing they thought they were safe, ‘THEY WERE WRONG’. So tread lightly for the gunner is always watching for the next frag , this killer has no remorse, no care for the rules, all he cares for is your ‘DEATH’ and he will get it one way or another.”

Golem {DRGN}

Leatherneck {DRGN}

Sound_Man {DRGN}

Sweety {DRGN}

Priest {DRGN}

Vampyre {DRGN}

Dragons Slayers Lair — Heroes

2010 — Greetings Dragon Slayers, by MrG

Bonus: Chaos Quake 2 — Clan TNT*/**/*

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