Chaos Quake 2 Mod — Chaotic Dreams: Chaos Deathmatch Maps, Part 2

CHAOSDM2 — Cirith Minor, by Nat

CHAOSDM4 — Jump! by Nat

CHAOSDM5 — Personal Vendetta, by Nat

CHAOSDM6 — Manufracture 1on1, by Nat

CHAOSDM7 — Deva Station, by Nat

CHAOSDM8 — Hide and Sneak, by Nat

CHAOSDM9 — The 4 hour Arena, by Nat

CHAOSDM_JEZZ2 — formerly: JezChaos2, by Jezz

CHAOSDM_JEZZ3 — Forces of Chaos, by Jezz

CHAOSDM_TDC — Ice Temple of the Chaotites, by TwelveDeadCows

CHAOSDM_TDC3 — We’re in this Together, by TwelveDeadCows

CHAOSDM_TDC4 — A Hidden Place, by TwelveDeadCows

CHAOSDM_TDC5 — The Temple of Queen Holy, by TwelveDeadCows

CHAOSDM_TDC6 — Light Years, by TwelveDeadCows

CHAOSDM_TDC7 — TDC’s Towers, by TwelveDeadCows

CHAOSDM_VON1 — Chaotiker, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON2 — Palace of Slime, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON3 — Jail of Tears, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON4 — Triangle Wars, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON5 — Deep Rising, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON6 — Welcome to ProxieLand, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON7 — Mortician’s Crate, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON8 — Sleep is for the Dead, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON9 — Gunfight at OKtagon Corral, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON10 — Star Screamer, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON12 — Sand Castles, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON13 — Sepulchre, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON14 — Ruskin Arms, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON15 — Depth Chargers, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON16 — Alamo Wetworks, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON17 — Cross of Oblivion, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON18 — Forlorn Hope, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON19 — Epiphony, by Von

CHAOSDM_VON20 — Ride the Pumpkin, by Von

CHAOSDM_WEASY — Die With Your Boots On, by Weasy

CHAOSDM_WEASY2 — Last Breath, by Weasy

CHAOSDM_SIN1 — You’re Dethpikable, by Von

CHAOSDM_SIN2 — The Tri-State Arena, by Von and Scooby

CHAOSDM_SIN3 — CTF-Wannabe, by Von

CHAOSDM_SIN4 — Chaotiker II, by Von

CHAOSDM_SIN5 — Sinastar, by Von

CHAOSDM_BOOTIT — Temple of Pain, by Bootit

CHAOSDM_TLTF — The Longest Three Feet, by Briareos

CHAOSDM_CAPPA — ( Not Named ), by Cappa

CHAOSDM_CAPPA3 — Chaos Comes in Small Packages, by Cappa

CHAOSCTF_FURY — True Grit, by Fury

CHAOSDM_CLUBBOVINE — Club Bovine, by Mom O’Bot

CHAOSARENA — ChaosArena, by Psycho(JACK)

CHAOSDM_RAYGUNN — Let the CHAOS begin! by raYGunn

CHAOSDM_BADEN — Altes Schloss, by Rimshot

CHAOSDM_DISNEY — Fairy Tale, by Rimshot

CHAOSDM_HDLBERG — Heidelberg Schloss, by Rimshot

CHAOSDM_OILRIG — The Oil Rig, by Rimshot

CHAOSDM_RIMMER1 — Anarchy Dungeon, by Rimshot

CHAOSDM_TOWER — The Tower, by Rimshot

CHAOSDM_UTAH — Dog Green Sector, by Rimshot

CHAOSDM_DOOM — The Crusher, by Ryoko

CHAOSDM_SCOOBY — Millennium Madness, by Scooby

CHAOSDM_SCOOBY2 — Meating Ground, by Scooby

CHAOSDM_SCOOBY3 — Cry Havoc! by Scooby

CHAOSDM_SCOOBY4 — And Then There Was None, by Scooby

CHAOSDM_HELMET — Ludicrous Speed! by Vorpal

CHAOSDM_TWILIGHT — Twilight Massacre, by Vorpal

CHAOSDM_WARM — War Machine, by Vorpal

CHAOSDM_XEN — Multi – Link, by Xeno-Bitch

“So you’ve played the maps of CHAOS often enough and want to start your own ‘chaotic dreams’? Here you will find everything you need to start with your own CHAOS-DM map. If you really shouldn’t find the thing you’re looking for and need a new CHAOS texture, a new kind of background sound or even a new environment for your map then don’t hesitate and ask SPA. He really likes to help you with creating the chaotic feeling you want to have in your map… and we always love map-makers who are a little bit innovative and try something new… and… who knows? Maybe your next map will even be in our next map-package! =)”

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