Stronghold Opposition Bagman Map — by *TD*(RW)Un

Jogger sent me some old maps we don’t have here at Most of them have issues of some kind (only a couple of player spawns, no weapons, way too big etc) but here is one that is ok.

Stronghold Opposition converted by *TD*(RW)Un, from Quake2, for Bagman. There are other versions of this classic Quake2 CTF map made for Bagman but this one is a direct conversion and uses all Quake2 textures and no structural changes.

If you have played Quake2 CTF then you know this map.

Like all early Bagman maps there are some neutral player spawns (so you can spawn in the middle of the map or also inside the enemy base) but I think that issue was fixed in a recent version of the Monkey Mod.

-Mr.Damage, Friday, December 28, 2018″

Kingpin Art and Media, courtesy of

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