G.I. Joe Skins for Quake 2 by Akujin


Akujin’s looking for a job.


Updated today ive been working a little on the quake pages updateing them replaceing reworking blah blah etc etc lotsa work to do


Updated today added a pic of a new quake model i made PKE Meter [yes the pke meter from ghost busters] looks pretty good check it out]


Updated today made a mirror of this page in frames….kind of…so if you perfer frames u can go here Frames


Updated today started up a quake 2 models page for my models, check it just goto my quake 2 skins page then use the link on that page to get to the models page i have 2 working models and pic’s of a few i am still working on




Updated today uploaded pheonix skin and new jubilee skin oh and i remember what i forgot yesterday so…updated yesterday uploaded nick fury skin and some screenshots of it and my aku 5912 cyborg


Updated today…i dont remember right now il get back to you..


Updated today i have replaced the emulator page with an emulator links page lots of working links to find all the emulators and games u need and want.


updated today added 2 new skins to the q2 skins page jean grey and aku12 [new cyborg] also updated the tg16 emulation page there are now 5 games


updated today added quake link page to the quake page check out the animated gif for planetquake i used to link to them borrowed the space enviorment from quake 2. [and now im on my way to attempt to upload some nintendo games so il be back to tell how many i got up if any] back and the attempt was sucessful there are now 20 nes games up. i also added a html for other skin artists skins and if u would like to add your skin up there just take a look at the quake page to findout what to do.


updated today added supernintendo tg16 and sega emulator pages to the emulation pages added new skin to the quake 2 skins page called RAT MAN based on a friend of mine [u know who u are rat man]maby adding a few more games to emulation page today or tomarrow, lata.


Updated today started work on the emulator pages nintendo is onlyone with a link as of yet i will be adding turbo grafx snes sega etc soon maby today remember if u want me to add a link here to your page just e-mail me and let me know


updated my quake 2 skins page today, added my cyborg skin “Aku5912” go check it out, heres a short cut to the skins page its also on the image map above


Updated today added more pictures to the dragonball page Chichi Vs Roshi etc… and fixed up ushio’s link so go visit her.


updated today added a few pictures to the dragon ball page[pics were scanned today by me so they are new.] Also added a new quake 2 skin [X-cutioner]


I BUY GI-JOES AND TRANSFORMERS, E-MAIL ME and just name your price. -Akujin


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