Skins and Maps by Leviathen, for Quake 2

Skins and Maps by Leviathen, for Quake 2



BigAndy Q2


ba2My very, very 1st go at a Quake 2 skin. I didn’t have any of the meshes or model viewers to help me with this so it was kinda like stabbing in tha dark (I have since learned to rely on NPherno and MD2View). Kinda messy, kinda rushed, kinda experimental………..kinda shite! Wouldn’t play in this now if me life depended on it.


alien1 (1)alien1-2alien3aliens

alien1My 2nd Q2 skin and one I’m still really pleased with. Got the idea for this from a skin I’d seen on one page or another featuring a strongly 2-toned face. I huffed and puffed around with this idea for a while before comming up with this design. I have been known to use this skin meself and prolly still would were it not for the fact that

  • 1 – I like the Blofeldt skin better and……
  • 2 – I won’t be playing much more Q2 DM I shouldn’t think, not with Q3 and QW being sooooooo much better.

Female Cenobite


ceno3And my second stab at the female model. After the minor disaster of the QW cenobite I thought it might be an idea to return to the theme and try an do a bit better (I also wanted an excuse to have a pop at the girlie skin). Results? Weeeeeell I have to say I really like this skin, even still. Nice shading, nice implementation and I was really proud of disguising the pony-tail as a spiky chain type things stuck in the back of her head (cenobites don’t have hair y-know). If I were a girlie I’d be waaaaay tempted to use this one meself.

Male Cenobite


ceno4Supposed to be the male counterpoint to the female cenobite skin this was. Weeeeeell, to be honest the idea was that I liked the female cenobite skin soooooo much I wanted a male version for personal use (I won’t use female models or skins meself as there are soooooo many sad bastards out there playing out some sort of fetish like this I’d hate anyone to think I wasn’t entirely happy with my own gender-image). Trouble is that this skin is NOWHERE near as as good as the female version. Shame really It was a good idea. Still with Q3 and all those new models I’m sure a mutitude of cenobites will now issue forth. :)

Zombie Trooper


zeet34.GIFOriginally commissioned as a Male clan skin for the Dirt Clan, their reluctance to pay me (despite proffessing a destinct liking for the skin) put pay to this one as in any way usuable. Trouble is I quite liked it and wanted to be able to use it without it’s being plastered in clan logos (as seen in the web pics). Thus the Zombie Trooper was born. Just coz I’ve already made a skin does not mean I’m gonna give it away if I’ve agreed some kind of payment terms for it. Asking for a skin does not mean you automatically entitled to it if you fail to pull through with your side of the contract – hence the dirt skin is no more.


drakoHmmm. I was asked for this one and the companion Dirt Clan Male skin as a commission and I have to say this is one of the reasons I no longer do that sort of thing. Although the skin itself met the brief and (face aside) is a skin both I and the client were reasonably pleased with I NEVER GOT PAID! I mean asking someone to do something is fine once terms for that service are agreed and after I slogged me guts out over this what do I get? Nowt! So that’s it now, no more clan skins, no more commissions, make skins only for myself and my friends now. I wasn’t going to release this one on the web but I s’pose as Q3s out now it doesn’t really matter anymore so here it is, for what it’s worth.


blofeldt.GIFThe last skin I have made (thus far) for Q2, I made this after my dissapointment at the way the male cenobite skin turned out as I’ve always been a fan of the Bond films, s’pecially the Connery ones. Based the face on a cross between Donald Pleasence and Charles Gray as Blofeldt, gave him some Q2 body armour and a Blofeldt-ish shirt and there ya are. I’m still fond of this although the arms are really not as kewl as they might be.




tolcbutHehe, Tolchock is a Nadsat phrase, the invented lanuage from ‘A Clockwork Orange’ an it means to clobber. My 1st map for Q2 (when Ben Morris finally got round to releaseing the Q2 patch for Worldcraft) and it shows. I was waaaaay too eager to try out all the new features and ended up with this cluttered mess. Although the play is fairly flowing and the level itself is pretty good fun to muck about on, the textures and lighting are awful. The overall effect is fairly sickening and the rooms make no flowing sense form one to another. This is the only Q2 map I’ve used a lot of sky in, I might have used it more but I couldn’t figure out which texture the ‘space sky’ was and as I really was not too keen on the bright yllow/orange of Stroggos I just made cavernous maps after this effort.



underbutWell this was a while in the making. My second map for Q2 and it’s waaaaaaaaaaay better than Tolchock. Y’know how it is, a new game is released in which you have loads of new textures and features (coloured lighting) to play with an you just go waaaaaay overboard on all of it. No so with Underwyrld. The coloured lighting is more uniform (only 2 or 3 shades used and no jumping from one to another) and the textureset is confined to only those that suit the mood. Of course the make or break element is always going to be the playability. This map has been tested with 4 bots, 8 bots and with a live 1 on 1 and it performed pretty well for all. I think more than 8 players would be pushing it but for smaller games it’s still lots of fun.

All That Glitterz


glitbut……is not gold, and gold is not reality (as the song goes). The last map I have made for Q2 so far, and judging from the playability of Q3 I really doubt there will be any more for the Q2 engine from me. The textureset is the same (more or less) as the one I used for ‘Underwyrld’, it worked well there and does here n all. The idea for this was basically borne out of frustration with the usual horizontal bias given to DM levels and out of extreme admiration for 2 fine levels, Tokay’s Towers from the Q2 Dm levels and QW DM7, both of which are vertically biased. Tested this one with a number of bots (I forget how many) and 1 on 1 live, played real sweet in all games. Oh yeah, check out the teleporters, I didn’t like the sprite for the Q2 teleporter with it’s 1 bog standard shape and prefered the original Quake slipgates with their area effect method of build. It took a bit of tweaking and many hours cursing John Carmack but I got there in the end.

Clan of 2

Howay the lads! Or so it would be were it not that we’re not form the north. Yup this was my, short-lived and small, QW clan. Basically just consisting of meself and the T-man we used to knock around the UK servers on the weekend trying to team frag anyone (more often than not failing as I remember). The skins definitely worked for us, the fullbright made easy identification possible and it was a real buzz running round with this look. Although not too clever these days, these skins occupy a soft spot for me, as would anything that was your uniform for any length of time. Hopefully the advent of Q3 will respawn something of a similar nature as I’m busting to get back into the gang-up-with-me-m8s thang.


andyOK, a little about me.

  • I am 28. (I feel like I’m 35 tho).
  • I’m married to a very nice young lady named Rachel (sorry gals – [grin]) :)
  • I live in Cardiff (that’s in Wales for y’all t’other side o tha pond), but am in no way shape or form Welsh.
  • I currently work for NTL (colloquially know as NT-hell) Internet in the now lofty position of ‘business internet technical support engineer’, basically means I help keep small to large networks up and online.
  • Check out the lynx section for stuff that makes me grin.

bigandyStuff other than Quake I like….

  • Dungeon Keeper.
  • Formula 1.
  • Those little bits of grey fluff I keep finding on the carpet.
  • Diablo.
  • Blade Runner.
  • Death In Vegas (that’s a nice London indie-dance band for all y’all who haven’t yet had the pleasure).
  • My Hair.
  • Unreal (all of em before ya ask).
  • Kellog’s Special K (with lots of sugar on it so it’s no longer heath food).
  • Pubs.
  • The Pixies.
  • Rugby.
  • Black.
  • Cheese.
  • Whiskey.
  • The Clash.
  • Networking several computers together in a nearly pointless manner.
  • A Clockwork Orange.
  • Being vegitarian (seriously………no really I am y’know).

TTFN 4 now peeps.
…..more to come………………….maybe!

I must apologise to anyone from the US who happens to be reading this site. I’ve just realised how much indigenous English humour is in here. Sorry (grin).

Note from Donde: For all of Leviathen’s skins which include many amazing Quake 1 and badass Quake 3 skins, please visit the QuakeWiki archive…

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