StoneCutters Quake 2 Clan

StoneCutters Quake 2 Clan

“VENI, VIDI, FERIO CALCAE PODEX – I came, I saw, I kicked ass.” Wizard[SC]

“When you think about it, mud is nothing but wet dirt.” – Homer J. Simpson

Members of the StoneCutters Clan


“It’s wonderful, Marge! I’ve never felt so accepted in all my life. These people look deep within my soul and assign me a number based on the order in which I joined.”stonecuttersmembersfordweiner1mechanics1mrblonde1Ace1wizardgrudge1


Sacred Parchment of the StoneCutters Clan


“Tonight we are here to commemorate our glorious society’s 1500th anniversary,and in honor of this momentous occasion…we’re havin’ ribs….So let us rejoice and enjoy our meal in the shadow of the hallowed, sacred parchment.”


1. Each clan member must have the StoneCutters designation contained in their nick, like so: SC|Ford. The SC is capital and appearsimmediately before the name, with no spaces in between.

2. All clan members are required to have ICQ installed on their machines. On days we have clan matches or skirmishes scheduled you are required to have ICQ active. You can leave it off the rest of the time if you wish. If you are playing on a server you can either mark yourself as available in ICQ, or mark yourself as away but leave the name of the server you are playing on in your away message, so your clanmates can find you.

3. Be a good sport at all times. This means no whining! If someone compliments you, acknowledge it. (A simple “thanks” will suffice.) Complimenting others is encouraged (especially other clan members) but not required or expected. Sometimes acting in a honorable and sportsman like manner encourages others to do the same, and it reflects well on the clan.

3a. This is not to say that you cannot fight back if provoked or defend yourself when accused of dishonorable tactics such as camping, etc. But don’t spend a lot of time arguing with other players. If someone is being a jerk and will not stop, it’s best to ignore them and frag them every chance you get.

4. If someone addresses you with a reasonable question or a greeting, you are required to respond, although not immediately. If you are in the midst of a battle you do not have to drop everything, but respond as soon as you are able to find a safe spot to do so in. If someone asks a general question such as “What impulse is the grappling hook bound to?” and you know the answer, then answer them! Ignoring people is not cool.

5. Do not brag. If you are a good player, people will know, and no boasting will be necessary. A good player who is modest about his abilities is better than a great player with a great ego to match. If someone comments that you are a good player, do not reply with “I know.” A simple “Thanks” sounds much better.

6. Use chat bindings sparingly, and preferrably not at all. If you find yourself saying the exact same thing more than twice, you’re probably saying it too much. Do not overuse smiley’s (sending a simple “:)” smiley and nothing else). It’s annoying.

7. If you meet someone who is unaffiliated with a clan and is a good sport and plays with honor, tell them about us and our page. In other words, recruit!

8. Never say “Lagggg!!!” after getting fragged, even if lag was REALLY the reason. :)

9. Do not accuse someone else of being a camper, even if they are. If they are really camping, they should be easy to kill the second time around.

10. Do not team up on a public FFA server. It’s a lame thing to do, and it pisses people off. Teaming up is fine on a team mod, like RA2, Rancor, Freeze Tag, etc. but only team up when there is actually an opponent team playing against you.

11. Have fun.

12. Last, but certainly not least, No Homers.

StoneCutters Song


Who controls the British crown?
Who keeps the metric system down?
We do! We do.
Who leaves Atlantis off the maps?
Who keeps the Martians under wraps?
We do! We do.
Who holds back the electric car?
Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?
We do! We do.
Who robs cave fish of their sight?
Who rigs every Oscar night?
We do! We do.

General Information about Clan StoneCutters

“What do they do there, Dad?”…”What do they do? What _don’t_ they do?
Oh, they do so many things they never stop. Oh, the things they do there, my stars.”
“You don’t know _what_ they do there, do you?”…”Not as such, no.”

Created: November 1, 1997
Type of Play: Quake2 DeathMatch, Rail-Only
Servers Frequented: Trinity DM –
=CM= OSP Tourney InstaGib Rail Only –
ACE’s Server –
ACE’s Server II –
Clan Whoop Ass GXMod –
Rail Haus – [AGQ2] Railgun Only –
Rubicon Rail Insanity I –
Rubicon Rail Insanity II –
Simnet Lithium II –
South of Heaven – OSP Teamplay – Jax, FL –
The Smackdown GXMod Server –

Skins used by the StoneCutters

Loosely based off an episode of The Simpsons (Episode 2F09, “Homer the Great”), our clan was formed to basically uphold the notion of sporstman-like conduct and honor in Quake.

I typed up a huge rant for this page but it came out a tad large so I decided to spare those who just want basic information. For full details go here. –Ford[SC]


Screen shot 2018-01-08 at 7.03.39 PM“Loyal Stonecutters, let us begin our reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg.”
“Homer, you can’t just keep hanging out with these globus monkeys. Somebody’s going to get parasites.”

Once you make a challenge, that challenge must be accepted and played out within 7 days. If this is not done, the challenger will take the challengee’s place. The only exception to this is if the list administrator determines that the challenger does not provide a wide variety of available times to play. If this is the case, the challenge will be cancelled after 7 days and the rank will remain the same.

After the challenge is made, the challengee must reply asap and include a date and time they want to play the match. Also, they must include the map that will be the second played.

After a challenge is fought, you must wait 7 days until you play that member again.

Ping will be of no factor in matches.

Both of you must record demos of the match. And once the match is over, both must take sreenshots of the final score.


The first and third map will be chosen by the challengee.
The second will be chosen by the challenger.

These maps must be chosen at least 2 days before the match will be played. You may play the same map multiple times.

The time limit will be set at 15 minutes for each map. All powerups, and the BFG, will be enabled and available for use.

The only maps available for play are listed on the challenge form on the pull-down menu.

StoneCutters Clan Wars

Screen shot 2018-01-08 at 5.07.22 PM

“Oh, I win again, don’t I. Woo hoo. You know, I think you guys are letting me win.”… “No! No…”  Notes: All times are in CST. A * indicates challenges that SC has initiated. Each match will include four (4) players. This is due to server performance. All members are eligible for matches. Normally it will be on a first come first serve basis. But in case someone is left out they will be allowed to play regardless of ping. Hopefully we can balance out the LPBs and HPBs to make it fair to other clans.

StoneCutters Site Credits

Michael Sims
Page creation and maintenence, rendered StoneCutters title (created with POV-Ray for Windows v3.02), StoneCutters midi arrangement.

Robert Maze
Animated “No Homers!” logo.

Stonecutters logo created by Simon Liu. Used with permission.

Quotes are taken from The Simpsons’s episode 2F09 “Homer The Great”.

All Simpsons related quotes and images are the copyrighted property of Twentieth Century Fox.

Disclaimer: This web site, its operators and any content contained on this site relating to “The Simpsons” are not authorized by Fox.

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StoneCutters Rant: “Awwww, why won’t those stupid idiots let me in their crappy club for jerks!?!?!?”

Ever since I started playing NetQuake (which was not long after the shareware release) I have noticed that there are two main types of players on the internet. (Actually there are tons more, but if I try to deal with more than two I get confused.) here are those who play for the fun of the game, who have good sportsmanship, who are friendly and sociable, and play with honor. Then there are the rest of the players. :) The first server I ever played on (which has since gone QuakeWorld) was rare in the sense that it had a majority of the first type. Our server was known as the “friendliest on the net”. (At least by us.) By friendly and socialble I do not mean that the game turned into an irc session. We actually played back then, and played well. But we did not whine when we lost, we did not scream “camper!” at someone just because we got fragged, and we complimented other players when they made exceptionally good moves. At that time I actually felt like I was among friends. Call me sentimental.

Then one day our server went down and stayed down. I lost contact with just about everyone who played there. My Quakin’ days were over because I was unable to find another decent server (crappy ISP). I figured it was time to move on. (What was I thinking?) Well, months later I signed on with a new ISP and I decided to load up Qspy and give it a whirl again. Much to my surprise I found dozens of servers with decent pings. Excited, I hopped back into NetQuake and played nearly non-stop during my leisure time for about 2 weeks. The lag was much improved over my old ISP, there were more opponents to choose from, and more variants of the game available. But one thing had changed for the worse: I had lost contact with my old buddies and it seemed that a lot of the people I met fell squarely into “category two”. Lots of clans were present, and when two rival clans ended up on the same server, often a cursing match ensued. I was (and am) amazed at the immaturity of the members of these clans (who shall remain nameless). Often I was asked to join a clan but I never found one that was based on sportsmanship and honor. Sure, I met some honorable clan members, but usually each clan had at least one bad apple in it.

Well I eventually gave up on finding a clan that stood for exactly what I believed in so I decided to create my own, and the StoneCutters were born. This clan stands for sportsmanship and honor above all else. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, check out the requirements for joining us. Thanks for reading! -Ford[SC]

StoneCutters Museum

The museum is getting rather large now and I am implementing some shortcuts.  I will be listing the members in the order that they joined the clan.  They will be linked to that persons profile.  If you are a first time visitor I suggest starting from the top.


StoneCutters Members: Quake 1 Era


Ford is THE stonecutter of the SC clan.  Not only did he breath life into it but also gave unselfishly to it.

Real name:  Michael Sims


  1. Owns and administrates the clan server.   He personally financed it for a very long time.  The clan server was first a 133 Pentium with 48mb ram located on dixie-net.  Then he upgraded his computer and  we now have a Pentium 200mmx with 96mb ram located at netdoor.  The clan server has been a great asset to the clan’s growth and success.

  2. Designed and webmastered the clan page for a long time.  Ford’s skill in graphics can be seen below.

  3. The best quake player to date of the StoneCutters.  His skill and cunning strategy is unsurpassed in deathmatch 1 on 1 and teamplay.

  4. Made the midi for the StoneCutters Song.

What does “Ford” stand for?

Hehe…I remember the old days right when NetQuake just got off the ground. Most everyone knew what my name meant and didn’t see any reference to automobiles. I guess back in those days lag was REALLY bad, so only the true hardcore geeks played, and you’re NOT a hardcore geek unless you’ve read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series (by Douglas Adams) at least 10 times and committed it to memory. :) Now that I play Quake2 I hear all kinds of cracks about “I drive a Chevy” to my all time favorite witticism “found on road dead”. These geeks aren’t being taught the classics anymore it seems. Anywho, Ford comes from the character Ford Prefect, the planet hopping Hitchhiker who becomes stranded on a mind-boggingly boring, small, green, mostly harmless planet called Earth, and pretends to be an out of work actor. :)  (email from Ford).

Favorite weapon: Rocket launcher

Reason for leaving:  Needed a change of focus in his life.  He wants to spend more time with wife and reading.  Ford will always be a StoneCutter in my book.


Cain is the second member of the clan and a cofounder.

Real Name:  Robert Maze.

Favorite saying: “Suck it down Monkeyboy”


  1. Help finance the clan server for a number of months.  He worked with Ford at Computers Plus (which is now out of business).   Together they formed and shaped the StoneCutters.

  2. Help make the clan web page.  He also made the nohomer.gif below.

What does Cain stand for?

“Oh your name is easy! You got that from the Bible!!” Well actually no I didn’t. I used to read a comic, actually Ford had them and I just borrowed them from him :), called the Sandman. There were two characters in it named Cain and Abel. Cain was like a major asshole to Abel and I thought WOW that is so like me. :) Not really, I just thought that it was a cool name. The Biblical reference was accidental.   (email from Cain).

Favorite weapon: Super Shotgun


Wamph was a silent member from the beginning.   He worked with Ford and Cain at Computers Plus.  He helped finance the clan server for a number of months.  I saw Wamph on the clan server just a couple of times.  Actually I conversed more with his girlfriend via ICQ.  I would ask her to ask Wamph a question then she would relay the message.  That gives a pretty good picture of Wamph’s contributions to the clan and what it meant to him.  I did appreciate his monetary contributions though!  Last I heard he now is in business for himself in the computer arena.


Real name:  Tim Posch

Favorite saying:  “<Roger That!!>”


Desiato is a very talented individual.   His regard to detail is second to none.  You can clearly see it in his works.   First he made the beautiful SC islands.  Then he topped himself with the SC clan hall.  After Ford decided to take a break from the clan this last spring Desiato and I decided to continue the clan with a new hierarchy and look.  Though we never got that far he did make the Cutter emblem below (brownish).

Reason for leaving:

Desiato ventured away from the clan when he started a talk show called Spew.  He is still spewing today.  I talked with him not long ago and he’s still quaking with Quake 1’s Creeper Runes CTF.  I tried it but have soo much more fun in Quake 1 DM. 


Real name:  Aaron Alfrey.

Favorite saying:  “Doggie”

Contributions:  IMHO

  1. My goal during the early stages of the clan was to keep communication up b/w all clan members.  I tried to get to know each of the members of the clan.  I also wanted to be the peace maker of any disputes and problems that arose in the clan.  I have had the opportunity in the year of 98′ to fulfill this endeavor.

  2. Thanks to Hell’s Bells (1st all female clan we fought) whose html I used to shape our Clan Wars page on the clan web page.  I can’t take full credit b/c it has been nicely edited since then.

  3. Served as President of the clan for a brief time.  Instituted a hierarchy of democracy in the clan which didn’t work out.   This is during the time that the clan *almost* dissolved.  Ford was burned out for good reason – leadership wears on you fast, I know.  I lead the clan in a record breaking 4 matches during the month of June.  At the end of that month I was already fed up with leading a clan.  I had a very bad experience in the BotC CTF tournament.   Both the administrator and opposing team was a embarrassment to the Quake community.  Well, don’t get me started :)  I was really mad!  That is why the SC doesn’t participate in the OGL and tournaments.  This is when Brain took over as President, THANK GOD!, and he has done an excellent job of it too.

What does “Muahdeeb” mean?

Anyone that has watched the Sci-fi Dune movie knows who Muah’Dib aka Usul is. If you haven’t seen the movie yet I highly recommend it. I like it b/c of its theme of good ultimately defeating evil. I made a spiritual connection to the movie’s use of purpose in the character of Usul. Sorta like Luke Skywalker’s destiny was unknown to him but dramatically impacted the survival of the rebellion. I would like to have that kind of impact as well. Not only in the gaming world but also in the real one. My spelling of “Muahdeeb” was b/c at first I didn’t know the correct spelling and wanted something that was easily recognizable, balanced, and symmetrical. I was given the nick “deeb” by a clanmate which I am very comfortable with.  

Favorite weapon: Rocket Launcher


Reich was recruited by myself (deeb).  I met him on a DM server and his skill proved very comparable to mine.  We had about the same number of frags.  Ironically Reich was from Canada and got a decent ping.   I guess he lost interest and left the clan after a couple of months.

Conclusion to Quake 1 Era:

This is the very infancy of the clan.  The clan only played two matches.  Only Ford and Cain participated in those matches.  The StoneCutters were more of a group of mature guys wanting to get together, hang out, and have some fraggin fun. 

StoneCutters Members: Quake 2 Era


Real name: Don Forth.


  1. Klaatu has helped in financing the clan server.

What does “Klaatu” mean?

Well, my nick is way too common for my taste – but I have been using it, on and off, for over 5 years now so I guess I will probably stick with it. Many people who are using “Klaatu” got it from “The Day The Earth Stood Still”, or more commonly from the reference in the “Evil Dead” Movies. but I am using it because of the little known music group “Klaatu” – who knows where they got it – probably from the movie. When I first started using it on IRC there were rarely any conflicts – but it has become fairly common. For a short time I used “Chaos”, because of my interest in Fractals and Chaos theory, but that name is used alot. I also went by “Reaper” for awhile, but that seemed to cliche. (email from Klaatu)

Favorite weapon: Hyperblaster


I remember Boomboom was an avid mp3 collector.   He tried to show me how to use mIRC in retrieving mp3’s.  But my lack of experience with mIRC was very frustrating. 

Reason for leaving:  Boom left the clan b/c as he stated, “Its a drug, I’m addicted.”  Which he immediately deleted it off his computer.


Fluffy has a colored background with the SC.   I thought about not including him here but he did play a part in shaping the SC into what it is today  I’m just going to mention the positive things about him here to keep with the spirit of the page.


  1. Fluffy is a talented individual.  He made a complete set of skins for the SC (  After asking me what type of skin I would like – something medieval, maybe a knight, and made so our name is easily recognizable.  Well, I really liked his final product.  It takes a lot of work to do that and I appreciated it.  Fluffy also made the nytelyte skin that we use today.  Apocalypse and Fluffy teamed together to make the element skins.  I placed them under Apocalypse and details as to their use.

What does “Fluffy” mean?

I remember him mentioning that Fluffy was a name for a comic killer bunny.  Who knows?



Real name: Caleb Buhlig.

The symbol above represents the Sportsmanship award.  Dagar has had the highest ping of any clan member for the longest amount of time.  Most complain and blame poor playing to their ping.  Not Dagar.  I don’t remember one time that he has complained about his ping.  Therefore, Dagar is Sportsman of the StoneCutters.

What does “Dagar” mean?

My name you might think is a reference to a dagger but its not it could also be Initials for some thing like D and G and R but….its not.It could be the work Da’Gar or Dagar if those are words but then again its not.What it is, is just a bunch of letters that I came up with by typing randomly, originally it was styqzsadagkair.Then I saw the word DaGaR in it and played a my first q2 game on the net and it stuck. (email from Dagar)

Favorite weapon: Hyperblaster


Real name: Jonathan Hockman


Real name: Matt Jones


  1. I didn’t know Apoc very well but his works speaks for him.  He is a very talented skinner.   He and Fluffy produced works of art in the form of the element skins.  The story behind the elements is this.  The SC had just gotten a lot of new members in a short amount of time.   Ford was finding it tough to conduct practice and be an effective leader to so many.  So he made four divisions:  wind, earth, fire, and water.  The plan was for each division to play other divisions in practicing matches.  Unfortunately it didn’t pan out, imagine that!  Very good idea.  But only works if the members follow.  I use the wind skin b/c it blows me away :)  Apoc also made Dagar’s skin “face”

Favorite weapon: Rocket Launcher


Real name: Sean Trundle

What does “Fatboy” mean?

The meaning is simple enough; I’m a bit overweight, and it fits. Why I chose it… I always used to go by the nick “Excarnate,” on BBSes, the i-net, and such. But a few years back, I started getting really into LAN parties; playing a lot of games. I thought “Excarnate” was too serious, so I wracked my brain for a lighter, more fun name, and came up with “FatBoy”. (email from Fatboy)

Favorite weapon: Railgun

Reason for leaving:

Life just intruded. I would have loved to stay; my Quake skillz have done nothing but decline since leaving, and this was a great clan to be in. But between school and work and a meager social life, I’m not really left with enough time to be an active member of a clan, and I didn’t wanna do it half-assed. (email from Fatboy)



Real name:  James Sablatura.

Brain’s start with the clan was kinda rough.   I remember he lead a CTF division of the clan with one of the best practices I’ve seen up to that time.  Then something happened.  Brain made a comment about the clan.  Brain left the clan or was removed.   Can’t remember.   So, Ford and I had a long discussion about it and it was decided to talk it out.  Eventually the misunderstanding was cleared up and Brain rejoined the clan.  Whew, almost lost a good one.  Moral:  don’t jump to conclusions.  If your unsure what was said or the meaning behind it.  Ask, talk it out, tell them how you interpreted it.  Don’t shut them out.


  1. Brain has been a great asset to the clan.   I really don’t know where we would be right now without him.  Brain became the Leader after Ford resigned from the clan.  He has done a great job of it too.

  2. Brain’s html and cgi skillz can be seen with the StoneCutter ladder.  I love this part of the clan.  After Ford introduced me to 1 on 1’s I was hooked.  Mainly b/c of the challenge.  Brain has also redesigned the Biography page.  Nicely done !

  3. Brain has made strategy guides, demo’s of essential maneuvers, and a new sayteam script that looks to be very promising.   Therefore, Brain gets the Most Valuable Player award represented by the symbol above.

What does “Brain” mean?

I got my handle of Brain thanks to this clan actually. My original handle that I’ve used for many years was “Brain On A Stick”. (Yeah, laugh it up big boy). I’ve also gone by “Head On A Pike”, “Brain On A Platter” and many other combinations :) Needless to say, all of that won’t fit in Quake with [SC] behind it so I shortened it to just Brain. (email from Brain)

Favorite weapon: Rocket Launcher



  1. Boogy was another skinner of the SC.   He knew how to add “style” to the skin.  He and Fluffy both made skins for the SC and Boogy’s skin won by majority vote.  That is why it is present at the top.  Now, Fluffy’s skin is used.  Odd how it turned out.


Real name: Brandon McHenry.


  1. Rogue was keeping track of the clan’s 1 on 1 ladder results with screenshots and demos before he decided to resign.  Nobody has filled his shoes unfortunately.

What does “Rogue” mean?

I know exactly what everyone is thinking :) Rogue? How hard is that to come up with? Be original! Well, actually, I didn’t come up with it. See, I lived in Oxford, Ms for a good 5 years. While there, I attended the University of Mississippi, or better known as Ole Miss. Anyhow, I went out for the Rugby team and started playing Rugby with those obnoxious, crazy, beer drinking, cursing, slobby weirdoes. Man it was great fun! Rough sport though. I cracked my hand and my nose in the 3 years I played. Anyway, right before I moved to Oxford, I was attending school in San Diego (although I am originally from Jackson, MS – I moved to San Diego to go to college). While in San Diego, I was serious into Martial Arts. I’ve been practicing Martial Arts from 10-12 years on and off. Well, I go downright crazy about it while in San Diego. Well, I still had all that kung fu stuff in my blood when I started playing Rugby and was downright dirty on the field. I hit extra hard just for the helluva it. Well, one day, I got blindsided with an elbow from another player and it knocked me out cold for a few minutes. When I came to, I continued play but asked my teammates who the culprit was? They quickly pointed him out and the next time he had the ball, I proceeded to lay waste to him. Ended up knocking him all the way down the hill. :) When he came back up, a fight ensued (which was normal thing for a game). All my teammates thought I was crazy cause this guy was huge. Well, afterwards at the party after the game, me and the guy became good friends and he said “Man, your a devilish Rogue aren’t you?” The team liked it so much, they started calling me Rogue from then on. And that’s why I go by the name of Rogue…Well, that’s my little short story – later (email from Rogue).

Reason for leaving:

Last May, I started my networking classes/training.   Got my CNA and am working to finish up my CNE.  I am currently taking classes for my MCSE. Well, it seems I spend entirely too much time quaking (I’m addicted, so what?) and not studying, reading, and following up on my new career.  I have realized that I am way behind what I wanted to be because I spend most of my free time gaming.   So I am going to give it up for an extended period of time.  Sorry everyone, but I gotta leave the clan and take care of home for now.  I have no time frame to give ya either.  I know that sucks and I apologize, but I just have to make this my number 1 priority right now until I get comfortable with it.  However, I wish to remain on the mailing list just to keep up with what’s going on if that’s fine with ya’ll.   Also, I will still maintain my webpage as a supplement for the clanpage (it’s not an every nighter like quake and gaming so it shouldn’t be a problem)  However, I will no longer be attending practice, the 1 on 1 ladder, or matches.  You probably won’t even see me online that much.  But once in a blue moon, I’ll get on and play some just to satisfy my needs.  Hehe…but I just have to get this done and get everything squared, up and running smooth before I can relax and game, quake, etc..Hope everyone understands.

3/2/99 – Rogue is officially back with the Stonecutters :)


Real name:  Jim Resner

Roch is a good fellow. He was really active at first and even had a server running for us.  But he wasn’t active for a while and Ford decided to clean house and Roch was swept out.  Roch took offense.  Ford apologized but I guess it wasn’t enough for him to return.  Roch is from Austin, TX and works in the field of forestry.


Real name: Dan Boorstein

What does “Danboo” mean?

well, my nickname (i.e., danboo) is obviously a derivation of my name ‘dan boorstein’, but i didn’t make it up. it came about quite by accident. years ago, while working as a Keebler Elf (no kidding, i actually worked in a cookie/cracker factory. i’d tell you more but it’s a very long story. in short; i wore a hair-net.), i was minding my business on the production line as a quality checker (no, i didn’t get to eat them. it was only by sight.) when the manager, an asian woman, who spoke poor english, came up to me with a handful of timecards. i was part of a fresh new batch of employees and she was trying to get to know us. not being very familiar with english names she approached me and said in a very high pitch, noticeably accented voice, “is your name melanie?”. well, “of course it’s not”, i told her, as all my co-workers laughed hysterically; to which she replied “what your name honey?”. i told her my name, and she just stared at me blankly, and again asked “what your name honey?”. so i repeated it once again, to which she replied “spell please?”. ok, here’s where the confusion was, i spelled it out in triplets since it works perfectly and i’m used to doing it that way. “d-a-n, b-o-o, r-s-t, e-i-n”. simple enough i thought. well i look down at the piece of paper and find that she’s written “danboo rstein”, splitting my triplets in the middle which perhaps would’ve made sense, if it had not already said “dan boorstein” twice. from then on i was known as “danboo the elf” (not nearly as cool as the elf names from middle earth mythos), and occasionally as “melanie” by my close friends who really want to piss me off.  (email from Danboo)

Favorite weapon: Rocket Launcher

Reason for leaving:

Just got tired of Quake.  (message from Brain)


Real name: Venture Free

What does “I1269U” mean?

I went through about ten different handles before sticking with this one. Some of the other handles that I had before settling on this one were: Godmeat (that guy was a real asshole, too) Tu Se’ Morta (italian for “You are dead”) 5317 (figure that one out, heh heh) Venture Free (hmm…where’d I come up with that one?) Spannungsbogen Kwisatz Haderach (Deeb can tell you what these two mean…I hope anyway) There were a bunch of others, but most were corny or just plain stupid. These are at least semi-cool, or have a specific meaning. But what about I1269U? How did I come up with that? Well, I’d been playing the license plate game in my head and that came to mind. I figured it was such an obvious one that everyone would have a good laugh about it before shoving a rocker down my throat. As it ended up 95% of the people had to ask “What the hell does your name mean? Is that some kind of clan or something?” The more people asked that, the more I wanted to keep it. After all, there’s nothing greater than forcing people to think. And yes, alot of times you DO have to force them to think. You’d be surprised at how many people would rather not think. Or maybe you wouldn’t. Heh heh. Most people would think about it before asking, but there were a bunch of others who would ask the instant they saw my name, in which case I’d ignore them (I know…rude, but damn people, you can at least try before giving up). (email from 69)

Favorite weapon: Railgun

Reason for leaving:

Yes folks, the inevitable has finally happened. I can no longer play Quake 2. Not only is my schedule packed with school stuff, so is my computer. I need three different compilers to be able to follow what’s done in class along with a bunch of my dad’s stuff and also my sisters stuff. In addition to my schedule I have to adhere to my dad’s and sisters schedule in regards to transportation. We have only one car between us that is reliable (one of the others having thrown a rod and the other just plain quirky), and I’m the only one who’s schedule allows us to be able to work it out so that no one is late for work or anything. IE I’m the one who runs everyone around.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that not only will I be leaving the clan, but I’ll be deleting Q2 off my hard drive. I do of course have the CD so if I ever find that I once again have time I will be able to reinstall it and locate you guys.


Real name: Michael Conway


  1. Apathy is responsible for making sure the clan’s 1 on 1 ladder runs smoothly.

What does “Apathy” mean?

In case anyone cares, I chose the name Apathy because I’m a teacher. Shhh…don’t tell anyone, especially my students. I’m actually just a regular guy, but I have a professional image and a mystique of the “evil nerd tyrant” to uphold. This is something that’s in the school district’s contract for all teachers – [you must at all times assume the manner of an “evil nerd tyrant”]- really… I swear… ;) The hardest thing for me to deal with in a classroom of 13 year-olds isn’t the smartasses, the dumbasses, or the clowns; they’re easy because I was all three at one time or another when I was in school, so I know all the tricks. Plus, I try not to make my class too boring (no small trick when you’re teaching grammar, spelling, and writing). It’s the kids who just don’t even try that throw me. After 10 years of this, I still don’t really know how to get through to them. Apathy is the hardest thing to deal with in teaching. From within yourself, you find it can catch you unawares and begin to take hold if you let your guard down. From outside yourself, it’s extremely contagious, and you’ll come in contact with “carriers” of it all the time. So I guess I figured that, by assuming the guise of my greatest enemy, I might be able to develop an “immunity” to it or perhaps be able to more easily recognize it in all its insidious forms because I don’t ever want to be one of those teachers who just doesn’t give a damn. (email from Apathy)

Favorite weapon: Rocket Launcher


Real name: Len Vanerstrom


  1. Madman is in charge of maintaining the Clan Wars page.

What does “Madman” mean?

i chose to rename myself Madman because of my playing (i’m a crazy bitch and will try almost anything to see if it will work..hehe)….nuff said….  (email from Madman).

Favorite weapon: Rocket Launcher

Reason for leaving:

As of February 28, 1999, I hereby resign my position in Clan StoneCutters. It has been a long and difficult decision, and there are many reasons for it, which I won’t elaborate on here, but trust that it has not been an easy decision for me. There are many things going on right now which I must commit to, unfortunately to make them work I must resign my post. To everyone in the StoneCutters, you are all good friends and compatriots, so I do hope that you will bear no ill will towards me in the future. I apologize if this decision disappoints anyone, but it must be made. Good luck to you all in life, in the clan, and the OGL. I wish only the best to you. peace, Madman

2/28/99 – The fact of the matter is that ever since i’ve played online I’ve wanted to be in clan {OT}. I like the stonecutters and i like everyone in it and i defintely don’t want any hard feelings.  The stonecutters filled a void that was there and I had alot of fun, but it’s time for me to move on. And i tried to tell you what was wrong with things, things i did and didn’t like. You as the clan leader had to decide what, if any, of my suggestions held merit and for that I respect you. But the {OT} clan plays the way I want to play, they do all the things I like to do and nothing that I don’t like to do, so that’s where I belong. The fact that I gave you no warning is, in all honesty, correct. But it needed to be done and I didn’t want to be talked out of anything, maybe you would have tried, Maybe not, I don’t know.

{OT} and [SC] have always been friends, and it should stay that way, no one in {OT} or [SC] had anything to do with my decision, it was all my own. If you’d like to take the time to verbally bash me, feel free, it’s ya’lls time. But I bear no ill feelings toward any of you (as I stated in my original letter to the clan), so please don’t bear any towards me. But do remove me from the mailing list as I tjust isn’t right for me to recieve inter clan e-mails anymore. thanks!

3/1/99 – Whelp, come to find out that the above story is a coverup for Madman joining clan OT.  In oher words the first email was bogus.   This is the same stunt that Fluffy pulled.  If your gonna quit and join another clan just come out and say it.

As of November 1, 1998 the clan is officially one year old.   Fantastic!  I bet not many clans last a year.


Real name: David Douglas


  1. Led a Lithium division to participate in OGL ladder.

  2. Wizard has been trying very hard to find us a new server.  He has collectively built a machine to use as a server, but is still in the process of searching for a place to host it. Recently, Wizard has taken over duties as the leader of the clan from Brain. He has gone about getting old members to rejoin the clan as well as pull in some fresh new faces to help us beat up on new clans.

What does “Wizard” mean?

Wizard was kinda a present from someone.  I was playing on an all Railgun board with 4 of my friends (co-workers at the time) and for some reason that day was just a good day for me and I was hitting everything, not to mention it seemed to be my favorite weapon to use (I just love sniping campers).  Well anyhow, one of them said “Man, he’s like a Wizard with that thing…” and well the name just kinda stuck and I liked it.  So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Favorite weapon: Railgun


Real name: Doug Baker

Favorite weapon: Rocket Launcher

Reason for leaving:

Ok, I’m out then :( I’m sorry, but I’m simply not clan material. I like to play on a whim and in whatever mod I fancy at the moment. I don’t like schedules and rules too much, either (or clan matches). I suppose it would have been best if I hadn’t rejoined SC… I guess I thought things were going to be different. My bad. gg’s and I’ll see you all around.  (e-mail from Anhedonic)


Real name: Seth Allen

What does “Whipl@sh” mean?

Well, my original name was sallen, derived from my dad’s name, Steve Allen.  When we were first getting an internet account, this was the name he decided to use for us.  Well I took that name because it went with my name also, Seth Allen.  After a while of playing online though, I saw a bunch of people that all had these really cool names.  I got bored with my name and tried to think of a new one.  I was on my home from somewhere and we drove by a car that had run into the cement barrier in the middle of the highway.  At the same time as I saw that, a voice on the radio said whiplash and I thought about that and continued to look at the car.  That word sounded cool to me.  So I used that as my name.   The next question is probably, “what is the @ sign all about then?”   Well, I went to a friend’s a while ago to see this new game he downloaded.  It was the first public beta release of Subspace.  I liked playing it quite a bit at his house and set up an account for myself from there.  Well, when I put in Whiplash, a message came that said something like “There is a user that has already chosen this name, please pick another.”  So my friend just told me to use an @ sign. So I did, and have kept it that way since.  Oh and, have seen a few whiplashs online before, I like this name because I have never seen another Whipl@sh.

Favorite weapon: Rocket Launcher

Reason for leaving:

SC’s, I too was asked into RASC. I followed monkey’s example and joined. I hate to have to leave the SC’s. I remember when I really sucked and only played on FFA servers and bitched just like all the other newbies when tI was killed by some jumpin, railing maniac. Well, one day, in a server I forgot now, I met this guy wizard. It was only him and me in there. So pretty much a 1on1. I played a few games in a row with him and of course was shown why the can had the wup on it. I was used to people doing this to me and saying stupid newbie and taunting me in many ways. This guy, wiz, he surprised me though. Not one bad comment from him. He gave me tips when I did wrong things. So after those few matches I talked to him for a while. He told me about this clan he had just gotten into, the Stonecutters. I thought, gee these guys must be pretty cool to have such good ya nice players. So I played with him on other occasions then asked him for the web page address for SC. I went to it, signed the application for membership, tried out and made. From then on I played many FFA’s, be it dm or rail only, tons of team games, and a bunch of 1on1s with members. I watched many old members leave and watched many talented new ones join. I also watched their skill develop which is always cool. During all this time SC has trained me to be a good player, yet nice, as I remember someone I met online was (wiz =] ). I feel I need more of a challenge now, but will always respect SC and want to play with and talk to you guys still. I just want to say thanks for all the help everyone had given me to become the player I am. Just remember all you SC’s, keep up that good sportsmanship that has termed you all, to what the older players should remember from a match or two with some pretty good women, the gentlemen of quake. Well, later all and frag on gents and gl to y’all on future games.  (e-mail from Whipl@sh)

[Mr. Blonde]

Real name: Thomas Shawley

Favorite weapon: Rocket Launcher


Real name: Davis Hjortland

Favorite weapon: Rocket Launcher

Reason for leaving:

Stone Cutters, It has been a fun experience with you guys, fragging and getting to know all of you. I have been asked to join RASC, and I have accepted their invitation. I felt that it was time to move on to a more active clan. tonight we just moved to 14th place on ogl. I owe everything to this clan, you guys have formed me into the player that I have become today, and I thank you for that. I would like to stay in SC, but 2 clans would be kind of awkward. I hope that we still stay friends, and hope to have many more fun frags with you all.  (e-mail from DrMoNkEy)


Savior has the shortest length of membership in the history of the clan.

What does “Savior” mean?

at one point in my life i had very long hair and a small beard…..i very much looked like jesus christ……so the name savior was implemented by my close friends

Reason for leaving:

Savior has left the clan. For those that were at the Lithium game tonight,
you will know that he was automatically kicked from the server for using a
zbot. This is completely unacceptable and is a disgrace to the Stonecutters
name which Ford, Cain, Muahdeeb and I have tried to uphold. My first
thought was perhaps it was a false detect but after doing some research I
have found out that these detection programs are 99.9% accurate and do not
falsely detect bots.

I talked to him about it and he offered to leave the clan. I told him it
would probably be for the best. He said he is going to leave a mesage to
list announcing his departure.

I wanted ya’ll to know what happened from me. As I said, he offered to
leave the clan, and I accepted his offer. I hate having to do things like
this, but it’s all part of leading this clan and trying to keep the SC
standards up and was something I had to do.

I mean, could you IMAGINE what would of happened if this were an OGL match
that he attended. We would of been kicked from the ladder immediately, and
would of been known as that clan who used a bot in the ladder. We would
never of gotten our good name back. It was my determination that this is
for the best. I hope everyone understands. (email from Brain)


Favorite weapon: Railgun


Real name: Edward Miranda

Contributions: gr1fter was a great asset to the clan. He worked with many members on their 1 on 1 and team skills to help them become better players today.

Favorite weapon: Rocket Launcher

Reason for leaving:

gr1fter has left the clan to join another clan, AfterDeath, a|d. They are currently ranked high up on the OGL ladder and they play more matches where his skills will be put to the test more than they were here with us.


Real name: Richard Pitkanen


  1. ACE72 has so graciously put up a server for the clan to use since we are currently in between servers right now.

What does “ACE72” mean?

ACE72 comes from my birthday 7/2 and my football #. ACE comes from my days as a pinball wizard as it fits nicely up on the High Score window and is easy to input as letters 1,3, & 5 in the alphabet. Also helps to distinguish me from all the other ‘ACE’s’ out there.

Favorite weapon: Railgun


Real name: Richard Burlette Jr.

Favorite weapon: Railgun

Reason for leaving:

Wiz, I hate to sound like a whiner so I’m going to spit it out. I’m not enjoying DM. I know SC is a DM oriented clan, and I knew that coming into it, but I thought I would grow to like it (again). I was wrong. It’s not my style. There’s hundreds of mods out there, and all anybody ever wants to play is Q2DM1, and classic DM. I find it ironic. :) Oh well, I didn’t send this e-mail to complain, but to make a statement. For the best interests of the clan, and myself I’m withdrawing as a member of the StoneCutters. I’ll probably be withdrawing from the Quake community as well pretty soon. I have alot of things coming up, and if something’s got to give it might as well be Quake. Now, I’d like to thank you, and the rest of the clan for being so gosh darn nice. I’d like to make it clear I’m not leaving for any ill regard. I feel it’s time for me to move on. Sincerely, Richard Burlette aka NOYB (e-mail from NOYB)


Real name: Andrei Nastase

Favorite weapon: Railgun


Real name: John

Favorite weapon: Railgun

Reason for leaving:

As I had indicated the other evening I am being deluged with other items at this particular time in my life. Since I cannot commit any resources to SC at this time I ask that you kindly remove me from the roster. I would very much like to keep in touch though in case opportunity opens up for a position in the future.  (e-mail from Epoch)

-StoneCutters Museum: Designed by SC|Muahdeeb / Updated by SC|Wizard

StoneCutters Clan – News


“Is he the leader?”…

“Of this chapter. There are chapters all over the world.”

“And it has been foretold that someday a chosen one–“

“–OK, OK, I didn’t ask for your life story!”

Sunday, August 22nd, 1999

Clan News
First off, I appreciate all of you that were able to come to practice last night. Your appearance and effort was welcome and we als had a fragging good time nonetheless. Also, last night marked the return of Ford, the Founder of the StoneCutters. I’d like for you all to take a minute and welcome him back. He practiced with us last night, and told us that he was a little “rusty”. He then managed to frag all of us to oblivion and back. Rusty my ass! Well anyhow, it’s great to have you back man, as you mean a lot to this clan, and just your presence alone means to much to us, me in particular. Now if I can just find us a fat Internet connection to put this server I built on…hmmm??? ;-)

Sunday, August 15th, 1999

The match that was supposed to have happened last night against Clan Whoop Ass was a no go. We didn’t hear form them at all, so it looks like they were a no show. Maybe in the future we can setup a match with them again.

Tomorrow night we have a scrimmage against a Rail Only clan, {TsQ}. It is going to be happening at 9 PM EST. I’d like to see as many people come and play as possible and if we have enough, I’d like to sit out and watch since this is only a scrimmage and give some other members a chance to play. So if you are interested in playing, be online before 9 PM tomorrow night and I’ll message you the information.

Web Page
I have made a ton of updates to the web page today. The Info section is updated, along with the Members section with some new pictures. I have also added all of the pertinent information, plus added each one of the members skin pictures to the SC Museum and to the Members section also. Oh, and if you check in the Info section, you will see a link for all SC skins, make sure you download this so you have all of our skins. If your skin is not in there, let me know what skin you use, and I’ll add it.

ACE Jr. has Arrived!
ACE72 finally had his son Friday morning around 6:15 AM EST. He was 10 lbs. 6 oz. and 21″ long. Quite a nice hefty kid ya got there ACE, he’s already taking after his old man ;-) Congratulations again to Mr. and Mrs. ACE again! Oh, and word has it that ACE Jr. was holding a grenade when he was born. One of the more skillful weapons in Quake2 no doubt!!! ;-)

Friday, August 13th, 1999

FoS Match
We had our Rail Only match with Clan FoS last night, and the StoneCutters were victorious. Make sure you check out the Clan Wars page for the Demo’s and SS’s of the matches. The StoneCutters were represented by Wizard, gRUDgE and MecHaniCS. Great games guys!

Web Page
If you visit our web page very frequently, you will have noticed that we have a new banner at the top of the main page (look up right now if you missed it the first time). I’d like to thank SC|MecHaniCS for the art work and making of this new logo. He is also responsible for the animated .gif up in the top left hand corner of your screen, above the contents menu. Thanks MecH for adding a little life to this page!

ACE Jr. is Coming…
Well, for those of you that didn’t know, SC|ACE72’s wife went into labor last night with their 3rd child (but first son) ACE Jr. We are all betting on how big he will be (well over 9 lbs we know for sure) and when he will actually decide to join us in the real world. Anyhow, I’ll keep you posted on when we have the new baby boy amongst us, and whether he’s carrying a Railgun or a Rocket Launcher! Make sure you drop ACE a congratulations note also, he deserves it! Way to go ACE!!!

Wednesday, August 11th, 1999

Here we go again, Whipl@sh has also resigned now and is going to the same clan that DrMoNkEy is going to, RASC. Good luck to you also Whip, it was great having you with us and watching you develop your game also throughout your stint here with the StoneCutters. Go forth and kick ass soldier (just not ours)!

We have a Rail Only Clan match tomorrow night with Clan FoS at 10 PM EST on a server to be determined (check your e-mail to see how you ping the one they wanna play on). Mr. Blonde is also setting up a match with Clan Whoop Ass which is supposed to take place sometime this weekend. Again, check your e-mail for more information on this match. I am also setting up a Rail Only scrimmage with Clan TsQ. It will probably take place this Sunday evening between 8 PM and 10 PM. Once again, watch for an e-mail from me with the details.

Monday, August 9th, 1999

When it rains, it pours. DrMoNkEy has decided to leave the StoneCutters and take his talents to another more active clan at this time. Make sure you check out the SC Museum for the complete resignation e-mail from DrMoNkEy. It’s been fun fragging with you, and great watching your game develop and you becoming one of the dominant players in our clan. You will be sorely missed, but good luck to you with your new clan. Also, Epoch/Zinger has put in his resignation to the StoneCutters as well. Real life has finaly caught up to him so much that he does not have the time to participate in the clan as much as he would want to. So as you can see, when it rains, it really does pour. I just wanna say that your mad rail skills will be missed, and good luck to you in all your future endeavors.

Thursday, August 5th, 1999

Well, Anhedonic has resigned again. He is just not into the clan thing at this time, which is very understandable. Take care Anhedonic, and we’ll see you around man, it was fun fraggin’ with yer silly ass.

Clan Meeting
Everyone, we are having a clan meeting tonight at 9 PM EST. Check your e-mail for the topics that are going to be discussed at the meeting tonight. I will start up a chat at 8:50 PM and will be looking for all members online to pull you into the chat. Please be online at or before 9 PM EST to participate in this chat. This will also double as a bitch session, so come and let us know what you’re thinking about, what’s rolling around in that melon you call a head. See you all tonight!

Ooops….things I forgot to mention…
In addition, in case you were unaware of this, I will be out of town again this weekend. I will be out of touch via e-mail and any other messaging means until Sunday evening around 7 PM EST. If you need something, Brain and Apathy will be filling in for me in my absence. In other news, I have setup another Rail Only match with Clan FoS to take place sometime next weekend when I am back in town. Once the details have been finalized, I will let you know what is happening and who will be playing, etc. Stay tuned!

Monday, August 2nd, 1999

gr1fter has resigned to go on to bigger and better things with clan a|d (AfterDeath). They are currently undefeated on the OGL DM ladder. Good luck with a|d, gr1fter. It was fun to get my ass kicked by you all the time!

Well, last weekend I was down in Gainesville, Florida for the LAN party that was held by Acceleration Net. It was a fragging good time, and I met some really nice people while there. I look forward to attending my next LAN party (wherever it may be). If you wanna see some screen shots, head on over to (the newsgroup) for a ton of SS’s that I took of all the games that I participated in. On another note, I am planning some major changes for the layout of this web page. I plan on replacing the links on the left with 3d graphical links to make it more appealing to the eye. I’m also having MecHaniCS work on a 3d spinning animated gif of the StoneCutters symbol (above the links to the left). Lastly, I am putting together the stuff for our flash intro that I am going to setup for this site. One of my friends is going to actually do the flash for us, so you can all thank Fastclaw Werewolf for helping us out with this.

Sunday, July 18th 1999

Well, the match with Clan <7> was a washout last night. We had 3 members from <7> show up, but we could not agree on the rules of the match (team damage on/off to be exact) so the match didn’t take place. We ended up scrimmaging against them instead. They won the first map The Edge by a wide margin (with team damage off) but we prevailed to win the second map Warehouse by a few frags (with team damage on). GG’s to <7> and we look forward to playing you for real soon..

Clan Web Site News
If you haven’t checked out the SC Museum lately, check it out on the link at the left. Scroll down to your name (members only) and if the page is missing some of your information, please send this information to me so that I can add it to this page. Also, I am working with MecHaniCS to spruce up the graphics on our web page a bit. If you have any ideas of something you’d like to see on the web page changed, let me know and I’ll see what I can get him to do..

Thursday, July 15th 1999

We have yet another new member joining our ranks. Please help me welcome Epoch, yet another LPB that is joining us now. Please welcome him to the family. .

We have an upcoming Rail Only match this Saturday evening against Clan Seven <7>. Check your e-mail for more information on this matter..

Tuesday, July 6th 1999

We have a new Member! I’d like to welcome MecHaniCS to the StoneCutters, yet another LPB, woo hoo! Welcome to the clan man. Check out theBiographies page for the skinny on him. On a different note, Chicken has decided to leave the clan due to personal reasons. Mostly lack of time to commit to the clan. Anyhow, you’ll be missed buddy, but we’ll always need an emergency player…LOL..

We have a couple of matches coming up here soon. The first one will be this weekend against Clan HoD. We are going to have a Rail only match with them on Friday night, and then a Team DM match with them on Sunday evening. ACE72 is taking care of the specifics for the Rail match and Mr. Blonde is taking care of the specifics for the Team DM match. Check your e-mail for more info. Also, I have been working with Clan <7> to setup a Rail only match with them also. Once again, make sure you check your e-mail for more info on this and other upcoming matches..

Sunday, July 4th 1999

Happy Independence Day StoneCutters
Just hope that you all had a good 4th of July holiday and that you either saw or shot a lot of fireworks off. Unfortunately fireworks are not made available to the public here, so no fireworks for me to play with..

Saturday, June 26th 1999

New Member
Well I have been talking to Chicken (recently of clan Off Topic) about joining the StoneCutters. Well tonight he decided to take the plunge and join us. I’m glad to announce our newest member Chicken, another LPB…Woo Hoo! Welcome aboard man, I’m glad you’re on our side!

FoS Rail Only Match
Well the match with FoS went well last night. For our first Rail-Only match we did very well. Make sure you head over to the Clan Wars page to check out the Screen Shots and the demos of the match. To watch the demo on the 2nd map, make sure you have downloaded the Figure8 Map.

Monday, June 21st 1999

Last Nights Match
Great games by everyone last night. Thanks to White Knights for the match last night. If you don’t know the results, the StoneCutters were victorious. Go to the Clan Wars page for more info and demos. I am having some problems getting the SS’s up on the summary page, but hopefully I will have that settled by tomorrow.

Upcoming Match
For all of you that do not know, we have a “Rail-Only” match coming up sometime this weekend with FoS. ACE72 is finalizing the details with them for the when and where, so once we get that info, you will get it.

Wednesday, June 16th 1999

I have updated the Info page with the new IP’s and names of the servers that ACE72 is running now. He is playing with the Tourney mod which seems to be pretty cool, even for team play. It also has a cool frag tracking system built into it. It only requires you to add 2 lines to your autoexec.cfg to be tracked. I’ll have ACE72 send out an e-mail about that later to fill you all in. Also, we may be trying this mod out at practices if we can find a decent server running it since some of you don’t get very good connections to his server. Check out the Info link for further…you guessed it…info.

Clan Matches
If any other clans are happening to be reading this, and you feel like your clan would be interested in challenging us, then drop me a line. The link to my e-mail address is below. We’re currently looking for clans to challenge to gain some experience in a game type situation, so feel free to challenge away.

Once again, practice is on Sunday evenings at 8:30 PM SHARP! Please try to attend if at all possible, but if you are unable to attend (and I know it does happen) then please let me know, or e-mail the clan mailing list so that at least somebody will know why you weren’t able to make it.

Thursday, June 10th 1999

Summer is Here
Well I believe summer is officially upon us. For many of you that means more quaking and goofing off. However, for some of us, that just means it’s getting hotter outside and we still have to wear long pants every day. Anyhow, I for one am glad that summer is upon us as it is one of the best times of the year.

Clan Activities
For all of the new members, or the older members who have returned, make sure you check out the Members Section for pertinent files and such. Also, please everyone attempt to show up at practice on Sunday evenings. I can understand missing them every now and then, but it looks good if you make an appearance, plus it’s a rockin’ good time to frag with and against you guys.

Other News
Starting sometime in July I will be making the move to 2nd shift. What this means is that I will still be working Monday through Friday, but I will be working during the evening. Even though I won’t be at home I will still be online via ICQ, so if you have any questions or just want to shoot the breeze, message me.

Clan Server
We’re still in the process of looking for a clan server. I am currently building a Celeron 300a, but I need to get a new motherboard for it. Once I get the motherboard it should be ready to go online. Now the problem is that I have nowhere to host the server. If any of you think that your ISP would be willing to host the server, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Otherwise, we’re going to have to keep server jumping. ACE72 has graciously setup a Battleground server for us that is located at Feel free to stop by and check out your ping and Packet Loss.

Monday, May 31st 1999

Happy Memorial Day
I hope everyone had a nice Holiday off of work today. Unfortunately I had to go to work today. At least there wasn’t any traffic or crowds to fight for lunch. If you did have to work, I feel your pain.

Well I received an e-mail from Brain yesterday regarding his activity in the clan. It seems that Brain is going on Personal Hacienda from the clan until Quake3 comes out. So, we’ll frag with you then man, take it easy in the “Real World”.

More Clan News
Make sure you check your e-mail regarding some information that I sent out today. I am also expecting a response from each and every one of you. Also, I am generating the clan mailing list from the e-mail addresses on the Bio’s page, so if your e-mail address is wrong there, tell me so you can start receiving these clan mailings. Lastly, if you click on your name and don’t get any information on the Bio’s page, it means I don’t have that information, or not ALL of that information that I need. E-mail me this info and I will put it up for you. Also include a pic of your silly mug and it’ll go up for the world to see also.

Thursday, May 27th 1999

New Members!
Well I have been talking to some players out there and I am proud to announce that we have 3 new members joining us today. Please give a warm welcome to ACE72, NOYB, and Sw1zz. Welcome to the family guys, glad to have these 3 kick ass players on our side (thank goodness). Check your e-mail (including new members) for information on practice on Sunday night.

Weekend Hacienda
On another note, I will be out of town this weekend cause I’m going up to the mountains to do the “Real Life” camping trip thing. Most of you probably don’t care about my trip, but I may not be here in time for practice Sunday night. I am planning on being home by then, but just in case I’m not, hopefully Brain will be there to help run things. Everyone have a good weekend and hopefully I’ll see you all Sunday night.

Saturday, May 22nd 1999

Welcome Back (Part Deux)
Welcome Back to Anhedonic this time. He has decided to come back and bless us with his mad skills in Quake2 and soon to be Quake3:Arena. Glad to have you Back!

Links Update
I added a few more Links to the Links page also. Make sure you check them out and visit all of these very cool sites that people have put up for the Quake Community.

Practice/Clan Meeting
Make sure you check your e-mail for updates and information on tomorrows practice/clan meeting that we are going to have. It will include the time, server where we will meet, and any other pertinent information that you may need to know.

Thursday, May 20th 1999

Welcome Back
Welcome Back to Apathy. He has decided to rejoin the clan and I for one am glad to have him back. I’ve updated the Bio’s page, Links page and other miscellaneous parts of the web site. So, if there’s something wrong or that’s not right, let me know.

Wednesday, May 19th 1999

SC Mailing List
I have made some additions and subtractions to the mailing list. If you don’t know what the mailing list for the clan is, drop me an e-mail or an ICQ message and I’ll fill you in on all the goodies.

Brain is still with us by the way. He is going to participate in our practices and clan decisions. He is still kinda on hacienda, but will still play an active role in the clan, just not as active as before (Hey, we all need breaks!).

Tuesday, May 18th 1999

As many of you here in the clan have heard, I (Wizard) have returned to the ranks of the StoneCutters. Brain has taken a hacienda from Quake2 for the time being, but will be back soon (nearing Q3:Arena’s release). I have taken over the leadership of the clan for the time being. I will be making the changes to the web page, and keeping everyone up to date on everything that is occurring. As of right now, the Members of the StoneCutters are as follows: Wizard, Mr. Blonde, Whipl@sh, DrMoNkEy, and gRUDgE. We are actively recruiting members at this time. However, please do not come to us, we will come to you. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns. Lastly, it’s good to be back!

Tuesday, March 23th 1999

New member
gRUDgE[SC] is the newest member of the StoneCutters. Welcome ! I have updated the Info page with a set of skins used by members. If you don’t see yours email it to me.

Thursday, March 18th 1999

Apathy has resigned. See SC Museum for additional info. You will be missed Apathy !

Tuesday, October 27th, 1998
New Members
First and foremost, I’d like to welcome two new members to the StoneCutters; Apathy and TheSeraph. Apathy is a former AGQ2 member and TheSeraph applied a long time ago but circumstances prevented him from joining us.

Welcome aboard…

The Match That Wasn’t and The Scrimmage That Will Be
If you read the mailing list, you know that our match against clan Xtreme was cancelled by them, 3 hours before the match, after it had been planned for over a week. I won’t expand any more on this, you all know how I feel about this kind of stuff. Cancelling matches is understandable, if done at least a day in advance. Not 3 hours before, and especially not because you lined up another match instead. Anyway, enough of that. Things like this is what gives clan matches a bad name.

One a different note, I have just confirmed our scrimmage tomorrow against clan Digital Homocide, let’s hope everything goes well with this one.

Backup Haus Stats
Ford posted the stats for the Backup Haus. Check it out and see where you stand. Stats



Saturday, October 24th, 1998
I goofed, and left a map out of the pak file…if you haven’t downloaded it yet, it’s no biggie, I uploaded a new version with all the files. If you have already downloaded it, you can get only the map I left out here.
Sorry about that…

New Maps
I’ve completely changed the map rotation with 6 new maps. All the old ones are gone (sorry to those that will miss them) but some of them (2am and fragtwn1 most likely) will resurface in later rotations. I had a lot of fun on the server last night, but I realized that we really need a change of pace there.

To make things easier, I’ve put all the maps in one ZIP file, which is linked here. From now on, the entire rotation will be in that file, linked in my .sig (and on the server page), so if you ever see that you don’t have the right map for the server, just re-download the file and unzip.

This file needs to be extracted restoring pathnames into the directory ABOVE your Quake2 directory (usually the root dir). If you do not restore pathnames, the custom textures will not be installed properly and will fail to load.

On another note, I have added some “set” parameters to the server.cfg so that my email address, and a URL for the current map pack will appear under the “rules” section of Gamespy when the server is refreshed. Hopefully this will make it more convienient for players to find the maps they need to play.

The statistic file has been purged. At the end of this week, I will send the new log file to Flogger for inclusion in his newsletter (can’t wait to see that BTW).

As always, I appreciate any suggestions or feedback as to how I can make the server more enjoyable.


Monday, October 12th, 1998
New Maps
I’ve added 3 new maps to the rotation at the Backup Haus, you can download them on the server page (link is in the contents frame to the left).


Wednesday, September 30th, 1998
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw everyone at practice tonight. It was very cool to have all of the members there! Thanks to everyone for making it. With the notable exception of Ford, but I guess he can be excused, being out on vacation and all…
To celebrate our great turnout, I skipped the Haus after practice and used that time to find us a challenge. I’ve just challenged Mainstream Resistance to a match, Monday, Oct. 5th at 9:00 Central. As promised, those who didn’t play in the previous match have first shot at this one. These are: 69, Cain, Rogue, Dagar, and deeb if he can make it but probably not since it’s during the week. Let’s wait until we get a reply before we set our roster though.


Saturday, September 19th, 1998
Server Version Changes
There hasn’t been much activity on the alt Haus lately, at least from what I’ve seen. Not sure why, but I suspect it might have something to do with the fact that it was running on 3.17. Most people probably don’t have the knowledge or the inclination necessary to downgrade. So I upgraded the server to 3.19 once again. Killer@Large had suggested earlier that the overflow problems with 3.19 may be due, in part, to Lithium v1.21. So I downgraded Lithium to v1.16. The problem with the same colored runes is a moot point, since I have disabled the runes altogether. The hook is still active, but the runes are off for now. We played without them last night, and no one even noticed, or if they noticed, they didn’t mention it.
So, I hope the new version will encourage you guys to hang out with us once again…see ya out there….


Friday, September 18th, 1998
Map Rotation Updated
There are four new maps in the rotation at the Backup Haus (upyours, rene24, lady, and pinhole). You can download these maps at Terrafusion’s map page.
Also, I removed IKDM4 from the rotation. Not because it’s not a great map, but the problem is it’s just too big. It really needs at least 10-12 players to make it even halfway interesting, and there are rarely that many people on the server.


Wednesday, September 16th, 1998
TDA Match
Thanks to TDA for a great match. They were great sports and we had a blast. At the start of the match we noticed their ping’s were very high so we asked if they wanted to just call it a scrimmage. They decided to go forward with the match anyway. As the game progressed, and one of their really high HPB’s dropped out, the pings evened out a little more so we were closely matched.
We were victorious! The roster included: Ford, Brain, Klaatu and Danboo. The StoneCutters showed excellent teamwork. We worked together nicely and the WS off communication we’ve been doing has really paid off. Please see the records page and the summary for more details on the match, including screenshots and GibStats (well, the gibstats aren’t up yet but should be soon).


Monday, September 14th, 1998
Version Changes
There is a possibility that the choppy gameplay and the overflows we experienced last night on the AGQ2 Backup Haus were a result of my machine (or my ISP’s bandwidth) being pushed to the limits with so many people on at once. But we have had that many players in the past and it was never that bad. So, for now at least, we’re back at version 3.17. If you’ve already upgraded to 3.19, it’s easy enough to switch back and forth, just rerun the patch for the version you want to go to (the small patch).
Also, IKDM4 is in the rotation now. Let me know if you like it. You can download it here. I’ll try to get a local copy on my webspace soon….


Sunday, September 13th, 1998
Cleaning House
I’m cleaning up the members section. I’ve decided the whole concept of “inactive members” is rather silly. You’re either a member of the clan or you’re not. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to be active, then you’re no longer a member. I want to get some matches on the board, and have some good, contructive practices with consistent teams. Practices from now on will be passworded, and the members that are expected to show up will be given the password beforehand. That is all for now…


Thursday, September 10th, 1998
Server Map Rotation Updated
Wow, long time no update. Things are kinda hectic around here for me, so I’ve had less time to spend with clan related activities. No matches are scheduled that I’m aware of, if this lack of activity bugs any of you, please let me know and I’ll try to get some matches on the board. On the server front, I’d like to thank all of the Alt.Games.Quake2 readers that have been frequenting the Backup Haus lately. The competition has been great, and the sportsmanship of you guys is second to none. I’m glad that we have yet another place to “get away from it all” and avoid the rabble that’s so common on public servers. I’d like to remind everyone that I thrive on feedback, so if you have suggestions for the server, please send them my way. The vote for map 2am is over, and the majority voted to keep it in the rotation (13 for, 3 against). I have also added a new map to the rotation, Frag Town 1. You can download it here. Please give me some feedback on this new map. Like 2am, it’s a bit large, and may have performance issues on slower computers, but I hope it will play well. For more information on this map, visit the Fragtown Homepage. My plan is to periodically add a map (and possibly remove some) from the rotation to keep it fresh. Next map that will be added is IKDM4 (suggested by Ruthless), probably about a week or so from now.


Saturday, August 29th, 1998
Welcome back…
Rogue is back on the active list! w00h00!


Saturday, August 22th, 1998
Another New Member
They’re rolling in now! Our newest member is I1269U. I saw a post of his in the newsgroups asking about clans and the rest is history. I held his tryout last night, this guy is dangerous!! Deeb, he may be challenging you for your status of resident railgun-meister. :) Welcome aboard I1269U! (We’ll have to come up with a nickname that is easier to type than that) :)


Friday, August 21th, 1998
New Member
Everyone welcome Danboo to the ranks of the StoneCutters! Danboo saw my call for recruits in the newsgroups and responded. He has proven himself to be a very good player and will be a valuable asset to our clan. On a related note, Muahdeeb is going back to school, so at least until Christmas holidays he will be on the inactive list. I hate to lose one of our best players to the inactive list, but I suppose school is a little more important than Quake. Or so I hear… :) Good luck with school Deeb…


Wednesday, August 19th, 1998
FUI match
Thanks to FUI for a good game, they were great players and good sports. We got schooled though. :) I’ll have a writeup of the match soon, tommorrow or the next day. (Update: summary added on clan wars page)


Friday, August 14th, 1998
Server Maps
Ok, I’ve updated the server page, and cleaned up the maps on the server. Now only the maps that are listed on the server page are actually on the server, and the links ALL point to the correct version of the map. Each has been verified personally by me. All of these maps link to EXCEPT Fury. The Fury map on is a totally different map. Make sure you d/l Fury from the server page. That is all…


Thursday, August 13th, 1998
TKC Scrimmage
We had a great scrimmage with TKC tonight. We’ve been lucky enough to have always played real mature and good-natured clans and they’re no exception. Around 15 minutes into the game I checked the stats closely and all 5 StoneCutters had almost exactly the same amount of frags. Roch also proved himself a valued addition to the clan. Great playing everyone.
Another Match
About 3 weeks ago Fraggin’ Under The Influence challenged us but we were just starting OGL so we had to postpone it. I just got back in touch with them and accepted their challenge so we have another match for next week. Woohoo! It’s Wednesday, August 19th, 9:00 Central. Please e-mail me if you’re interested in participating. I’ve seen them before and get the impression that they will be good competition.

Slowing Down
That time of year is upon us again, school will be restarting. Deeb and I are going back to college, and two more will be going back to high school. I also have a new job starting in Septemeber so things may slow down around here, at least until we all get settled in. This means maybe moving the practice, and especially making sure our matches are set at a time where we can have enough players. So, if you don’t see us online as often, that’s why.

Private Page Updated
Deeb has made an update to the members only section, please check it out.


Wednesday, August 5th, 1998
KCS Match Results
Thanks for you patience. I had an unexpected difficult time with the summary of this match. I didn’t take screen shots and the log didn’t give me enough info to give exact numbers. Other than that, I feel the match went GREAT! KCS were great sports even though they had trouble with team damage. Rocket Arena really spoils you ;) Please see Gibstats and Summary on the Clan Wars page for more information. Special thanks to Donnival for helping make this match go smoothly. This was Desiato’s first match and he did superbly, Roger That! :) Thanks….


KCS Match
Kudos to KCS for the great match Monday night. It’s always so much easier (and so much more fun!) when you’re dealing with a cool, mature clan like KCS. Muahdeeb has promised an update to the match summaries and the gibstats soon. As always, we look forward to playing them many times in the future.

Upcoming Scrimmage
The Thrill Kill Clan wants to have a scrimmage with us on their server sometime next week (the ip of which is on the clan wars page). TKC is composed of a lot of friendly, mature players, so this should be fun. Luckyshot, Demon, Nurple, and Snarn have all made me feel welcome on their server the last few days…their kind of hospitality is a rare thing in the world of Quake. :) Let me know which of you are interested. You might want to toy around on this server a bit before hand, they have made some…interesting changes… the weapons. :) For one, the rocket launcher speed has been more than doubled, but the damage has been reduced. Also the super shotgun and the chaingun damage has been increased to the point that they are the weapons of choice. Anyway, we can discuss the details of this as the week progresses.

New Member
We’ve recruited our first new member in a long time. Everyone welcome Rochambeau to the ranks of the StoneCutters! I saw a post from him in the newsgroups asking about joining a clan, and the rest is history. Ro is an old fogey like the rest of us so should fit right in. :) He’s also played quite a bit of CTF, so if we ever decide to toy with some CTF matches he’ll be an asset.



Saturday, August 1st, 1998
KCS Match
Woo Hoo! We have a full crew for Monday’s match. Expect the worst but hope for the best. Meaning, if we have packet loss problems and someone is disconnected the other team will drop someone to maintain a fair game. Hopefully this won’t be a problem.


Friday, July 31st, 1998
KCS Match
The KCS have a new web page up. You can view it here. I also need more players. Donnival has told me that he can gather 5 players, possibly 6. So, don’t be shy, email me please.
I have received an email from Michael D. Fox today. He is the author of the NIQ mod. Here is what he wrote below:

We haven’t met. I wrote the NIQ mod and I noticed your server under GameSpy. Let me know if you have any problems/questions with NIQ — if you’ve been to the web site on PQ, you’ll know to avoid city3 and that using bots makes the server less stable. I’ll let you know when I update NIQ and I’ve added your server to the server list on the NIQ home page.

I’ll try to check out your server at some point (I really like the idea of using new maps — I’m real sick of the ones that most servers are using).

If you have a specific day/time when there might be lots of players there, let me know and I’ll try to make it then.

Thanks for the feedback and its good to see another NIQ server out there.



Wednesday, July 29th, 1998
KCS Match
We have a chance to redeem our loss to KCS this Monday, August 3. Time is still to be announced. I am tentatively looking at 9 pm CST. Will let you know ASAP. The settings will be as usual: team damage on, etc…. I will email you their skin as soon as it is given to me. I am waiting to hear their ping and packet loss to the Netdoor Rancor server, so, I may be jumping the gun here. Will inform you of later developments….stay tuned. See Clan Wars for further information. Oh, if interested please notify me – deeb.
Private Page
I have written a little commentary there.

New Join US Page
I would like to congratulate Brain and Ford for putting this wonderful page together. I personally have rejoined the clan and was confronted with some rather interesting questions. I wonder how many you know? There was one that I didn’t have a clue on. What was my test score? ;)


Saturday, July 25th, 1998
Web page changes
The members list has changed. Now only the active members are listed on the main page. There is a link to the inactive members list. If you are on the inactive list and do not think you should be, then email either Brain or myself and explain why. Secondly, Brain has added a CGI script on the joining page that should make processing applications easier. Woohoo! That is all…


Thursday, July 23th, 1998
Dragon’s Bane HPB Tactics Class
Ok, everyone, don’t forget Cyberdragon of Dragon’s Bane has invited us to his HPB tactics class on IRC. This class will be mostly there, with the possibility of going to a server, depending on circumstances. Please try to show up. It’s going to be on IRC.DAL.NET in channel #DragonsBaneClan. When I connected to IRC tonight, the channel didn’t exist, but supposedly it will be there tommorrow night. Keep ICQ up anyway in case plans change.
SiN Demo Release Imminent
Sunday the 26th is the scheduled date for the release of the SiN demo. WooHoo! I’ll do my best to snag it and put it on the clan server so the StoneCutters (and the friends of the StoneCutters, you know who you are) can download it at their leisure. Stay tuned for details….


Monday, July 20th, 1998
New StoneCutter Skin
Ok, it’s time to start using ONE skin for clan matches. We need to have a skin we can give to other clans so they can install it prior to matches, and have one to place on the server so visitors can download it. I have picked a skin that I think will work well. It was made by Fluffy, but for our clan, if he has a problem with us using it I’m sure he will email me. Download it here. I’ll also place it on the server page. That is all for now…


Sunday, July 19th, 1998
Ok, it seems that some of the maps are different versions than the ones on the server. DOH! Well, fury just kicks major tail, so here’s the server’s version, d/l it, and I’ll see what I can do about the others (maybe set the server to send maps).


FU Match
We had another great match with FU Thursday. We were victorious in the end but they put up a good fight. Overall, everyone’s pings were pretty bad but we managed. Luckily, this is a thing of the past. Read below. Anyway, good game guys…




New Server Operational (Woohoo!)
Finally our new server is online and running. The IP address is We are currently running 3 ports, and everything seems to be running pretty smoothly. The new machine is a P200MMX with 96 MB of ram, so it should be able to handle that many ports at once. Currently Lithium v1.02 is running on port 27910, Rancor is running on port 27911, and Action Quake v.93 on port 27912.

Everyone’s pings seemed pretty good, and improvement in most cases. Klaatu’s might have gone up a bit, but I think he’s not getting as much packet loss which is good. Our president finally has a decent ping. :)

Because of security issues at the new ISP, Qview and FTP access will unfortunately only be availble to Cain, Rogue, and I. That is because they block all access from any other subnet besides their own. As of right now, we’re being blocked as well. :( I have to talk to my guy at Netdoor about that, so until we get that resolved there will be no new mods, and no shutting the servers down. But we do have rcon to all three of them, and we are running the 3 main mods we played anyway. Just be very careful with rcon! As of now, if you do something drastic with it, I can’t use Qview to fix it. Keep that in mind.

If any other clans are reading this, feel free to stop by our server and try it out. FU and KCS especially. After I’m sure the server will be stable, I’ll try to drum up some publicity for it. I’ve already informed the Action Quake guys of the new server, so hopefully we’ll see some people on that port.

One last note: I have updated the server page, with ALL of the maps on the server. In particular, make sure you have the ones under “Newest Maps”, because we either have not played these yet, or haven’t played them very much. Let me know if there are any broken links, but there shouldn’t be.

Clan Matches Cancelled
Unfortunately, two of our upcoming games have been cancelled. Turns out Atomic Punks are almost entirely LPB’s. We’ll look them up again when we have similar bandwidth. :) Also, I get a 450ms ping to Chaotic Serenity’s server, and it’s about 20 hops away. It’s not really a good time for either clan I don’t think, so we’re going to postpone it for a while. We are on the OGL ladder now so we shouldn’t be lacking matches in the upcoming weeks anyway.

On a side note, I haven’t solved my line noise problems, but I have found a way to keep them from locking my machine up. That, combined with keeping my connection rate down (which doesn’t affect pings that much) means that I’m still in action. (And there was much rejoicing!)


Sunday, May 31st, 1998
E3 Revisited
Just wanted to add a couple of more things to Ford’s review.
-They have put a totally new engine into this, though the rest of the game is the same as NASCAR2. It is a more realistic feel to how driving an actual car would be. If you hit a bump on the right front of the car, only that part of the car would react. Really lifelike.

-The visuals on this game are outstanding. If you have ever driven at night in a city you know how street lights will shine across your windshield and give a prismatic effect. Well they have captured that effect perfectly in Motorhead. The demos were running on 3Dfx video cards and the framerate was outstanding. Very smooth and fast.

-I am not a huge console fan, but this game looked very cool. If you are fans of the older Zelda games, then put that together with Mario64 and you have Zelda64. ‘Nuff said. :)

Force Feedback Controllers
-I got to play Monster Truck Madness 2 with a force feedback steering wheel from ACT labs. I was thoroughly impressed. If none of you guys have ever felt of one these things, then you do not know what you are missing. While playing, I ran the truck into a large tree and the steering wheel was actually jerked from my hands. I had never experienced realism from a game like that before. If you have any games that support force feedback I would reccomend going out and buying one. One little extra about the wheel was that it was covered in leather. Nice touch. :)

Windows 98
-We got to see a working copy of Windows 98. They had a demonstration booth set up showing how easy to use the operating system has become. I was impressed by the true plug ‘n play ability of Windows 98. They had a USB Logitech Scanner that they plugged in, it found it, installed the drivers, and that was that. Then the demonstrator proceeded to scan in a document. Very cool. Even though I plan on purchasing a copy, I still think it is just a glorified service pack. Just my $.02 worth.

The Women
-They deserve two mentions in the update. :)

Well that is all that I can think of right now. If you ever get a chance to go to E3, do not pass it up. Hopefully when next year comes around I will be in a position to go to it in LA. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)


E3 Review
Time for my E3 review. Sorry, no pictures, because flash photography was not allowed, and we didn’t have a videocamera with us. I’m really glad we got a chance to check it out this year, especially since they’re moving it to LA from now on. It was a gamer’s paradise! I felt like a kid in a candy store, with nearly every major game publisher having a booth showing off their upcoming games…and in most instances you could actually play them! Lets see, lots of stuff, so lets see if I manage to remember it all.

Firstly, I did get a chance to meet Rich Fleider of Rogue Entertainment (the guy I was going to buy Carmack’s old apple from). He was a very cool guy, very friendly. We chatted about their upcoming mission pack, Unreal, and other stuff. He said that they had gotten a copy of Unreal around his office, but haven’t even had a chance to install it yet because they were preparing for E3.

Almost every game running on PC’s there were running on Voodoo II’s. Lots of games were running at what appeared to be 1024×768 at about 80fps. It was really an amazing sight to see. Lots of console games were being exhibited as well, but it was really hard for them to get my attention, because the PC’s had such an obvious graphical superiority over the consoles. I’m afraid that after E3 my interest in consoles will just about die. The graphics on the PC w/an accellerator just spoil you for pixels. I can’t stand to see ’em anymore. Besides, lots of games that normally would only come out on the console are being ported to the PC, usually with better features and nicer graphics.

Some of the cool games I saw were:

Mars Maniacs
-An amazing futuristic racing game…looked a lot like Pod, only it had a lot more cool lighting effects, and ran at a AMAZING framerate. The illusion of speed was unbelievable.

Rayman 2
-This game was simply beautiful. I’m a big fan of the first Rayman on the Playstation, even though it was too difficult for me to finish it. The new Rayman is totally 3d, just like Mario 64, but the graphics are amazing. It really takes advantage of power of a the Voodoo II. At high res, it almost looks like an actual cartoon.

-This looks like a really amazing game. The first thing you notice is that the evironments are very different…it takes place in the near future, in a research lab. There’s actual COLOR to this game, not just dark brown, dark red, etc. It has a SLIGHT cartoony look to it, but to me, the change in palette is so refreshingly different I don’t mind. The monsters were kinda cool, I wasn’t totally blown away by them. One of the best things I saw was a HUGE tentacled creature from a pit that would reach out and grab you if you got too close…it’s probably one of the largest creatures I’ve ever seen in a FPS.

-They had Unreal running on about 8 machines connected on a LAN, and you could just walk up and play…Cain and I had a lot of fun w/it…it plays VERY well over a LAN (I hear that it still has some major internet performance problems though). Cain took off to see some other stuff while I played for about 30-40 minutes…I hit the fraglimit twice! It was great fun.

NFL Blitz
-Not a big footbal fan myself, but this looks like the first football game that I know off that really uses the 3dfx. It looks great. They had a whole row of these arcade machines running NFL Blitz on 3dfx hardware free to play. The coolest thing is the PC version and the arcade version are exactly the same! Should be cool for you sports fans…

-I’ve saved the best for last. I never really knew much about this game before E3, but now I’ve become totally spoiled…in case you don’t know, Sin is a game being developed by Ritual entertainment, using the Q2 engine as a base. This game looks incredible. It doesn’t have QUITE the eye candy that Unreal has, but the gameplay looks totally incredible. The singleplayer level that I got to see was a huge power plant, complete w/dam. The environments look very realistic, reminded me a lot of Goldeneye on the N64, just with a better resolution and framerate. Most of the people you fight are actually human beings, not monsters, and they are the best modeled humans I have ever seen in a FPS…very realistic movement. The environments are very responsive to your actions…when you shoot a rocket at a wall, it leaves a large black area in the wall…bullets leave holes in the wall. Locational damage is present…hit a soldier in his leg, and falls to his knees and grabs at the wound…hit is chest, and a large bloody hole appears! I saw guy playing it hit a soldier in the leg in a hallway, and the blood splattered on the wall and actually stayed there! It’s an incredible effect. Some of the structures are destroyable…in a lower level of the power plant you can shoot up the support columns until they shatter and fall…it’s a very realistic looking effect…if you shoot them up enough, the ceiling starts caving in! There are lots of innocent bystanders walking around screaming stuff like “He’s got a gun!!”…lots of ambiance. There are computers you can interact with…you walk up to the monitors, and you can actually see text on them, and interact w/them via your keyboard! It really lends to the immersive feel.

Cain and I got to try out a little Sin deathmatch, and believe me, it’s the best deathmatch experience I’ve ever had! It’s so hard to go back to Quake 2 now, I’m spoiled. Firstly, the multiplayer model is unbelievably realistic…it’s not brawny like the Quake 2 model, but not thin like the Unreal looks just right. He jumps down from higher levels and rolls as he hits the ground…he looks realistic when he runs (no skating effect). There are tons of cool death animations. The weapons are great fun too. It’s mainly the standard fare, but the muzzle flashes are very realistic, and the sounds are nice…it really makes you feel like you’ve got some powerful stuff. The deathmatch level we played on was a small abandoned building…the sky graphic was a huge city skyline that looked VERY nice…it had a very Duke Nukem 3d look to it, only better…IMHO the environment is much more real feeling when it’s set in the present time, and not in the future…it’s easier for me to relate to, like an action movie.

We also got to see the PGL finals…

When we first went to the booth to see the semi-finals, Thresh was there…I was standing about 10 feet away from him! I would have asked him for his autograph, but I didn’t have a pen, and he looked like he was trying to relax, so I didn’t want to bug him. :) He wasn’t actually playing, I think he sat out this season. Anyway, it was interesting…but not as exciting as I expected. I don’t know the details of the selection process (it’s based on some complicated ranking system), but the level of skill in the finalists was not that high. I was a bit dissapointed. It seems that ping plays a greater part in the who goes on to the finals that I thought…that’s the only explanation I can think of. But then again, I might play a lot worse if I was in front of a lot of people, and it $7,500 and a new computer were on the line. But I do think that half of us could have a good chance of beating nearly every one of the finalists I saw play, with the possible expection of Roscoe, the winner. I guess we just need to get off our tail and register for next season.

A few final thoughts on the PGL: If they want the matches to be more exciting, they need to change the rules a bit. Most of the games played were played VERY conservatively…most of the time, both players would retreat to health up, and it resulted in a very BORING game. At one point Roscoe hid underneath an elevator for about 2-4 minutes to keep it from coming down, to run the clock out. That sucks. If they really want to make the game exciting, they need to do away with the timelimit, and make it a fraglimit instead. Also, although this would remove some of the strategic elements, they need to remove all health from the game. This would prevent players from retreating to health up, and would result in a much higher scoring and exciting game…at many points I was starting to fall asleep. It’ll never make ESPN2 in it’s current incarnation.

Oh yeah, the WOMEN! There were some really incredible looking scantily-clad women there handing out marketing trinkets…and the girl from the Forsaken ads was there, although she was wearing quite a bit more than in the Forsaken ads. :( Speaking of trinkets, we got TONS of free magazines (they were all over the place for the taking) including Computer Gaming World, PC Games, EGM, Next-Generation, etc. etc. It’ll take me forever to read them all. We got some cool keychains…a small miniature “Intel Dancing Guy” dressed in a clean-room outfit, an ACTUAL Voodoo II chip, and a small rubber 3dfx logo (just like the spinning logo you get when you start a 3dfx app, that is, if you don’t have it disabled).

Well, I’m worn out from typing…Cain, if you can think of anything to add please do so. I know I forgot a lot of stuff, but my fingers are about to fall off…




Back from E3
As some of you already know, Ford and I are back from E3. Hopefully one of us will have a review of all the stuff that we saw up pretty soon. Just to give you a little teaser though, start checking out Ritual Entertainment’s website. From what we saw, Sin is going to be one great game. We got to play a little deathmatch and the gameplay was fantastic. They only had a small demo that they put together for E3, but that was enough to show how great the game is going to be. Check back later in the week for a full update about our week in Hotlanta.

I do not know if any of you guys are big football fans or not, but I have been a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan since I was old enough to know what football was. Anyway while we were at E3, I actually got to meet and get two autographs from Kordell Stewart. He was signing at the Midway booth promoting a new football game called Blitz. Regardless to say, it was one of the coolest things that I got to do while at E3. :)




Saturday, May 23rd, 1998
New Voting Member
Boogymen is in the process of reinstalling everything on his hard drive and stated that he will begin working on the new member’s skins. Welcome back Boog!
Broken Link
Hellchick informed me that two maps ztn2dm2 and ztn2md3 were not able to be downloaded. I placed these maps on another location. Please visit the Server page to download them. Thanks Hellchick!


Wednesday, May 20th, 1998
New Voting Member
A former Stonecutter, Madnurse, has agreed to help pay for the clan server. So, Madnurse automatically becomes a voting member. He stated that his work schedule has changed and is able to play more = competition. Alright! Email: ICQ UIN is 2093384.


Tuesday, May 19th, 1998
Hell’s Belles
This is still in the maybe phase. Have to hear from voting members first. Dagar suggested challenging an all female clan. They are called the Hell’s Belles. Check out their web page and let me know what you guys think.
Online Gamers League
After reading Brain’s email regarding the “other” Stonecutters clan I browsed the OGL web site. It really started my heart pumping considering the possibilities there. There are currently four mods: LMCTF, Q2 DM, Q2 CTF, and RA2. Oh, yes, this has to be approved by the voting members. I have one member that has showed interest but I am concerned about the free time of some of our members – very little! Well, we’ll jump that hurdle when it comes.

Tek Ops
When playing a local server: Lithium, I was trying to find some local guys to play in a lan party. This is when I met Trinity who has just started a new clan, Tek Ops. I found him to be very mature and very competitive. We played on the clan server with almost the same exact ping. Very good player. So if you see him on the server please welcome him . I would also like to challenge this clan. Check out their web page and get back with me.

Clan Server Concerns
Please see Private page.

Skin Coordinator
I have not seen nor heard from Boogeymen in quite a long time. He hasn’t made the clan skins for Shmitty or Rogue. If Boog doesn’t show soon with a good excuse for his absence I will nominate a new skin coordinator by this Friday. All interested please contact me. Oh, does anyone know for sure if our clan skins are compatible with VWEP?

Servers Frequented
Please send me the servers that you all go to the most. I removed all except for the clan server on the “Info” page because I don’t they are frequented anymore. I also want to document how and why the Stonecutters disbanded and then were reborn into what we have today.

Bio Pages
Klaatu suggested that we include real life pictures with our biography pages. Voting members please vote on this and vote to have Klaatu in charge of it.


Friday, May 15th, 1998
I added some new stuff as you can see. I hope you don’t mind Cain but I went ahead and integrated the new SC guidelines. I also updated the Challenge page, Private page, and Members page.
I am planning to get the ball rolling on some practices but can’t until I get back home. (Next Tuesday)

Famous Ford
Congratulations to Ford, very proud of you!


Thursday, May 14th, 1998
Yours Truly is Famous
This is about as close to fame as I’ll get (in the Quake community anyway): I was mentioned in Rich Fleider’s (of Rogue Entertainment) .plan file today. No, I didn’t win Carmack’s Apple, but at least I jacked up the price for the other guy. :) Seriously though, I’m happy that it went to someone I know will take good care of it. Jason A. Farque’, the bid winner, has promised to take pictures of the machine with his digital camera, and send them to me. I’ll post them here when I get them. That’s it for today.


Thursday, May 14th, 1998
Yours Truly is Famous
This is about as close to fame as I’ll get (in the Quake community anyway): I was mentioned in Rich Fleider’s (of Rogue Entertainment) .plan file today. No, I didn’t win Carmack’s Apple, but at least I jacked up the price for the other guy. :) Seriously though, I’m happy that it went to someone I know will take good care of it. Jason A. Farque’, the bid winner, has promised to take pictures of the machine with his digital camera, and send them to me. I’ll post them here when I get them. That’s it for today.


Saturday, May 9th, 1998
New Maps Revisted
I’ve placed yet another set of excellent maps on the server page. And this time, to encourage you to download them, I’ve set the server up to rotate on these maps only. C’mon, you know you love me. :)


Sunday, May 3rd, 1998
New Maps
I’ve placed some new maps on the server that we may use from time to time. I’ve linked them on the server page. If you find is too slow, you may want to try downloading the maps from a mirror site such as


Friday, May 1st, 1998
Server is back! (finally)
I’m pleased to say that the StoneCutters server is back online. As of this writing, it’s running Rocket Arena 2. VWep and LMCTF are both installed. I unfortunately have not gotten a chance to put Action Quake on the server yet, but I will try to do that this weekend. Enjoy!
First Official Meeting
Just a reminder that our first official meeting will be held Monday, May 4th, on the irc channel #clan_stonecuttersq2, at 8:00 CST. Everyone should try to attend this meeting. Make sure you look over our proposed charter and be prepared to discuss it. There will be a 50-question closed-book exam, if you fail we will have to kill you, so please don’t.


Sunday, April 26th, 1998
Practice Match
The practice match went very well. After finding an empty server it didn’t take us long to get warmed up. I was very impressed with our teamwork. Very nice guys! We had a good showing. Pisces is the only one that had to cancel. The KCS clan was well represented: Donnival, Ironman, Tenchi, and Andarus. I made 2 demos that you can download here 570 kb. I would like to make an Official Challenge to the KCS clan but this is subject to vote.
Rogue, Pisces, and I went to a Rocket Arena 2 server and played some 2 on 2. Very nice mod!

Web Page Update
I have not spoken with Desiato for a while. So, let’s not worry about changing anything right now.

Members Area
Voting results: President, members, laws, etc….


Friday, April 23rd, 1998
Private page update
I posted an article on some of the members that haven’t been active lately. There is a update to the members list on the April 22 update. The password has been changed. Please check your email for the new word.
Practice Match
These are the stonecutters that will be participate in the practice match. Meet on, #clan_stonecuttersq2 at 10pm CST, Saturday, April 25. We’ll find a server with Rocket Arena 2 that is acceptable to all ((Be SURE you have Rocket Arena 2 downloaded and installed)) Then go have some fun.



Thursday, April 23rd, 1998
Clan Server
The clan server will be up the first of May. It really depends if all that said would pay actually do pay. Voting members will have password access. Here are the possible mods that we will be rotating periodically:

LMCTF 3.03
Rocket Arena 2
Deathmatch with VWEP
Action 2
Quake 1

Clan Conduct
In light of our practice match with KCS. I challenge each and every one of you to reread “The Sacred Parchment.” It specifies correct conduct in every aspect of clan activities. These guidelines are one of the main reasons I joined the clan. Let’s not loose sight of what we are all about.



Wednesday, April 22nd, 1998
Practice Match
In speaking with [KCS]Ironman, he has offered to have a practice match this Saturday, April 25 at 10:00pm CST. The mod will be DM. The server will be determined on Saturday night. More details later.
I am going to start a practice starting this Sunday, April 26 at 2:00pm CST. Well, ok, its really not a practice. What I had in mind is that we meet on, #clan_stonecuttersq2. Find a server with an acceptable ping for all. Then go have some fun. Just show up if you want to participate.

Web Page Update
Ok guys, lets get involved here. I hear two sides. One – some of you want to keep the same colors and same layout. Two – some want the new layout (darker, meaner, quake2 look) and same layout. Soooo, we need to decide what to do. Desiato wants a black background for his new art. I sent an unfinished example of his work, pretty durn cool! So, please get involved in this process. I want to prevent someone from strongly objecting to the new page after a lot of time has been invested into it.

Official Clan Meeting
I want to have an official clan meeting the first weekend of every month (subject to vote). I am shooting for Sunday afternoon, May 3, 7:00pm CST. This will be held no matter who doesn’t show up. But let me know if you know for sure you cannot attend – please. We will have the meeting on the clan irc channel, see above. Paying members can vote. Nonpayers are recommended to attend and participate in the discussion. Please come!

Members Area
I posted an update to the members only area. Please go by and check it out. It includes a list of all members.


Q2DM1 tricks: Bunny hopping to the 10 Rockets, by Ford[SC]

Screen shot 2018-01-08 at 7.44.30 PM

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