Q2 Grapplers by Pooy

Q2 Grapplers by Pooy

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:: Welcome :: 25/06/2001
by: SBD
Welcome to my new site, I have to give a big thanks to Pooy for doing the “l33t coding” and to alvy for the webspace to host. I’d also like to thank Yan for the new logo and DarCore for my web address. Please start posting new times ASAP and see how much better this site is compaired to the old.

I am still undeicded on the rules of the compertition, I feel that it should be about the best grapplers not the best RJ jumpers. Either way please can you email me with your comments (or post in the comment section below) on what you think the rules should be… if there is an a one sided opinion I will change the rules accordinly.

If your name is already listed on the new site please do NOT create a login for yourself, please email me at SBD@thc.savageclans.com with your details and I will update for you. The reason for this is because the times submited will not match up to your login name unless it is linked properly.

:: Part 2 :: 20/07/2001
by: SBD
K so obviously theres a demand for this sorta thing I had tones of e-mails telling me what a great idea it is so maybe I can take it 1 step further..

I am thinking of making thise website into a fast gaming place, whereby its not just all about 1 game and 1 modification. For example CCTF fast cap times, and erm other games and things which will be timed.

What do you guys think of this kinda thing? is it a good idea? or should i keep it just Q2 grapplers and have it just for a resource?

Your opinions please



:: New Maps :: 27/07/2001
by: Pooy
Two new maps have just been added to the site, q2dm1 and q2ctfw4b. You may require the entity file to get the flags appear on q2dm1, download it here. Place it in your ctf/lfirecfg/ent directory.

Any problems, just add a comment and I will get back to you.

**EDIT** Please note, that technically you are not allowed to use a tech during your cap run. This rule has been changed in that, if you have techs turned on, so longas the tech does not interfere with your cap run the demo will be accepted. Examples of Interference :

Time accell banned outright, as it speeds up your grapple firing rate.
Disrupter Shield used to swim thru lava or somin?

:: Demos Down :: 25/08/2001
by: SBD
All demos which were hosted on my site at Jolt are currently unavailable. Jolt has deleted my account along with all the data stored on it.

But don’t worry – I have a backup of all demos which were hosted there, they will be temporally down for 24/48 hours while Jolt sets up another account for me

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Comments :

oi 15/07/2001
by: s
If I beat you by any more you might not bother
by: Pooy
pooy stop beating me by 0.1 07/12/2001
yay pooy \o/ CHA CHA CHA \o/ 07/11/2001
by: droW
jeje :] 07/09/2001
by: Skid
who’s fettson? 07/09/2001
by: Skeed
?! 07/04/2001
by: [tm] FETTSON
bah i never posted that twice  (btw delete button doesnt work)
yeah a forum would be nice =]
Ah I didn’t upload the demo
Soz working now
What u guys thinking of having a forum?
by: SBD
thats sbds domain, he deals with approving the demos and shit
badger him to fix the url
by: Pooy
the link to the demo of the top time for ctf2 is broken )
(the 14.0 darcore one)
the link to the demo of the top time for ctf2 is broken )
(the 14.0 darcore one)
minor bug in the sql query, thanks for brginging to my attention
it should be fixed now
by: Pooy
gh3y grapplers 28/06/2001
by: Skid
Seems to be a teeeeny problem atm
I just posted a demo for LFCTF5, then tried to post one for LFCTF10, but it says “blah blah bugger off, you’ve already posted a demo for that map which is awaiting approval” or something, which is not true, honest! :(

n1 SBD & Pooy btw

pff n00bs , signup and login first 28/06/2001
by: Pooy
how to “post demo”? yha link got fcking probbs =P 27/06/2001
who is Poo 27/06/2001
I don’t consider p0rn sites suitable for my portfolio 27/06/2001
by: Pooy
 l33t now get Pooy to do me a site fuckin chunt 26/06/2001
by: AnonyAss
hi 25/06/2001
Thanks for putting so much effort into the Q2CTF scene SBD its really appreciated, the site is a great idea…hope you can promote it abroad, I’m sure the demos will come rolling in. GL 25/06/2001
by: 67
May the grappl0r be with u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25/06/2001
by: DaMaK
by: SBD
ll working, good good 25/06/2001
by: Pooy



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