ClanBase Column: Dutch Q2CTF team! by NoBoDy

ClanBase Column: Dutch Q2CTF team! by NoBoDy

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Amsterdam – As some of u might have noticed there’s a dutch q2ctf team formed to play in an ec for that mod….

The team consists of some very l33t players:


they are coached by Disintegrator, who is not playing himself. He is the great tactical brain of it all, but ofcourse you already knew that ((c) ace ventura):

I will give u some info on all the players soon, but since I don’t have so much time right know, I’ll just start with one.:

Nobody: In which clans have u been?
grem: ALL my clans?
Nobody: q2ctf
grem: even when I played with the keyboard?
Nobody: er… no :)

Gremio started his career with infamous clan WWW (World Wide Warriors), soon to take a transfer to Nicklame clan SKZ (Serial-KillerZ)(excuse the word, but they where :))
He really started playing with Dinosaur-clan PK, being part of a great team with now NL-players Letaliz and Coolkillah. When PK split just after the first q2ctf cup Gre joined clan X for a little while, but that was as I quote from the newsitem“just for phun” .
A few weeks later Gre founded Rage, together with Crovax, who came with him from PK. Rage featured a lot of old PK and X players and therefore won the latest q2ctf-cup (I like cause-effect relations :))

Gremio has been selected for midfieldplay, and among his concurrents for that place are Snowmane, Butch and Rufus (and some more :P).
Here’s a piece from my interview with gre:

grem: In PK is was known for my so-called “c�rk”actions, and therefore I was called c�rk most of the time :)
Nobody: example
grem: c0rk acties :
grem: flag escapen and crater in main hallway or in tube
grem: quad rocket jump on enemy
grem: teammates with ps telefraggen
grem: I had quad once
grem: our fc aproached our flag…
grem: I quad-railed him sky-high
grem: and he cratered :)))
Nobody: rofl!!!!!
grem: I made the cap btw :)

Thats all about gre, I wont talk about him anymore because I don’t like him at all, but hey, who does? (whoah gre u deserve it!)

Another small thing about the team in general:
I really think this is a great idea. It’s always cewl having European contests. However, I think there are a few problems.
1- Will the team stay clear from internal problems? It’s pretty common for Dutch National Teams to have such troubles (remember soccer EC 96?), and there are in fact some er… risky players on the team.
2- Will they have enough support from err.. the ordinary quaker?
I don’t mean to be rude, but they’re acting pretty l33t, kicking people from servers before they have the chance to leave normally (I’m not talking about myself btw, but this column would indeed be a great way to whine about stuff, hmmm…) Also the whole thing has a tremendous air of secrecy around it, alowing nobody on irc or even as a spectator during trainings. This is understandable because Belgian spies are everywhere these days.

But hey, who cares! As long as they win! I expect the soccer ec will be cancelled so everyone can watch this thing, and the NATO will have to take care of the hooligan-armies of quakers which will destroy Europe if their team loses.

That’s all for now….
Till next time, when I will talk about some other players, and maybe interview the Belgians or English coach!


Screen shot 2017-12-13 at 4.58.52 AMScreen shot 2017-12-13 at 4.59.05 AMScreen shot 2017-12-13 at 4.59.21 AM

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