PlanetQuake: Textures, Skins and Digi-Art by SPiTT

PlanetQuake: Textures, Skins and Digi-Art by SPiTT

:.:BRaD ‘SPiTT’ Palm:.:
.:digital artist:.

— Location:
(address disclosed)
Sheboygan, WisconSIN
(phone unknown)

— Career Objective:
2d skinner

— Education:
High School complete
had artclass’s all 4 years
Graphic Arts 2 years

— Honors and Awards:
W.T. Gram Award for a pen and ink drawing

— Work Experience:
Currently Working on multiple Projects
-Magma Entertainment: Graphics Department.
I am responsible for Concept art, skinning, ect.

I have been featured on for a few images i had submitted. I’ll upload them to the page soon.

-Quake Retexturing Project:
I have done the Exit sign,(can be seen in textures). or just goto the its site.
Quake1 Retextureing

My Operating System:
I am a Mac User And Proud of it.
.:iMac PowerPC_G4 Flat Panal:700mhz:40gb-hd:384mb_Ram:GeForce2mx:.
As long as I can get the Image, I can Edit/Manipulate it. I belive in Cross Plateform and completly Ok with not being able to use Finished Games.
I play Alot of Playstaion 2 when I’m not Playing Quake And Making Images in Photoshop.
I work for a Small Store Chain Know as Shopko .
oh yeah, Please DON’T start Spaming me with how much macs suck and how windows is better, they both have their pros and cons, It Runs Quake, Quake 2 and Photoshop. So I’m Happy.


__ .:SPiTT:.
Feel free to use anything! Just give props to the one who made it! – thanks

__ .:SPiTT:.
Feel free to use anything! Just give props to the one who made it! – thanks


__ .:SPiTT:.
Feel free to use anything! Just give props to the one who originaly made it! goto Polycount Tools For The MDL viewers and you can implant my skins onto the quakee models. mac users go to Mohunt thats if its still up and running. Thats what I use. I also use Pakrat to Extract My Models.

WcW’s Sting As A Grunt Skin! A job i just did for kicks for RavenXGB.


This is My Dorthy’s Daughter for my “Oz” Mod that never was. Model For the Enforcer is , SexDroid caution, perverted mod. but the model is good, and if you change the skin, you can make it teen again. btw, clothing from Hot-Topic.”

[Back in the day, when i had my lil’ Athlon Gamming computer;
I made some skins for a small game known as NASCAR 4.
Feel Free To use them.
Prehaps they could find their way in other car games?
Just send me a screenshot, anyone w/GTA3?
If you have this game, i think you should know how to use new car skins in it. they need to be saved as .tga i belive. and its all done through your car editor.
The Classic Quake Car. “w00t!”]


The Stroggs Drive This One.


A Nice Guy To use inplace of the Pit Crew.

Digital Art

__ .:SPiTT:.
Digi-art… my definition of Computer Generated/Aided art.

This is a page tweaked by BRaD SPiTT-2002-

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