Common Quake Aliases by Bruw

Screen shot 2017-12-10 at 5.35.27 AM

I’m sure you’ve seen it a million times, people who don’t use their real nicknames when they go online to play Quake. Usually these people go on with different names in case they lose really bad or so no one will know who they are because they like to harass other players or just be jackasses. Here’s a list of the top 13 aliases that a lot of people seem to use. Some are dumber then others :)

1)   Llama
2)   Player
3)   Unnamedplayer (not even bothering to change the default eh?)
4)   Slut
5)   Alias
6)   Late (when someone comes into a team game late, and wants people to know he has 3frags because he came in 15min late and not because he sucks, this is mostly q1 clanring)
7)   (leaving your name completly blank, possible in some q1 mods, can’t remember which it’s been a while)
8)   newbie
9)   owned, imowned, iownyou, and many other variations.
10)   thresh ( or any other known player, ie: impersonating other players to get attention)
11)   nosound (your sound card ain’t working eh?)
12)   Bot
13)   Lame, Lamer, urlame etc etc.

(The people using these names are lame. Don’t be caught using one!) :-)



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