Turtled.com: Alexander ‘Ravage’ McWilliam interviews Stevie ‘KillCreek’ Case 10.05.2001

Turtled.com: Alexander ‘Ravage’ McWilliam interviews Stevie ‘KillCreek’ Case 10.05.2001

Stevie ‘KillCreek’ Case

von Alexander ‘Ravage’ McWilliam

Stevie ‘KillCreek’ Case visited ‘Turtled.com’ for an exclusive interview before she moves over to ‘The Pentium 4 Holland CPL’ in the netherlands. The female Quakelady talks about her job as ‘Master of Ceremonies’ for the ‘CPL’, pro gaming and other interesting stuff. The interview is also available as an audio-version (mp3). Here´s the quote:

Turtled: Let us start with your past so that our readers can get a small picture of who you are. How did you get into gaming in the very beginning?
Killcreek: I grew up playing games, starting on the Apple II when I was about seven years old. Then came the Atari, the Nintendo, and so on up to the PC which was during my freshman year in college in 1994. I go sucked into Doom.

Turtled: So, if you’ve been playing games all along, were you what some might call a ‘girl geek’?
Killcreek: Bigtime! (laughs) I have all sorts of horrid memories of growing up. I was always a little different and I never knew why. I didn’t know it was weird for girls to play computer.

Turtled: How about the boys?
Killcreek: When I was younger I think they jsut saw it as something bizarre. I’d come to school for example and brag about that I’d just beaten the newest Super Mario game in two days. They didn’t believe me. When I finally got to college, it became more of a vovelty. People were more intrigued by it.

Turtled: What were your favorite games back then?
Killcreek: My first big game was Load Runner. But I loved all the Mario games aswell. More recent games are Quake or Grim Fandango… I love all kinds of games!

Turtled: Now, when you first started gaming, there was no such thing as the Internet. When did that start for you?
Killcreek: I think my first introduction to the Internet was through a couple of friends who were playing Quake online. So they introduced me to IRC and so on, which must have all been around 1995… and I’ve been there ever since!

Turtled: Do you like to hang out a lot on IRC or is it more of a tool for you?
Killcreek: Oh yeah! I enjoy it! I’ve got my usual favorite channels I like to hang out on. Besides, I know those people for year now. Feels almost like family. At least once a year, we’ll have a gettogether to meet in person.

Turtled: And what games are you playing today?
Killcreek: I’m still playing Rollercoaster Tycoon. I can’t stop playing it! I still play Quake 1…

Turtled: …but not Quake 3: Arena?
Killcreek: I play a little. If given the choice between Quake 1 and Quake 3 I’d chose Quake 1. It just has this raw, addictive quality to it which I feel no other game as managed to capture up to now. I like Quake 3 and I really like Unreal Tournament but Quake 1 just draws me back to the machine.

: Now, I’m going to have to touch on a topic which almost every interviewer does with you and that is your boyfriend, John Romero.
Killcreek:  We’re just taking things easy right now. We’ve been together two and a half years so, yeah, we’re doing good.

: Do you feel that a lot of people that ask you these kind of questions are most interested in John Romero than in you?
Killcreek: Nah! People have been really good to me. He gets a lot of that too. He’ll be interviewed and get asked “What’s Stevie up to?”. I think there’s a lot of curiosity out there but it’s a fair game. He’s also so supportive of what I do so he’s always happy to talk about me and I like talking about him.

Turtled: I heard you don’t work at Ion Storm anymore. What’s up with that?
Killcreek: That’s correct. I quit very recently. I’m still *really* friendly with those guys and John’s there so I’m still there quite often.

Turtled: You were doing level design?
Killcreek: Yeah. I loved it! But now I’m at a point where I just ready to move on. I’m working on starting my own company – nothing to be announced yet! We do have a design for a new game but its all in a real early stage. It’s exciting! I’m also doing a lot of CPL work…

Turtled: …which is something I wanted to ask you about. What is youo involvement in the CPL?
Killcreek: Technically, I’m Master of Ceremonies which means that at the end of a tournament I run the awards show. I try to be supportive and bring attention to the CPL and do whatever they need. I’m on the advisory board as well because I realy goal is to help propagate the visiont that the CPL holds for the future of computer gaming.


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